Disclaimer: OK, this isn’t really a disclaimer, but more something I wanted to bring to your attention, because not gonna lie, I think I’m f*cking hilarious… But I picked these pictures for this post because it’s about rules and I feel like I look like a retired cop when I wear aviators. And also because yes, that’s a trash can I’m sitting on, and I definitely got a dirty look from an old woman while we were shooting this, so I figured it was on trend for stirring some sh*t and breaking some rules. Eh.


Ahh, rules… Aren’t they fun? LOL.

In a normally functioning society, we obviously need some basic rules like don’t kill, don’t steal and don’t go on a red light. Otherwise, we would live in complete chaos and there would be a lot more funerals to attend every year for sure.

But when it comes to fashion, I feel like there are a TON of really stupid, outdates rules that no one should have to follow, because, well… Fashion is meant to be FUN. I’ve said this many times before, and you’ll hear it come out of my mouth again, but when it comes to dressing up, I like to wear whatever the F*CK I want, as long as it makes ME happy, confident, and feel good. And I feel like everyone should be allowed the same thing when it comes to fashion, because it’s so much fun to experiment with clothes and accessories and completely change your vibe.

I personally love to wear an oversized men’s t-shirt as a dress + boots one day, and a super feminine crop top with a floral mini skirt the next day, and I have no intention of putting myself in a box when it comes to style. Granted, that might make my Instagram grid a little chaotic, but my bio also says “If you think my hair’s a mess, then you haven’t been inside my head”… SO I guess it all comes full circle, LMAO.

But I digress…. Back to THE RULES. When it comes to fashion rules, a lot of them are boring and not really things we hear about anyways (like don’t mix gold and silver jewelry, tall women should never wear heels, less is more… Bla bla bla. Snoring. Who cares.

But there are actual rules out there that I have no idea who the f*ck came up with them, or when, or WHY?! Because they don’t make any sense to me, and it’s much more fun to break these pointless rules. So I thought it would be super fun to start a series about the 5 fashion “rules” that I find the most ridiculous - and, let’s be honest, I’m the most excited to break… And, well, BREAK THEM.

So first things first, let’s start by going through these 5 rules I’m gonna be breaking over the next few weeks, each in a separate post. Because you know what they say: Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. Here we go…

Rule #1: You should always match your shoes to your purse

OK…. But why!? I understand some things are just not meant to go together, but do we always need to be so boring with black shoes and a black purse? Brown shoes and a brown purse? Purple shoes and… Are you sh*tting me?! If you think I’m gonna go out of my way to move heaven and earth just to find a handbag that’s the same exact shade as those funky purple heels I love, you’re in for a big surprise.

Here’s the thing: What I like in shoes, I might not like in a purse. Groundbreaking, I know. But still true. I might also think it’s f*cking FUN to wear a pink bag with leopard print shoes, WHO CARES? I actually polled you guys on Instagram a few weeks ago, when I just started thinking about this post (what can I say, I’m an overachiever) and most of you said you don’t give a rat’s ass about this rule, so I’m very excited to break it as much as I can, in the most creative ways I can come up with.

RULE #2: SEQUINS (& glitter) are for the evening only

Honestly, this one kinda bites me in the ass. And it hurts. You guys, I LOVE sequins. And glitters. And holographic stuff. And shiny things… Basically, I have the same tastes a 6yr old does, and I like it, OK? And I mean, I can kiiiiind of understand how one would think a plunging black body-con mini dress covered in sequins is more appropriate for night time. Or if you’re a hooker. Or if you’re in Vegas - then I guess anything goes because everyone in Vegas is pretty much there for the hoes (or to hoe it out).

But sequins are so mainstream now, and there are SO MANY options, including some really casual t-shirts with sequin embellishments, full-on sequin jackets and backpacks (I should know, I have one) that look so casual, they would be inappropriate in most clubs. Once again, I’m very excited to break this rule, because a) it’s going to be really easy, and b) it’s an excuse to wear as much glitter as I can, and I’m always down for that!

The Hungarian Brunette Series: 5 fashion rules you should break pt. 1
The Hungarian Brunette  Series: 5 fashion rules you should always break pt. 1

Rule #3: Don’t Show your bra / Lingerie is for the bedroom only

I can pretty much understand why this rule is a thing, but I’m going to guess no one is aware of it in 2019, because I’ve literally seen my neighbour walk her dog in nothing but old gym shorts and a push-up bra at 7am (can’t make that sh*t up)… Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why this rules exists, LOL. But all jokes aside, I feel like the lines between lingerie and “regular” clothes are more blurred than ever.

With lacy bodysuits in the “tops” section and women wearing bikini tops under a blazer to lunch and myself wearing a satin longline bralette as a top more than I wear it as a bra, lingerie is having a moment. I personally feel like there’s a way to wear lingerie as outerwear without being tacky, and I can’t wait to style these lingerie-inspired outfits!

Rule #4: Don’t Mix Prints

This is another one that I can technically see why it exists, because I can think of a few print combinations that will give you a massive headache quicker than it takes to say “please stop”. I think this is a rule most people follow without even knowing it’s a “fashion rule”, just because they want to air on the safe side. But personally, I think mixing prints in a tasteful way can make almost any outfit look high-fashion, so I’m very excited to revisit some crazier outfits I would have worn when I was in fashion school and mix those prints up.

HOT TIP: A good tip I’ve heard for mixing print is to have one common colour between the 2 prints, or to have the rest of the outfit be a solid colour that compliments both prints, just so it looks a little cohesive.

Rule #5: Don’t Wear White after labor day

I fee like this is probably the most heard fashion rule ever, to the point where it makes me roll my eyes every single time. Why though? Who the heck came up with that? There are SO many beautiful Fall/Winter clothes that come in luxe fabrics… And in white… I just don’t understand this rule. To me, rules about not wearing a certain colour at certain times are just complete bullsh*t, unless of course you’re thinking about wearing yellow to a funeral or a wedding dress… To someone else’s wedding.

I’m really looking forward to a cooler weather (just for the sake of this post though) so I can put together some white fall outfits, and I know I’m going to have a blast doing it.

The Hungarian Brunette  Series: 5 fashion rules you should always break pt. 1
The Hungarian Brunette  Series: 5 fashion rules you should always break pt. 1

Now that we’re done with the rules, I’ll go through them in order over the next 5 weeks, bringing you guys outfits that break each one of these rules. I’m not sure yet if I want to do one outfit per rule or if I want to do 3 or more, but I guess only time will tell, ha! I’ll also be posting about this series on Instagram, so don’t forget to follow along if you want to participate! Basically, if you use the hashtag #THBbreakingrules, I’ll get to see YOUR outfits that break these rules and will repost them on my stories!

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with, and I think this is going to be a super interesting challenge!!

Now guys, tell me. Are there any rules in there that you think should actually be followed? And which one do you find the most ridiculous / break the most? Let me know in the comment section below!!

Love you guys!

Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette 5 fashion rules you should always break
The Hungarian Brunette 5 fashion rules you should always break
The Hungarian Brunette 5 fashion rules you should always break
The Hungarian Brunette 5 fashion rules you should always break
The Hungarian Brunette 5 fashion rules you should always break