For as long as I remember, I've always been crazy about jewelry. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of my mom's ankle bracelet and gold cross pendant. When I was a bit older, every time we'd visit my aunt, she'd let me reorganize her jewelry box. I'd spend hours sitting on her living room floor, while the adults talked, just rearranging her jewelry collection, most of which she inherited from my grandmother.

In college, my best guy friend would make fun of me, calling me The Magpie, because I "loved shiny objects". To this day, I'm still very much obsessed about jewelry. Probably more so than with clothes, if that's even possible. Because my reality is, I'm skinny as hell and it's actually super hard to find clothes the right size. But no matter what, jewelry always fits.

But my love for jewelry goes way beyond the practical aspect of it. While you can definitely channel a vibe with your clothes, most dresses and pants don't last decades. Jewelry, on the other hand, is something that lasts. If not forever, at least much longer than a t-shirt. Long enough, at least, to have an interesting story.

When I was younger, I used to buy tons of cheap jewelry at H&M and Forever 21. These brands have a talent for copying taking inspiration from designer and high end jewelry, and recreating it with cheap materials, for a fraction of the price. The problem with that is rings that turn green after one wear, and earrings that cause ear infections. But while I was a much bigger fan of Cartier and Victoire de Castellane's collections for Dior, my budget could only afford me fast fashion.

It took me time to realize that instead of buying 7 rings for $10 each, and wearing them 3 times, I could buy one ring for 70$ and keep it for years. Now, when it comes to jewelry, my motto is definitely quality over quantity.

That's why I wanted to share this post with you guys, because I feel like it can be super hard to find quality jewelry that doesn't require a second mortgage on your home, but it's definitely possible. Here are my 5 favourite places to buy high-quality, affordable jewelry at - with most piece around (or under) $100:

1- Ale Y Ole

Ale Y Ole is a Spanish brand that designs gorgeous minimalist pieces. Their prices are in Euros, so you have to keep that in mind when you shop, but they're still really affordable, even after conversion. Even thought the prices are low, you'll probably still rack up a pretty expensive cart... Because the evil genius who created their website made sure to include gorgeous shots of ring stacks, arm parties, earring clusters and beautifully layered necklaces. Which means once you like a piece, you'll want all the other ones they styled it with, too.

Another thing worth mentioning is that most of their pieces come in gold and silver. So no matter which metal you prefer, you have all the options, still.

My favourites from the brand: Horn Necklace | Studded Hoop Earrings | Dangle Earrings | Three Dots Ring | Dangle Hoop Earrings

2- Anthropologie

Anthropologie is known to be kind of an expensive store... At least that's what it feels like when you consider all the pins dedicated to cheaper Anthropologie dupes. But they actually have some pretty affordable jewelry, especially when you consider the quality of their pieces. They do carry some more expensive brands, but their own namesake label is mostly under $50. And with their super frequent sales, there's really no excuse.

I have a sweet spot for their earrings, and I love that they carry sooo many different styles, from delicate to statement. I've had (and worn) some of their pieces non-stop for months and they still look as good as new.

My favourites from the brand: Flower Disks Earrings | Embellished Double-layer Necklace | Adorned Bangle Set | Sunburst Ear Jackets | Double Coin Pendant

3- Pandora

Pandora is most known for their charm bracelets (which I actually happen to love). But there's way more to this brand than just charms. They have a ton of simple, high quality silver, gold and rose gold jewelry. And while their designs aren't exactly ground-breaking, they have a lot to offer in terms of simple, understated everyday pieces. Also, lately, they've been really stepping up their game with more modern, graphic collections.

Most of the rings and earrings I wear daily are actually from Pandora. I wear them at the pool, the beach, while I shower... And I've never had any issues. All my pieces look as good as new and there is no sign of greenish rings or tarnished metal anywhere in sight.

Plus, Pandora has outstanding customer service. Any time you stop at one of their stores, they will clean anything you bought from them... For free. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is, especially since their prices don't really justify such extensive customer care. Plus, a few times a year, they have incredible sales, where you get a free piece of jewelry for every $100 you spend. Last time I went to their store, I paid $300 for a charm bracelet and a few charms, 2 rings and 2 pairs of earrings.

My favourites from the brand: Infinity Ring | Rainbow Bar Pendant | Flowers Ear Crawlers | Wishbone Ring Stack | Hearts of Pandora Rose Gold Band | Double Strand Bangle | Circle Earrings

4- Baublebar

Baublebar is kind of the pioneer in terms of online destinations for quality, affordable jewelry. I'm not gonna lie, it didn't exactly speak to me in the beginning... All I knew about Baublebar was that they had super colourful, statement earrings with fake-looking gems and lots of fringes and tassels. Which look good on other people, but aren't really my personal style. But recently, I went on their website, and boy was I pleasantly surprised! They now have a great variety of more minimalist pieces, and some amazing earring packs so you can create the perfect ear party!

I've never personally had to use it, but I heard they also have amazing customer service! And be careful, because I guarantee one visit on their website will be enough to make you want to get new ear piercings!

My favourites from the brand: Earrings 4-Pack | Y Necklace | Asymmetrical Earring Stack | Dangle Earrings | Equinox Pendant

5- Melanie Auld

Melanie Auld is a Canadian designer who creates the dreamiest, magical pieces. She uses mostly gold and rose gold, but some pieces are also available in silver. I particularly love her creative use of stones, but she also creates beautiful geometric pieces. One of my favourite delicate necklaces is from Melanie Auld and I wear it a few days a week.

Her pieces are also the minimalist style I love, and you can pair a few of them together for the layered look that's super trendy right now. It's worth noticing that you can sometimes find her jewelry at Nordstrom Rack... And Anthropologie also sells a select few pieces, so you can snag that at a discounted price when they're having one of their AnthroPerks Days.

My favourites from the brand: Triangle Necklace | Mini Stones Ring | Halo Ring | Star Stud Earrings | Radiant Earrings | Y Necklace

Phew! That's all for now guys! I hope you enjoyed my affordable jewelry selection! Did you know any of these brands? All of them? Which one is your favourite? So many questions, so many jewelry (insert heart-eye emoji here).

If you guys have any recommendations for other affordable jewelry brands, I would love love love to know them! I'm always on the lookout for new bling to add to my collection... Especially since I've been thinking A LOT about getting a few new piercings in places that look very painful (on my EARS) - I'm not so much about body piercings for myself.

I hope you guys had a good weekend, and I wish you an even more amazing week!

Love, Jenny xx

P.S. More jewelry from these brands (You're welcome!)