If you follow me, you know I’m crazy about skincare. And you've also probably seen all the ridiculous Instagram stories of me in a various face masks, looking fabulous AF. I’m always on the lookout for the new trends, products and non-invasive procedures. One thing that I started paying a lot more attention to in the last year is a good face mask.

Face masks are THE shit when it comes to at-home beauty treatments. At first, I was a bit skeptical (and probably just lazy), but I had to see the evidence. Here’s what made me a convert:

It Does ALL The Work For You

While I LOVE taking the time to indulge in a nice skincare routine, I don’t have time to be putting on moisturizers and serums all day.

I usually try to wash my face and apply moisturizer in the morning and repeat + serum at night. But it’s during the day that face masks come in.

I’m lucky that I work from home, so if I want to be sitting on my computer with a green face, I can.

I love putting on a face mask, forgetting about it and getting shit done. Which means the mask litteraly works on my skin WHILE I WORK ON MY SHIT. Talk about multi-tasking!

For 3 to 30 minutes, face masks litteraly do their magic, and you don’t have to do anything. No rubbing, massaging, rinsing. Nada.

If you don’t work from home, there’s still no excuse. Your face mask can work on your skin while you make dinner, clean, read a book, watch TV, whatever! It’s just SO practical and efficient.

It Has Time To Work Its Magic

I know this isn’t a very sexy comparison, but I kinda see face masks like letting dishes soak. Sure, quickly washing them with soap works - which is like washing your face with a cleanser.

But when you really need to go the extra mile, letting them soak in warm water and soap really does wonder, because the ingredients in the soap actually have time to act. Same goes for face masks.

And when it comes to skincare, I always wanna go the extra mile! A good cleanser is important, but let’s face it, it doesn’t spend too much time on your face. Contrary to moisturizers that mostly hydrate, face masks are more like shock treatments, containing powerful ingredients that have time to act on your skin…

It’s Instant

With most moisturizers, serums and cleansers, you start seeing results after 3, 10 or 30 days. Which is great in the long run. Trust me I’m all about reaping long-term benefits.

But there’s something about instant results that’s incredibly appealing, too.

I don’t think there’s anything more gratifying than peeling a mask off of your face to see your skin looking all tight and bright. Face masks are a great quick fix if you have an event. I like to do them before a date night or an afternoon photoshoot.

But I also see it as maintenance, and I try to do them 2-3 times a week, just because I feel like after a few days, the effects start to be less visible.

Also, I want to add that doing a face mask really feels like your treating yourself and pampering your skin. One of my goals for 2018 was taking more time for self-care, so  face masks really tap right into that!


Now that we’ve been through the reasons WHY, let’s look at HOW, shall we?

There’s a TON of different options out there, should you want a good mask, but they are mainly grouped in 3 categories:

In-Shower Face Masks

This is for you if you’re usually lazy with skincare and you know you won’t take the time to put on a face mask twice a week. It’s easy, quick and simple… No fuss there.

You just put it on, wait a few minutes while you wash your body, hair, shave, whatever. Then, you quickly massage it into your skin, and you rinse it off. It’s perfect to elevate your shower routine a little, but it doesn’t feel like extra work because you’re already in the shower.

I love doing it when I don’t have a lot of time home in a day, since I obviously won’t go out with a mask on, but I still have to shower. Also, because I love to multi-task, I usually do the in-shower face mask while I also have a hair mask on. I can tell you when I rinse everything off, I feel extra AF.

I love: Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Mask (this is not technically a in-shower face mask, but that's where I like to use it, because I find it much simpler).

Peel-Off/Rinse-Off Face Masks

Probably the most popular type of masks with the most options out there, peel-off or rinse-off face masks are the ones you simply apply, let dry and then take off.

I personally prefer the peel-off kinds simply because it feels like less of a hassle. You just peel it off and you’re done, but there are so many great rinse-off masks out there that are worth it, that I still go for it from time to time.

Since so many options are available, you can really fin one that fits your needs. Wether you need to fight acne, hydrate your face, brighten your complexion, you name it, you’ll find it.

What I love about that method is that you can really customize it to your needs. I’m all about doing things the best you for YOU, and this is where multi-masking comes in: I like to put a clearing mask in the areas where I usually break out, a pore-tightening one on my t-zone and a brightening mask everywhere else. It looks a little funny, but it works wonders.

I love: Glamglow Multi-Masking set

Sheet Masks

When I really wanna pamper myself and live the at-home spa experience, I go all-out with a sheet mask. I’ll put on some relaxing music or a funny podcast, make myself a coffee and curl-up in bed with the doggier a quick half-hour relaxation sesh.

For some reason, I really associate them with a more luxurious, pampered ritual, but they’re actually simple AF to use. Since it’s simply a face-shaped piece of paper/fabric soaked with serum, you don’t even have to go through the hassle of applying it. You just take it out of the package and lay it on your face. And when you’re done? You don’t have to rinse it either, you just take it off and bonsoir, you’re done!

Sheet masks are also great when you’re traveling, because you don’t have to carry a heavy tube or jar, and they’re so conveniently packed for a one-time use. I have yet to try this, but I’ve seen some people do it one planes, and I think it’s pure genius. Talk about making flying less horrible!

I love: Saturday Skin Spotlight brightening mask

Now I’m really craving a good face mask, I feel like I’ll do one this afternoon! Your turn guys, let me know what you like about face masks, and WHICH ONES are good! I always love trying newskincare products. Hit me up in the comments below or on Instagram!

Love, Jenny xx