Hey guys, happy Wednesday! This week, for Beauty Wednesday, I was supposed to do a beauty sample testing, but something major came up! And by something major, I obviously mean these Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored lip gloss sticks. I saw them on Instagram a lot, being sent to beauty bloggers, and I have to admit, I was a bit jealous. Not like I'll burn down your house jealous, but more like Uhhhhh, I wish I had these beauuutiful lip glosses too jealous. Well, when I found these 2 babies in my mailbox, you can ask Sasha, I was jumping around like a flea on cocaine. It was GORG.

Since I'm usually more of a neutral-pink girl when it comes to lip colour, I knew I was gonna LOVE the pink one. I was expecting something a little intense, because the colour of the tube is quite bright. But it goes on sheer and light, nothing too crazy. It's subtle enough that I can wear it with no other makeup to walk the dog, and I don't get weird looks.

It's also SUPER hydrating. I know it has the work gloss in there, but it feels nothing like a gloss. It's not sticky, you hair won't stick in it and it doesn't have super shiny, glossy finish either. If you've read THB for a while, you know I swear by one lip gloss, this one. But the Marc Jacobs Enamored lip gloss sticks feel more like a lip balm than a gloss. A very pretty, sparkly lip balm, that is. If I had to describe it, I would say it has the shine of a gloss, the texture of a lipstick and the feel of a lip balm. Basically, it's the best of both worlds. Or 3 worlds, in this case. They really did an amazing job at coming up with the best formula ever.


Also, I have to mention that it really lasts FOREVER. Well, maybe not forever, but at least a few hours. It's usually harder to find glossy lipsticks that hold, matte is way easier. But this one has a surprisingly long last for a glossy finish.

Lastly, it would be almost impossible to talk about these Enamored lip gloss sticks without mentioning how BOUGIE the packaging is. (Insert heart-eye emoji here). Before trying them out and loving the actual product, I was sold on the packaging alone. It's so beautiful and chic, you'll wanna take it out of your bag. All. The. Time.

Another thing about the packaging: it's actually smart AF. Basically, it's a "click" tube. So every time you twist it, it clicks and the stick comes out just a tiny bit. That prevents the stick from drying, and it ensures that your product stays fresh for as long as you have it. To me, that's a HUGE plus. I simply hate when more expensive luxury brands charge a premium for their name, and then make sure you don't get full value out of their product. In this case, the smart packaging really makes sure that you'll be able to enjoy your product for as long as possible. And all of it.


Who has tried the Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored lip gloss sticks? If you did, let me know what colour you tried and what you thought of it! I obviously loved it A LOT, but I'm curious to see what you guys thought! You can always leave me a comment below, or come chat on Instagram!

Love, Jenny xx