One item that’s considered a Fall/Winter piece that I love to wear year-round is definitely the ankle boot. Hell, I even wore my white cowboy boots to Palm Springs in 45 degree weather this Summer, so you know I’m serious about my crazy. Ankle boots are the best, because they immediately give a bit of edge to any look, and if you’re not that comfortable with walking in heels, they’re also much more comfortable than a pump, because they really hold your foot in place.

In the last few weeks, I really started observing a lot of specific trends in the boot options this season, so I thought it would be super fun to do a little roundup of my favourites and find a ton of options to satisfy my (and your) shopping appetite. So without further ado, let’s jump right in:


I used to think cowboy boots were tacky and only for people who took horseback riding really seriously, but since I moved to LA…Well, I had to reconsider. I feel like the Western vibe is much more appropriate here than on the East coast (which makes so much sense, lol). Safe to say, at this point, I really love a western inspired boot and I wear my white ones NON-STOP.

Here are a few of my favourites these season. I’m personally particularly obsessed with all the croc textured and snakeskin ones, as well as the ones from Boohoo with the clear panels. So cool!


There’s a lot going on in this category, because there’s a lot of animal prints to choose from, leopard, zebra, snakeskin, croc… And even cow skin. I’m actually really into (fake) cow skin prints right now, and I think they bring such a cool cowgirl vibe to any outfit, without taking it too far. For some reason, red snakeskin and croc also really make me feel special things, lol.

Now I know some of these aren’t ankle boots (hell, some are even OTK) but this is my post and I can do whatever I want? LMAO. Let’s just say some of these boots were just too good not to include, and variety is the spice of life. Enjoy!


For some reason, I’m really into white shoes. My favourite sneakers are my white Fila Disruptor II and I like that they really go with anything. I also wear my white boots the most, because I feel like they just make any outfit look clean and crisp. From this selection, I really love the ones with the black elastic on the side, and I’m particularly in love with the ones with the round zipper in the last row, because I feel like they have a really cute vintage vibe that I’m really into.


This is a style that took me a long time to warm-up to, but it finally made its way into my heart. I feel like the sock boot goes extremely well with streetwear to give it a more “polished” touch… Or at least as polished as streetwear can be. I also feel like a sock boot looks really good with a more wide-legged pant that’s also on the shorter side, because it gives the whole look a more streamlined appearance, as opposed to a chunkier boot. If you have a thin leg like I do, the sock boot can also be a great option, because they’re usually much narrower than other styles, which can look way too big on a very skinny leg.


This is a trend that I’ve loved for quite some time, because I just LOVE the badass chick vibe that goes with black, studded things. Lately, I’ve also discovered that chunky shoes really make the leg look even daintier and I personally find that look to be very flattering. This season, I’m really into a chunky combat boot, and I particularly have a thing for Jeffrey Campbell’s designs.

What do you guys think about all these boots? Which style is your favourite? Did I forget a major trend that you’re really obsessed with this Fall? Please let me know in the comment section below, or come follow along on Instagram, where I always post fashion-related content!

As always, thank you so much for reading and supporting, and I’ll see you next time!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx