Over the past year, I’ve grown to be extremely interested (not to say obsessed) with skincare. Moisturizers, masks, serums… You name it, I want it!

I’ve also been trying to look into California-based brands, since a lot of them make people all around the globe dream about beaches and palm trees. I thought it’s kind of silly to have the chance to live here and not take advantage of the situation, right?

And one brand that scores a perfect 10 in both these categories is, of course, Glamglow. I’ve had the chance to test a few of their products, and let me just say, it’s as good as they say.

Today, I want to concentrate on their Volcasmic matte glow moisturizer, because it’s their first product that I included in my daily routine, and I just can’t get enough of how good it is.

First, I feel like I need to talk about the texture, because it’s rather unusual. When I first received it, I thought it had frozen during transportation or something, because it’s litteraly like a stiff block. But then I realized it’s actually meant to have that texture, because it’s pressed like that, which makes it super thick. Yet, when you apply it, it feels extremely lightweight and not heavy at all.

The second thing you notice is definitely the smell. Personally, I love taking the time to take care of myself after a bath and I really enjoy the pampering routine. But you know that if you follow me, because I'm CONSTANTLY repeating this like a broken record.

Which means I want an all-around sensorial experience, so the smells of what I put on my face are extremely important. No matter how much I love a face cream, if it smells bad, I’ll for sure stop using it. Unless it makes it look like I litteraly just had botox, in which case I might make an exception… HA!

Volcasmic definitely delivers in the pleasant smell department. I can’t tell exactly what it smells like, but it’s definitely close to oranges. And I usually can’t be in the same room as an orange smell, but somehow they just make it work. At this point, I’m addicted to the smell and I’m sure it sends a signal to my brain that I’m having a good time, because I’ve started to enjoy my beauty routine much more since I started using it.

Ok, so now that we’ve established that the experience is important, let’s dive right into what matters most, the RESULTS, shall we?

As far as results, Volcasmic delivers exactly what it promises: It’s super hydrating, but without giving you a shiny face. It’s actually a matte moisturizer. Now, contrary to some matte primers, it won’t give you a look like you’ve just rubbed an eraser all over your face… You’ll still have a nice, healthy glow that makes it look like your skin is plumped and hydrated.


The secret to it is the volcanic minerals in it that act like tiny sponges, absorbing the oil from your skin, while the water balm formula hydrates your skin like crazy. After the explosion of products using charcoal in the last few years, I feel like it’s only natural for volcanoes to have a moment too. Personally, I love it!

They say you can also use Volcasmic as a primer, but if I apply it in the morning, I usually like to only wear that on my skin, or apply primer before makeup.

That’s just a personal preference, but I have a tendency to have an oilier skin, so I feel like if I’m wearing makeup, a dewy look can transform kinda quickly in something that looks like I slept in a fast-food kitchen.

That being said, if I’m going barefaced, I just LOVE how it looks. If I have clear skin going, I’ll sometimes just use that instead of foundation and call it a day!

I also love to use it at night and right now it’s on a very short rotation list (I like to keep it spicy) and it’s definitely one of my faves, as it feels like my skin is rested, bright and plump the next morning.

I’d definitely recommend Volcasmic if you’re looking for a really good moisturizer that won’t make you look shiny or break the bank. At just under 50$, it’s not necessarily cheap, but it’s definitely not one of the most expensive ones out there, especially considering quality!

As always, let me know if you tried it, love it or hate it! Also, I’d love to hear if there’s specific products you’d like reviewed on Beauty Wednesdays… Skincare, tools, makeup, hair products, palettes, etc. Let me know and get creative! In the meantime, you can hit me up in the comments below or on Instagram @thehungarianbrunette.

Happy Wednesday!

Jenny xx