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Man, am I excited for this post! First of all, I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas with your families and loved ones. Now on to the serious things, LMAO. Meaning, the quest for a blinding highlight for the upcoming New Year’s festivities. I ordered this little set a few weeks before Christmas, and only got to testing it recently, right before leaving for Mexico, actually.

One thing I LOVE but don’t talk about that often is highlighter. On the daily, I usually use an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette that’s sold-out, so I didn’t really see the need to review that either. But if I’m doing makeup, I for sure don’t skip highlighter. Actually, I even wear it on days when I’m not wearing a full face of makeup. Sometimes, on the weekend, if I feel like rocking the barefaced look with a bit of tszuj, I’ll just put on some moisturizer, lip balm, a tiny bit of light eyeshadow, dab on this very subtle highlighter and call it a day. So it’s safe to say, I never really leave the house without highlighter on (unless I’m doing the whole no makeup thing, obviously).

As far as what type of highlighter I like, I usually go for powders, and not the most blinding ones either. I like a subtle glow that looks like my face is catching the light, not like I’m a reflective sign on the side of the highway, you know. But for the Holidays this year, I’m really feeling the IN YO FACE vibe, ha! I blame it on the fact that I’ve been cooped-up at home in front of my computer working like a maniac for way too long lately. And the fact that we’re spending the Holidays in Mexico, with plenty of margaritas flowing.

Which is why I got this set in the first place. No, actually, that’s a lie. The first reason why I got it is actually because it comes in this GORGEOUS, (almost holographic) colour shifting pouch. It’s not like I don’t already have a TON of makeup bags, but they’re all promo merch that I got for free and don’t really like. So I figured I might as well get one I actually love (and that’s SO easy to clean because it’s plastic!) and get 5 highlighters to try on as a bonus!

Also, I need to say that I had never even tried on any of the highlighters included in this set, so it was a super exciting surprise for me. Without further delay, let’s see what they all look like with some swatches, shall we? Let’s review them from left to right:

This really isn’t the prettiest picture ever, BUT… It’s swatches. Eh.

This really isn’t the prettiest picture ever, BUT… It’s swatches. Eh.

  • Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Starstruck: I had heard so much about Fenty Beauty, so I was super excited to try it out. It’s a creme stick, and it has the prettiest rose gold shade to it, too. Actually, all of these are pretty much in the pink-rose gold-gold colour range, which I’m really not mad about, because it’s my favourite! This one is also one of the most blinding ones, but still looks natural. I really built it up for the swatch, because I wanted to see how far I could take it, and it’s pretty buildable - and lightweight.

  • Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight: This is by far the most BLINDING product of the set, and actually… The most blinding highlighter I have ever seen. You guessed it, that’s what I’m gonna be wearing on New Year’s eve this year! It’s VERY reflective and intense, but in the prettiest way possible. I definitely put too much for such a small swatch (one drop) and the amount I used would have been enough to highlight my entire face. This product definitely goes a LONG way! On my face, I apply this with a sponge, and it looks just SO gorgeous! What I love about it is that it kind of creates a mirror-like surface, without seeing individual flecks of glitter, which really doesn’t look good on textured skin like mine. This is definitely the one to choose if you want to go for maximum impact.

  • Milk Makeup Luminous Blur Stick: This isn’t technically a highlighter, but I guess the kit is called “glow” and not “highlight” so it kind of makes sense to have this one in there. I’ve talked about the original blur stick a lot, and it’s actually the primer I use the most right now, just because it’s amazing for oily skin if you still want to have long-lasting makeup. This one has a really pretty, subtle glow to it, and I could definitely see myself using this for when I want a little extra oomph, and not only for New Year’s. Although I am probably gonna use for New Year’s, if I’m honest. If it’s as good as the original, I might even switch to this one, because it’s really, really pretty.

  • Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Illuminati: I had never even heard about this brand before, and that’s what I love about sets like this: It’s the perfect opportunity to discover something new. In this case, it was also the perfect opportunity to discover something amazing, because this is just STUNNING in person. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, because 80% of the action happens when you move. Which is FABULOUS, because that’s the effect highlighters are actually supposed to imitate - when your skin is dewy and the sun hits your face while you move. This is the only powder of the set and it reminds me a little of the Kylie Cosmetics Ultra Glow loose powder highlighter. Now that I said this I actually wanna do a test swatch side by side. Arghh. As soon as I come back from Mexico I will do this on my Insta-stories. Maybe even Youtube. To me (and from memory) this Artist Couture feels like it’s much more… Diamondy? Lol, I know that’s not a word, but this literally looks like it’s powdered crushed diamonds.

  • Benefit Cosmetics High Beam: Last but not least, I was also super excited about this one, because I really wanted to get it in high school, but my mom never caved. Yes, that’s an older product, but it’s still around for a reason. This is probably the iciest shade of them all (actually, it totally is) but it’s not really icy… It’s more like… A colder-toned light pink that has blue undertones when it catches the light. It’s very, very pretty and I feel like it just gives the healthiest, most natural looking glow, to be honest. Like putting this on makes me feel like I look like I just came back from skiing in Aspen. Definitely a great one for the Winter. I’ll be using it a lot as soon as I come back from Mexico, for sure.

To end this, I have to say there’s really not one product in this set that I did not enjoy, I actually really love them all! I would highly recommend this set to anyone who loves a good highlight. It’s super fun to play with, and the makeup bag is just to die for!!

Now that I’m on a highlighter roll, I really want to know: What’s your favourite highlighter??? I really want to try more beauty products because I love reviewing them for you guys, so give me all your recs! Also, please share what your plans are for New Year’s!!

Happy Holidays!

Love, Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette glow for it sephora favourites hihglighter set review - Milk makeup luminous blur stick, Fenty Beauty Match Stix, Benefit high beam, cover fx enhancer drops, artist couture diamond glow powder (2 of 3).jpg