In today’s episode of “I’m late to the party but I wanted to make sure everyone knows I still came”, I’ll be reviewing the Anastasia Beverly Hills X Jackie Aina collab eyeshadow palette - And you guys, buckle in, because it’s about to get interesting. On top of today’s post, which will be a review and swatches, I also posted 3 looks that I created with the palette on Instagram so make sure to check that out!!

I have a lot to say about this one, so let’s just jump right in. First things first, I didn’t know who Jackie Aina was before seeing this launch. Obviously, I had to look her up when I first heard about the collab, and I’ve since then watched a few of her videos. I think she’s hilarious, super real, and I really love her uplifting, positive vibe. She’s also one of the rare black women in the beauty community on Youtube - and she’s a PROUD black woman. She creates content that’s aimed at women of colour, and as a white girl, I find her extremely entertaining and I also get excited about her content.

I just wanted to put that out there, because since the palette came out, I’ve seen a few questionable reviews here and there mentioning that Jackie Aina is “only for black girls” and personally, I don’t feel that way. I don’t want to go on a tangent here, but considering how many times we’ve seen launches, products and even brands that are clearly created with white women in mind, I don’t see why it’s offensive to have a product (or even a full brand) created with women of colour in mind. Actually, I think it’s great.

And as a pretty white white chick, I have to say, I was SUPER excited about this palette. I’ve mentioned in a recent post about Colourpop eyeshadows that unless I see a more expensive palette come out that’s really, really unique, I wouldn’t be spending that kind of money on eyeshadow anymore, because Colourpop has amazing eyeshadows at a super low price…. And then this launch happened. And I jumped on it. To me, these shades are extremely beautiful and unique, they’re PERFECT for Fall and Winter but I would wear them all year… I just got really excited for this palette.

As I mentioned above, I’ve created 3 different looks with this palette so far, so I’ve been able to try most of the shadows on the eyes at this point, and I was really surprised with the results. At first, you know me, I was thrilled to try on the shimmers, because they are GORGEOUS. The shades I was the most excited for were “Zamn”, “Wiggalese”, “Shookington”, “Sponsored” and “Lituation”. In the end, “Wiggalese” and “Shookington” are some of my least favourite shades in the palette.

Top to bottom: Soleil, Zamn, Supreme, Wiggalese, Pinker, Shookington, Big Wig.

Top to bottom: Soleil, Zamn, Supreme, Wiggalese, Pinker, Shookington, Big Wig.

Top to bottom: Trust Issues, Dwollahs, Edges, Credit, Sponsored, Lituation, Ginger.

Top to bottom: Trust Issues, Dwollahs, Edges, Credit, Sponsored, Lituation, Ginger.

I found them to look quite muddy on me, which was really surprising, because they looked extremely beautiful on Jackie. On me, instead of being beautiful jewel tones, they looked kind of dull and lifeless. I tried applying them dry, wet, no difference. They also faded and creased after a few hours, which was a big surprise to me, because ABH shadows usually work very well on me.

The first of 3 looks I created was with the shade “Wiggalese” as the main star, and I didn’t love the way this look turned out, because the shadow looked a lot more coppery and subdued that I had anticipated from the pan and the reviews I saw on Youtube.

That being said, I am completely obsessed with the shades “Supreme”, “Pinker” and “Big Wig” as well as the 2 transition shades, “Edges” and “Ginger”. Although they’re all mattes, I find those to be such unique colours (especially “Pinker”) and when I created a look with the 3 first ones, I was OBSESSED. In fact, it was one of my favourite eyeshadow look I’ve worn in a LONG time. The mattes are absolutely beautiful, they’re super creamy, they blend like a dream… Nothing bad to say about them.

Then, I went on to try the shades “Soleil”, “Zamn”, “Sponsored” and “Lituation”. I had extremely high hopes for pretty much all of these shades, and while “Zamn” swatches extremely beautifully on my leg* (see below), I didn’t find it to be as impressive on the eye, no matter if I applied it dry or wet with a brush, or with the finger. I’m thinking maybe this is the kind of shade that I would appreciate more all over the lid, where it would really get the whole room to shine. Because it does look really amazing on the swatch.

“Lituation” and “Sponsored” are also 2 shades that I was really thrilled about, because I find them so unique and multidimensional. They both are amazing to create a neutral smokey eye with a twist… And spoiler alert, that’s the 3rd look I did.

Lastly, “Soleil”, “Dwollahs” and “Trust Issues'“ are 3 pretty similar golden shades, that look beautiful, but nothing that I’ve never seen before.


I think this palette is really something special and out of the ordinary that we really don’t get to see a lot. I also think it’s great to have a palette that was clearly created with a multitude of skin-tones in mind.

The one thing that disappointed me a little bit was how certain colours really didn’t show up on my skin-tone the way I thought they would (for example, “Wiggalese”, which shows up almost coppery on my skin, VS the gorgeous raspberry red that it looks like in the pan and on girls with a deeper skin-tone.

I do really love how creamy and easy to blend these shadows are, and I love that you can bring this palette and only this palette on a month-long trip, and still have enough different shades to create so many different looks. I’ve only created 3 look so far, and I still feel inspired to create a ton more, which really means something. I also feel like almost all these shades are rich enough so that they can be worn alone on the lid and still look really interesting.

I’m also a big fan of how most of these shades are actually very unique, and not something I have in any other palettes, no matter the brand.

I can’t wait to show you guys the 3 looks I created with this palette on Friday, so definitely stay tuned for that!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting, it means a lot.

Love you guys,

Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette jackie aina palette
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