Jenny Mehlmann The Hungarian Brunette

Hi, I'm Jenny, AKA The Hungarian Brunette.

As the name of the blog suggests, I'm Hungarian, but I grew up in Montreal (Canada), frequently going back to Hungary to visit my family - and eat my grandmother's delicious food.

As far as I can remember, I've always loved everything remotely creative. As a child, I would organize ballet recitals, plays and Barbie runway shows. Since I was a bossy, stubborn little shit, I forced my friends to participate, and my parents to watch. I would put aside the toys to play with the jewelry-making kits, the markers and pencils and anything I could turn into clothes, homemade fashion magazines and wall-sized collages. 

So I guess it wasn't really a surprise to anyone when, at 18, I quit the college program that was supposed to get me into Law school (sorry, Dad!) and announced I was going to Fashion school. 

I studied Fashion Design, but then decided it was boring and that creativity and talent couldn't be taught, and instead moved on to Fashion Marketing, which is where I realized I also had a passion for business and entrepreneurship. At the time, I also had my first fashion blog, that I used as a creative outlet.

Simultaneously, I became a graphic designer for a small startup, and after taking more and more responsibilities, I became VP - Marketing at 22. Two years later, that company closed, and scared of following my true passion, I started a business in the same field.

After a year of working day and night for a company I didn't really feel passionate about, I dumped everything, moved back with my mom and gave myself 6 months to put myself back on track and decide what I wanted to do with my life. I started taking care of myself again, eating healthy and finding out who I was. That's when the idea of starting The Hungarian Brunette first came to mind. 

In a few months, I tied up all the loose ends in my life, re-entered the corporate world and met Sasha, my boyfriend, who found a job in California and asked me to join him there only a few months after we started dating. 

Understanding full well that this would be my once-in-a-lifetime chance to pursue my creative passions (and that men like him don't happen twice in a lifetime), I officially quit my 9 to 5, packed up a few suitcases and started a new life in sunny California.

Since then, I’ve been splitting my time between LA, Montreal, and wherever else life brings me on occasion, always on the lookout for the next project to feature on The Hungarian Brunette. I wanted the blog to be a combination of all the things I am truly passionate about: Style, beauty, food, wellness and business. I also wanted to be able to talk about these subjects while staying true to myself, which means being slightly offensive at times, but always well-intentioned. THB brings me to collaborate with some of the most amazing photographers, to style editorials in the most dreamy locations and to let my creative side flourish.

I finally feel like I’m in the right place, at the right time, doing something I love, and I truly hope that reading this blog will bring you as much pleasure, value and value as I get creating it. 

Love, Jenny xx 




I love working with brands that share my values, meaning brands that want to empower women (and men) through fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle. Wether you need exclusive content for your own website or social media, or would want to collaborate through posts on The Hungarian Brunette or social media, I would be more than happy to help.

If you think your brand and The Hungarian Brunette would be an organic fit, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss further.

I have previously worked with brands like Ole Henriksen, L’Oréal, Milk Makeup, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D, Hourglass Cosmetics, Matrix, Luce Beverly Hills, The laguna Room, Roses N Rosé, The Lotus Soap Shop and more.