The Hungarian Brunette Festival crystal nail art

A few days ago on Instagram, I shared some festival body gems on my stories, all taken out of their sticky gel base, to leave only the individual crystals. If you have no idea WTF I’m talking about when I say festival body gems, I mean THESE. These are actually the exact same ones I used for this nail art, and I love them because I feel like the crystals come in a variety of sizes, as opposed to just big ones. This might seem like a detail, but for nails, the smaller the crystals, the better it is. Since nails are (usually) small and rounded, you don’t want to be working with big crystals, because first, they will look ridiculous and wobbly, but they ill also be a trap for everything (but mostly your hair) to get stuck under and rip them off right away. So big ass crystals, NO GO!

Now that we’ve actually established what kind of crystals we need for this nail art, let’s discuss the actual steps, shall we?

First, you’ll need to strip the individual crystals from their sticky gel base. I personally re-used crystals that I had worn on my face to a previous music festival (talk about recycling!) so the gel base wasn’t sticky on the back anymore, which made the whole peeling process a lot easier… But you could definitely use new ones as well.

Just for reference, here’s what the crystals look like once they’re peeled off from their base (below). For the smaller little round crystals, I used the middle ones from this Sally Hansen’s nail stud kit. 

Once that you have all your crystals prepped and ready, this nail art is actually quite simple, even though it might look complicated at first sight. And you guys know that’s my favourite: When it looks like I spent hours slaving on something that really took me 10 minutes. LOVE IT!

As a side note, I ALWAYS do my nails while I do something else. Like I don’t have time to just sit there for an hour waiting around for my nails to dry. I usually do them while I work at my computer, since typing doesn’t really bother the drying process. I’m really not a TV watcher, but if that’s your jam, I feel like it’s also the perfect time to get your claws painted.

So let’s really start, shall we? First, you need to apply a base coat. I did a post on Essie Millionails and I honestly can’t live without it anymore. I feel like it just helps make sure my nails won’t break, which completely changes the game. No one wants to have a gorgeous manicure and then break a nail, am I right? That really f*cks everything up.

So one coat of Millionails, and then 2 coats of a sheer, light pink polish. I used Essie’s Gel Couture in the shade Blush-Worthy, but you could use any pink nude, preferably a sheer one, to give the illusion that your nails are bare, but a beautiful, glossy light pink shade.

Once that’s dry, I went with Urban Outfitter’s nail polish, in the shade Disco Ball (linked below), because it’s my favourite holographic glittery polish, and it’s super affordable (check out this full manicure of Disco Ball if you haven’t seen it yet!).


For this specific nail art, I wanted each nail to be different. So I did my full thumb and ring finger fully holographic. On my index finger and little finger, I did an ombré starting from the nail bed up, and on my middle finger I did an ombré effect starting at the top of the nail. The ombré effects really don’t have to be perfect here, since they’re mostly going to be covered in crystals anyway. You can see what the first step looks like right above.

Once that’s all dried down, you can move on to the funnest part of this nail art: blinging it out! I went for all different nails, but still matched my left hand to my right hand. So both my thumbs were identical, both my index fingers were identical, and so on.

At this step, you could try to recreate exactly what I did, or you could just let your creative flag fly and do basically anything you think looks good. To stick the crystals, I simply applied a thick coat of my Essie Gel Couture top coat and pressed the crystals in it right away, before it dried. Make sure to keep the biggest crystals on the center part of your nails, since it’s most likely the flattest part of your nail. That way, you won’t get open space under the sides of the crystals, and your nail art will last MUCH longer.

The Hungarian Brunette Festival crystal nail art

Once all you crystals are in place and everything is dried down, finish it off with 2 coats of clear too coat, to make sure everything is held securely in place and glossy smooth. 

This nail art honestly lasted a lot longer than I thought, and it took 4 days before the first crystal fell off. One last tip to make it last longer is to avoid placing the bigger crystals right at the top of your nail, like I did on the index finger. That’s the one that kept falling off. To make sure they stay on, try keeping the biggest crystals close to the nail bed or the middle of your nails. Oh, and definitely wear gloves if you’re washing dishes, ha!

Overall this might seem like a lot of maintenance, but it’s actually really not that hard or complicated. The whole thing took me maybe an hour to do, but that includes all the drying time between the coats, during which I was working anyways, so it really wasn’t that bad. 

I feel like it’s definitely worth it for the payoff in the end, because I got SO MANY compliments on my nails! They really are showstoppers, and while they would be perfect for a music festival as the finishing touch to any look, I’m the kind of bitch who loves to rock a crazy nail art on a weekday in the middle of January. There’s no occasion to have fun, you should have fun ever single day.

I hope you guys enjoy this nail art, and if you do it, DEFINITELY tag me on Instagram @thehungarianbrunette so I can stalk it and repost it!!

Love you guys!

Jenny  xx

The Hungarian Brunette Festival crystal nail art
The Hungarian Brunette Festival crystal nail art
The Hungarian Brunette Festival crystal nail art