If you've read my food journal post or my 3 diet guidelines post, you know that one thing I swear by is eating a lot of fiber and protein. It's obviously not the only food guideline I live by, but since this post is about fiber, that's what I wanna concentrate on right now.

Fiber is really amazing, and if you're not already on it, you need to jump on the train. Because fiber, hold on to your seat... Cancels out carbs. Yep. That's obviously a really simplified way to put it, but it's not false. For those who are not familiar with what fiber does, just take anything in your pantry that contains fiber.

You'll see a line that says "Total Carbohydrates". And usually, right under, you'd get a line that says "Dietary Fiber" and then "Sugars". Let's say we're talking about a pack of shredded coconut. The nutritional value says it has 7g of total carbohydrates and 5g of fiber. To know the amount of NET carbs, you take the total amount of carbs and subtract the amount of fiber. Which means that in this coconut case, it only has 2g of net carbs. Which really isn't a lot.

How is it so magical? Well, you see, fiber is actually a carbohydrate. Except it's a type of carb that the body can't digest, so it's not absorbed by your system like other nutrients. Instead, it's pushed out of your body directly, without being digested.

Which is why fiber is known to help regularize bathroom trips... But that's not all it does. Fiber also helps with bloating (which, granted, is related to going to the bathroom frequently). It also helps to regulate the way our bodies use sugar, which means it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable (so it's great for diabetics). Fiber also makes you feel full longer and quicker, so you tend to eat less when your diet is high in fiber.

Needless to say, fiber is pretty much the MVP of weight loss and weight management. Personally, I'm not trying to loose weight, although I like to maintain my figure... So fiber still works well for me. I feel like a high fiber diet also helps me not feel weighted down by food or bloated after eating.

There are a lot of foods you can eat that are rich in fiber, like avocado, peas, coconuts, berries, broccoli and lentils, to name only a few. But today, I wanna concentrate on a great alternative for bread, that's super low in carbs and high in fiber.

For the past few months, Sasha has been contemplating trying the Keto diet. I've talked about it before, I'm not really one for specific diets, I just love eating what I want and what makes me feel good. But in the spirit of being supportive, I started making more keto-friendly meals and did some research on how he could try out his diet without sucking the joy out of his life. That's when I discovered Tanya Zuckerbrot and her F-Factor diet.

Not gonna lie, I was really happy to find someone so knowledgeable validate my diet, which is basically high in protein and fiber, veggies and fresh foods... Not to forget a glass of wine here and there. But the real discovery for me was the GG crackers. They're basically Scandinavian bran crispbread, with 4g of fiber per cracker and only 2g of net carbs. Considering that a slice of even the healthiest bread usually has around 12g of net carbs per slice, this is ground-breaking.

Now, let me be fully honest with you guys. These fiber crackers aren't exactly delicious. They taste like almost nothing. I guess fiber crackers are to bread what tofu is to meat. The good news is, just like tofu, they're super easy to dress up and pair them with whatever the hell you'd like. Unlike all the salty crackers out there, this one can actually be eaten for breakfast, and even dessert! You guys know I'm a huge fan of versatility, and these crackers do not disappoint.

If you're not convinced yet, here are 6 ways I like to eat them for breakfast, lunch or dessert:


Fiber Crackers Way #1: Fresh & Zesty

This is the first way I started eating fiber crackers. It's super easy to make, litteraly takes less than two minutes and is a great variation of avo toast. You just need 2 crackers, sliced avocado, panela cheese, chilli flakes and lemon juice, topped with a bit of sea salt. It's perfect for a quick lunch bite or for an afternoon snack.


Fiber Crackers Way #2: The Avocado Melt

This is the perfect way to eat your fiber crackers if you're looking for something a little more substantial and filling. It's pretty similar to version #1, except with a Mexican cheese blend instead if the panela cheese. You just throw everything on the crackers, and put it in the oven to broil for about a minute or two. Note that you need to watch them EXTREMELY carefully if you don't wanna create a fire, because they burn SUPER quickly. I also recommend covering as much of the surface of the cracker as possible, because otherwise, they get kinda dry and brittle.

My take on this was pretty simple, because I was having it with eggs, but you can be really creative here. I sometimes add tuna salad to it and make it a tuna melt, you could add chicken or any protein... Basically anything that tastes good with melted cheese.


Fiber Crackers Way #3: The Pizza

Once again, this is a pretty similar variation, but what can I say... It's so easy to pair these crackers with avocado. They taste delicious together and it also skyrockets the amount of fiber.

This is actually inspired by a sandwich I used to have as a kid, turned into a pizza. It's simply tomato sauce, avocado, little bits of steak, tomato slices and mozzarella. Just like way #2, all you have to do is layer everything, and broil it for a minute. Once again, this is super quick and SO filling.


Fiber Crackers Way #4: The Lox Bagel SPin-Off

One of my favourite brunch staples is the classic lox & cream cheese bagel. Believe it or not, I'm not even jewish.

Since bagels have so many carbs and are so heavy, this fiber cracker spin-off is the next best thing. Actually, it's so good I didn't even miss the bagel. Here, I basically just layered my crackers with cream cheese, avocado, salmon and green onions... And obviously drowned it in lemon juice. I didn't have capers, but if I did, you can be sure that shit would have been ALL OVER IT too.


Fiber Crackers Way #5: The Classic Party Appetizer

One of my favourite party bites is a nice puff pastry cup, filled with brie, fresh figs and drizzled with honey. This is exactly that, except without the puff pastry. I also replaced the fresh figs with dried ones, but fresh figs would be equally good, if not better.

This is more like a snack than a full-on meal, and I actually had these as a side for a bowl of bone broth. It's probably the most decadent way to eat the fiber crackers, but what can I say, I like living a little. Figs are also high in fiber, so there's that.


Fiber Crackers Way #6: The Sweet Treat

I think I must have mentioned at least a hundred times that I have a sweet tooth. So when I discovered that I could actually satisfy my sugar cravings in such a healthy way, I was thrilled. This is just fiber crackers, topped with almond butter, strawberries and coconut flakes.

It tastes sweet, but it's actually pretty low in sugar and carbs, and super high in fiber, protein and good fats. This is what I have on mornings when I'm rushing too much to have my daily smoothie bowl (tutorial here). It's also a great afternoon snack, when I crave sugar at around 4pm.

If you don't mind a little sugar, this is also delicious with Nutella and raspberries... Just throwing that out there!

Obviously there would be thousands of other ways to eat these super crackers, but these are just a few of the ones I love.

Let me know if you have any other favourites, as I love to switch things up and will be happy to try them! You can either leave a comment below, or hit me up on Instagram, on my fiber cracker post!

Oh, by the way, I get my fiber crackers at Whole Foods, or on Amazon (RIGHT HERE).

Love, Jenny xx