While I’d have a really hard time picking only ONE favourite type of cuisine, Mexican definitely is in my top 5. To me, there’s nothing more synonymous with vacation and fun times than chips, guac and a good margarita.

I always prided myself on making a good guacamole, and I actually like the story behind it.

Before I was even born, my uncle and his then wife lived in San Diego and she was apparently making extraordinary guacamole. She then passed on this authentic Mexican recipe to my mom (who makes a FUCKING MEAN margarita!) and I loved eating it growing up.

I’m not sure how similar the one I make today is to the original recipe, but eating it definitely reminds me of the fun parties my parents threw around the pool when I was a child.

And yes, my mom’s margaritas were flowing. And yes, I do have some FUN childhood memories (and some pictures in the family albums) of my slightly inebriated parents and their equally drunken friends partying in the backyard, while my childhood best friend and I were happily participating.

Back to the guac though, I’m kind of obsessed. I just love that it takes so little time to make. Sometimes, I’ll just whip up a super simple one in less than 2 minutes. But when I want to really treat myself, I go all out with this super flavourful one. It takes a bit more time chopping everything up, but it’s still a really quick thing to make. Especially when you consider how delicious it is.

Also, I don’t know how appropriate it is to bring a Mexican dish to a St-Patty’s party, but if you’re like me, you don’t really care what’s appropriate, as long as it’s delicious. In which case, definitely bring this guacamole with a big bowl of chips and I swear they will disappear quicker than it takes to say leprechaun.

I’d say “here’s the recipe” but I’m not sure it really qualifies as a recipe… It’s more like a list of things I throw in the same bowl and mix together… No measurements, no order, nothing really specific, actually. But if you’ve read any other of my recipes, you already know that I usually cook just throwing stuff together, I don’t really measure anything unless I’m baking.


So Here’s How I Do It:

  • Approx. 1/2 avocado per person

  • Lime or lemon juice (lime if I want to be real traditional, but I love lemon, so…)

  • Salt + Pepper

  • Approx. 1/2 tomato for each avocado (so 1 avocado = 1/2 tomato, 4 avocados = 2 tomatoes)

  • A tiny bit of super finely chopped onion (and you wanna be real careful here not to overdo it)

  • Chopped cilantro

  • A dollop of sour cream

Basically, I usually just mash the avocado with a fork and drown that shit in lemon juice. Then, I’ll add salt and pepper, the chopped tomato, onion, sour cream and cilantro and mix it all together.

For the onion, I like to switch things up and use what I have on hand. So sometimes I’ll use yellow onions, if I want a milder, sweeter taste I’ll use red onion… And if I have green onions, which I LOVE, I’ll just put that in bigger chunks. I’m also obsessed with cilantro, so I usually put a LOT.

Since I love a chunkier guac, I usually chop the tomato quite coarsely. For the sour cream, you want to make sure not to put too much and overpower the taste of avocado. Better safe than sorry here.

As you can see, even when using the exact same ingredients, there are many ways to make it differently. And that’s what I love about guacamole: There truly aren't 2 identical ones! And that’s probably why it feels so laid-back and festive…

I love to listen to cheerful mariachi music, upbeat Bossa Nova or “La vida es un Carnaval” when I make mine, and I swear it makes the whole thing even more festive. I may or may not also scream “Ay, Caramba” when I’m done, but that’s just a matter of personal preference.

Alright guys, so being Friday and writing this kinda made me crave a good chips + guacamole + marg situation, so I’ll leave it there and start mashing my avocados… And probably post the whole thing on my Insta-stories! Let me know if you guys make it, I’d love to know what you thought!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Love, Jenny xx