Summer is definitely almost here in LA. Even though I’m like a lizard when it comes to the weather I love (read: HOT and DRY), something happened last summer that totally made me reevaluate my life. I stopped looking forward to my morning coffee. Dramatic, I know.

Actually, let me rephrase that: I stopped looking forward to my morning HOT coffee. There. I still love coffee. LOVE it. Need it in my system before I can function normally and not to be a total bitch that wants to rip off people’s faces every time they talk to me. Basically, me drinking coffee is a public service. The world is a much better place when I’m caffeinated.

The problem is, when it’s a thousand degrees (barely exaggerating) and your clothes stick to your skin like a burning oven of hell as soon as you step out, a burning hot latte feels like a death sentence. Also, you will never see me drink room temperature coffee, because it's just fucking awful. Seriously, I will never trust anyone who can drink cold coffee and not react like someone just shat in their mouth.

So that leaves me with iced coffee. I always loved iced coffee, and it also seems like a healthier option than a venti Starbucks latte, which must contain at least a thousand calories. Although I’m just assuming, I didn’t actually look it up.

And because OCD is on top of that long list of conditions I self-diagnosed myself with, I HAD to fuck up iced coffee for everyone, and find a way to make it even more refreshing and healthy. You’re welcome.

And what’s more refreshing and healthy than water? Nothing.

But diluting my morning fuel with water seemed counterintuitive AF. So I thought, why not use coconut water, which won’t feel as heavy as coconut milk, but will still give me that delicious, coconuty flavour? (Side note, is coconuty even a word? It is now!)

Enter: Coconut water iced coffee.


So I promptly took my ass and my twitching eye (excitement level 1000) to Starbucks, because it’s the only place within walking distance where I can get my hands on the ONLY boxed coconut water I drink - O.N.E. that is.

Now this isn’t even sponsored, it’s just the only brand I’ve tasted that doesn’t have this weird aftertaste. It’s just sweet, wonderful, coconut heaven water.

So I got my coconut water, took a big gulp, and turned my kitchen into a mad scientist lab. I froze half the coconut water in an ice tray and set the other half aside. Then, I brewed espresso, (a LOT of espresso) also froze half of it in an ice tray, and put the other half in the fridge to cool.

After a wait that seemed unending, I finally filled a cup with my coconut water cubes, my espresso cubes, the remaining of the O.N.E. bottle and topped it off with cold espresso. There I had my first-ever coconut water iced coffee.

Never have I chugged a coffee so fast. It was like a DIVINE experience.

It felt refreshing as hell, super light, but still tasted like coffee. NOT like a watered-down drink.

Although I never feel food-related guilt - I just own up to my shit - in this case, I actually felt like my coffee was good for me… Or at least much better than anything I could have gotten at a coffee shop. Or any homemade coffee with milk.


The thing is, I’m one of those annoying girls who needs to be drinking water every 5 minutes. I feel like I’ll have to do a full post on that, because hydration is just SO important. But yeah, I usually set up a glass of iced water next to my computer when I’m working and drink a lot of water. When it’s cold, it’s tea.

But since I also drink a lot of coffee, it’s really nice to have the option to drink one that’s actually hydrating too, especially in the hot summer months.

Not only is it super hydrating, but coconut water is also really rich in potassium, which has the following benefits:

  • Reduces cramps.So perfect for workout days.

  • Helps your body process the food you ingest.For those who drink coffee to “help move things around”, this might just be the extra step to kick things up a notch.

  • Increases bone density. I have weak-ass bird bones and tragic knee pain, so I tell myself this can’t hurt.

  • Improves cardiovascular health.AND lowers blood pressure AND the risks of having a stroke.

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite.Because it helps flush out the waste out of your cells. I can’t confirm that, but I like to think drinking it is preventative.

Now, I’m not saying drinking coconut water iced coffee cures all illnesses and will turn you into a supermodel, but it’s worth drinking it if only for the taste. The health advantages are just a really great bonus. There’s also a lot of potassium in bananas, but bananas are having SUCH a bad rep lately, with their high sugar content, that coconut water is kinda safer.


Now, all I gotta do is find some baller, stylish giant cups to drink my coconut water iced coffee in, so I can look cool without even trying. Casual AF. Hit me up with your recs (+++ if they’re clear) and I’ll be forever grateful.

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Also, let me know if you guys try coconut water iced coffee. I'm curious to see if it's really good, or if I'm just weird... Although I feel like we already have the answer to that - ha!

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Happy Friday guys, wishing all of you a lovely weekend!

Love, Jenny xx

*All pictures for this post taken by the amazingly talented Marie-Louise Collins. Find her on Instagram @marielouisephotography and show some love, because she's amazing AF!!  P.S. She also shot the pictures for this grapefruit detox post.