A COUNTRY LOOK WITH A FRONT-TIE CROP TOP AND DENIM SKIRT (+ tons of similar pieces to recreate the look)

The Hungarian Brunette country look with a front-tie crop top and floral denim skirt

This might come as a surprise to a lot of people, but sometimes, I dream about moving to Arizona and having a house with a giant backyard. I would have dogs, cats, and 3 female goats I already have names picked out for. I won’t be sharing them, because there’s nothing worse than someone stealing your dream baby name… Or goat name, whatever.

I say it would be surprising to most people who know me IRL, because I’m well known amongst my friends and family to always pick a luxury hotel over camping, and prefer a good old concrete jungle over… Well, actual nature.

Or at least that used to be true until we moved to California. Lots of you guys know that I grew up in Montreal, Canada. And while there certainly is a lot of beautiful nature up there, it’s not necessarily my kind of nature.

I mean, sure, the snow covered mountains and the frozen lakes in the Winter are gorgeous, especially if you enjoy skiing or ice-skating. And the multicoloured maple leaves in the Fall are a breathtaking sight. I don’t deny that. But I have one main problem with all of this: I’m always cold. And I’m also not the biggest fan of forests, for some reason. I feel like forests are always a little dark and humid, and that freaks me out.

So the first time I called my mom and told her I just went camping and hiking all weekend in the desert, I’m sure you can imagine how she was a little incredulous. Especially since I would literally cry and plead not to go camping with her when I was younger.

But to me, there’s something about the diversity of California that’s just magical. You can be swimming in the Pacific ocean in the morning, and be in the desert by the afternoon… And in the winter, you can start the day skiing in the cold, and end it swimming in the natural hot sources of Palm Springs.

I know it’s a question of personal preference, but to me, deserts, canyons and beaches make me want to be outdoors way more than forests and marshes.

Recently, I drove to Orange County with my friend Ali to shoot some festival content, and when we got there, we realized that the park we wanted to shoot in was closed. So we headed to a smaller park close-by, the only problem being that second park was much busier with hikers and families. Let’s just say my festival outfits weren’t really family-friendly, soooo we just opted for shooting more “normal” looks instead. I grabbed this front-tie top from Forever 21 (linked below) and decided to pair it with my favourite skirt from last year, which you’ve seen on the blog in that post. On a side note, can we take a second to appreciate how my photography/editing style has evolved over the last year, please? I just got so sick of that overly edited, warm/pink vibe everyone had on Instagram, ouch!

Since you guys know I love providing you tons of options when I post a look on here, I found these 25 options for super cute front-tie crop tops, the first on being the exact same one I’m wearing in these pictures:

Now obviously my skirt is sold out, but I feel like any skirt or shorts with a raw hem would be great to recreate a really similar look and vibe. The boots are my friend Ali’s and they’re from Forever 21, also from a few seasons ago. I didn’t link any boots of denim skirts, because I feel like these are pretty much staple items that everyone has in their closet already… But I ended up really liking how this look turned out. And even though it’s probably not something I would wear in the city, it’s definitely an outfit I’ll keep in mind for when I can finally move in with my goats.

JK, you’ll see me next Tuesday wearing this top with mom jeans running errands, or with denim shorts on a beach day.

Now you guys tell me, which way do you like this skirt styled the most? This one, or in the post from last year? I’m curious to see what you guys think!!

Love you all,

Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette OOTD cow girl inspired outfit, denim skirt and crop top (6 of 7).jpg
The Hungarian Brunette OOTD cow girl inspired outfit, denim skirt and crop top (7 of 7).jpg
The Hungarian Brunette OOTD cow girl inspired outfit, denim skirt and crop top (1 of 7).jpg