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The biggest change I made to my personal style since we moved to LA was coming up with an actual beach style. When you live inland in Canada, beach days are a pretty rare occurrence, and unless you’re going on vacation, chances are it’s not even a thing. So when me first moved to SoCal (in a beach town and 5 minutes from the beach, no less) I had so much fun shopping for some new bikinis and including beachy pieces in my daily style as well.

Recently, straw hats, bag and shoes have been having a huge moment, so that also made things much easier for me. Since I love sharing my style discoveries with you guys, I thought it would be fun to show you all my favourite Summer hats, bags and shoes… That you can wear at the beach, but also include in your daily outfits in the city for a super festive Summer style.

Starting wit hats. I don’t know if it’s a California thing or an Instagram thing, but I feel like I’ve been exposed to way more hats in the last few years, making me want to try them out. And I discovered that not only do hats look great on me (or so I’ve been told) but they also have a way to make any outfit, even the simplest ones, look way more elaborate and thought out.

Most of the year, I like to wear wool or felt hats (like this one and that one) but when Summer weather hits, I like to switch things up and wear a beachy straw hat. You can obviously rock this type of hat at the beach or the pool, to protect your face from the sun, but it would also look amazing with a kaftan dress or any light-coloured (or white) clothes. If I want to go for a less obvious look, I like to pair one straw accessory (either hat, shoes or bag) with some tan leather accents (like bag, shoes or belt). I recently did a post on the best tan leather shoes and bags, which you can also check out for inspiration. Here are my favourite straw hats this season:

As you can see, I love keeping my straw hats in a neutral palette, with either black or white accents, like ribbons, tassels, pompoms or embroideries. And when I do like on with a pop of colour, I like it to look very festive and tropical, like something that came out of a Mexican vacation fueled with lots of margaritas. I’m usually not a big fan of the beach hats with endless quotes using the word “beach” to replace “bitch” (like the ones that say “Aloha, Beaches” because I feel like they’re overdone and a little tacky at this point. But I did include one that says “made for shade” because I love the overall look of the hat… And a bit of irony. I’m also really into the raw hems this year, as you probably figured out by yourself since half of my picks have that feature. What can I say, I guess I’m really into the stylish scarecrow vibes.


Now when it comes to beach bags, I like to go all out. In real life, I always prefer to carry a small, preferably crossbody bag, so it’s not cumbersome and my hands are free to hold my phone, some ice cream, or my dog when he decides he doesn’t want to walk anymore. But when I go to the beach, I’m all about a bag that can contain a nice blanket, a towel, some sunscreen and a few snacks.

Once again, I think it’s easy to see that I prefer neutral tones, tassels and pompoms, but also natural elements like shells and (fake) tortoise shell. I also inluded a bag with super colourful accents, and one with an adorable embroidered lobster because I have an obsession with anything animal inspired and this cute lobster actually made me smile. While all these bags are the perfect size for a beach tote, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring one to brunch or the farmer’s market.

Last but not least, let’s talk shoes. When I go to the beach, I’m super specific about my shoes, because one of the worst feeling in the world has to be wearing shoes that are full of sand. For that sole reason, I always avoid wearing sneakers of ballerina flats to the beach, and I’m a big fan of slides and sandals that you can easily take on and off when you hit the sand.

Since shoes are a total “fun” piece to me, I included some more colourful picks, as well as some raw hems, shells, tassels and pompoms. Yes, there’s definitely a theme here, ha! I’m also a really big fan of the flatform trend, that adds a bit of height while being super comfy, so I’m quite obsessed with pick #3, that’s also incredibly affordable since it’s from Forever 21.

What about you guys? What are your favourite hat, bag and shoe picks? Are you into this straw accessories trend? And where would you wear this beachy accessories other than the beach? Let me know in the comment section below, and hit me up if there’s anything you would like to see more of on the blog. For more daily inspo, you can also follow me on Instagram, @thehungarianbrunette.

Love you guys,

Jenny xx