The Hungarian Brunette - Everything that's in my cart for the Sephora beauty insider sale

As 99.9% of you probably already know, Sephora is having a massive Spring sale right now. For the remaining 0.01%, you’re very much welcome!

In case you need more details, the sale started on April 26 (with a 20% discount) for Rouge members, and for everyone else, it starts this Thursday, on May 2nd. VIB members get 15% off, and Insider members get 10% off. Of everything.

Touching on this, I feel like if you haven’t read my post on the best ways to get the most for every dollar spent at Sephora, this is the PERFECT timing to do so. You can read it RIGHT HERE if you want all my tips to maximize the ridiculous amounts of money I spend at Sephora.

I wasn’t going to write this post, but someone requested it, telling me it was her favourite kind of post… So here we are. Thank you Maria ;) Hopefully lots of you will enjoy these recs, and I apologize in advance to your wallets.

Let’s get started, shall we? (Everything will be linked down below if there’s anything you want to check out directly on Sephora’s website).

1 - Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby - Fenty highlighters are incredible, and I’ve swatched them many times in store, getting mesmerized every time. BLINDING is the word, and the texture is also the best. This is my favourite shade combination, but there are so many shades to choose from, there’s one for everyone!!

2- Dolce & Gabbana The Only One - This is my latest perfume obsession, and it’s one I need in my life. It’s sweet, but in a sexy, mature way. To me, this fragrance just smells like the baddest boss ass bitch you want to f*ck on her corner office desk, LOL. If you ask me, that’s a pretty great vibe to convey.

3- Caudalie Hydration Must-Haves Set - This set contains the Vinosource moisturizing sorbet, which I’m obsessed with, a cleanser and a serum… All valued at $70, for the price of the sorbet ($39). With the discount, this makes it impossible for me to pass up. Especially since it’s been in my cart for weeks.

4- Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer - Summer is right around the corner, and that means I’m craving a primer that will give me allll the glow. This is the brand’s first makeup product in that collection, and it’s named after their Banana Bright eye cream, which I use and LOVE. If this is as good as their skincare, I’m gonna be bathing in this.

5- Laneige Lip Glowy Balm in Berry - If you’ve tried the Laneige lip mask, then it should be easy to understand why I want this. You guys have to know at this point that I’m a lip balm hoarder, and this is a product I’m super excited about. I’m all about pink, but it also comes in grapefruit, pear and peach. You guessed it, I’m going to end up owning all of them at some point.

6- First Aid Beauty Pores Be Gone Matte Primer - Ok, so I know I just said I like a dewy base in the Summer, but I’ll make an exception for this one, because it’s a new product and I have their moisturizing coconut primer already, which I LOVE like my first born. But for days when I need my pores to be gone and my makeup to last forever, I feel like this might become my new go-to.

7- Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum - I’ve seen so many people rave about this serum like it cures all illnesses, so here we are. Honestly, I haven’t tried this product yet (not even a sample), but if it’s as good as all the other Caudalie products I’ve tried, I’m bound to fall in love with it. And as I said, it’s supposed to be the bomb… I can’t wait to be the judge of that, ha!

8- Nars Endless Orgasm Palette - This palette hit my eye HARD the first time I saw it. It’s basically 6 cream shades derived from the ultra-famous Orgasm shade… That you can use on the cheeks, eyes, lips, basically anywhere you want. I feel like this is THE product for Summer this year, and I’m here for it!!! I can’t wait to use this and show you guys some looks I’ve created with it.

9- Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer - Yes, another primer… I just feel like in the Summer, I like to wear a lot less foundation, but make it really work with a great primer. Also, I use a Milk Makeup primer almost everyday right now, and I LOVE it, but it’s a really mattifying, almost chalky version, so this will be a welcome change for the warmer season. Also, I’ve heard so many good things about this product, I literally haven’t seen one person who didn’t like it.

10- Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme - I’ve been super curious about Herbivore since I gave my sister-in-law one of their gift sets for Christmas, and if we’re totally honest, I kind of wished I would have gotten one for myself, too. I really love products that have rose in them, so this is right up my alley… And if we’re real, it’s also gonna look amazing on my vanity. *Pause for eye rolls.

11- Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette - I’ve been really torn lately between Huda’s New Nude palette and this one, but I ended up chossing this one because it’s only $27, and all shades I don’t have. I’m also smitten with this colour story, since I’ve been really loving creating purple eye looks lately, thanks to the Anastasia Norvina palette. This is definitely a product I don’t need (I have so many palettes) but that makes me so genuinely happy. Also, I already have a desert shoot in mind for this, so….

12- Nars Orgasm Oil-Infused Lip Tint - Yes, that’s another lip product, but I’m a lip product hoarder. And I’m also apparently really into Nars’ latest collection. I don’t have a lot of peach toned lip product (they’re mostly all pink), so I feel like this one will be a nice change. And it’s supposed to be universally flattering, so here’s hoping it looks great on me. Lastly, I feel like the fact that it’s oil infused means it’s non-sticky, and that’s my number 1 requirement in a lip gloss. Fingers crossed.

13- Herbivore Brighten Instant Glow Mask - Honestly, with this one, they had me at gemstone. I don’t know if there’s actual gemstones in this or if it’s just (very clever) marketing, but either way, I want that all over my face. Since I’m all about that glowy skin, I feel like this is really a mask I need… You didn’t think I could go through this sale without buying another mask, did you???

14- Tarte Quench Lip Rescue Balm in Pink Sands - I did a full review of this after I got the trial size in the Pineapple of my eye Holiday set (read right here) and holy sh*t this is a good balm. It’s non sticky, super hydrating, it looks amazing, it smells amazing… It’s just perfect. I was holding off on buying it because it’s $19, and I find that a little on the pricier side for a balm, but at 20% off, this is the chance I’m jumping on. I feel like this is also not 100% a balm, but more like a hybrid of a lipstick and a lip gloss, with the comfortable, soothing feel of a balm.

Phew! That’s it for me guys… And I feel like it’s more than enough, ha! Did you guys treat yourself at Sephora for the sale? Are you going to? If yes, than I need to know what you’re getting! Please share in the comments section below, so I can check out your picks!!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx