The Hungarian Brunette black and white manicure (3 of 3).jpg

Right before Christmas, I posted this manicure on Instagram and a lot of you guys were saying it looked cool but seemed complicated to do. I was really surprised by this reaction, because not only is it super easy and quick to do, but I also think it looks pretty simple. I do have many years of doing nail arts under my belt, so maybe my perception is skewed, but let me tell you: this IS pretty easy, and it only takes 2 minutes longer than just regularly doing your nails. All it takes is the right tools.

For this nail art, I used 2 Dior limited edition Holiday nail polishes from a few years ago, that aren’t available anymore, so I linked some pretty damn similar options below, at the end of this post. And the plus side is, they’re also a LOT cheaper than the Dior ones. You’re welcome, ha!

Here’s the full list of what I used to create this super simple nail art, in order of application:

The Hungarian Brunette black and white manicure (2 of 3).jpg

First, I started by applying 2 coats of my Essie Millionails primer. You can read my full review right here if you want to understand why this primer is SO necessary to a good manicure and healthy, long nails.

Once that dried down, I went on with applying my nail polish the regular way, 2 coats on each nail. I made sure to paint every nail white, except the ring finger, that I painted black (duh!).

I let that dry down as well, before moving on to a first coat of top coat. I like the Essie Gel Couture, simply because out of all the top coats I tried, this is the one that has the most shine and makes my manicure last the longest. I also really love the texture, and it dries down pretty quickly, which I LOVE.

I applied this first coat of top coat one nail at a time, and then stuck a rhinestone in it right away, before it dried. I went with a black rhinestone on the white nails, and a clear rhinestone on the black nails. Once again, DUH!

I let that dry down, and once everything was hard, I finished it off with a final coat of top coat, just to make sure that everything was set in place and the rhinestones wouldn’t fall out.

This manicure lasted more than a week, and none of the rhinestones fell out, I actually had to take them all out myself.

See? Simple and easy, right?

It’s actually the same method I used to create this super blingy manicure with festival body crystals, except this one was a lot more secure, because it’s much easier to stick on tiny rhinestones in clear nail polish.

So if you’re looking for a manicure that packs a bit of sparkle but is a little more understated - and, let’s face it, a lot quicker to do, this is the one for you!

What do you guys think? Do you love this super simple nail art? Would you do it on your nails? If you do, make sure to post it on Instagram and TAG ME @thehungarianbrunette so I can share it with my followers!

Love you guys!

Jenny xx