When I tell people I have a blog called The Hungarian Brunette, they usually assume I’m crazy about my hair. And they’re not necessarily wrong. I get so many compliments on my super thick and long hair (it’s probably my most complimented feature), that’s it’s become something I’m kinda proud of. And I get asked ALL THE TIME how I grew such long hair, from teenage girls at the mall to older women (hell, even my own mom!).

But most people are actually surprised to learn that my hair routine is SO simple, it can’t really be called a routine. In fact, the only way I like my hair is when I wash it, towel-dry it and sleep on it. The end. I don’t even own a blow-drier or a straightening iron, and only recently acquired a curling iron (I went all out and got myself a nice T3) that I use maybe once a month if I have a special shoot or event, because I’m obsessed about keeping heat as far away from my hair as possible.

While I’ve always been super low maintenance about my hair, I recently started paying more attention to it, because I don’t know if it’s the California dry air or I’m just getting old as shit, but I’ve noticed my hair get a lot dryer, and there’s a lot more breakage happening. Overall, on some mornings, it looks like one of those balls of hay rolling around in the desert if I don't use conditioner.

So I decided to make a few changes to my inexistent hair routine and make it more of a thing:


First, I invested in a hair mask, Phyto Paris’ Phytokeratine Extreme mask for ultra-damaged, brittle and dry hair, which sounds like a pretty extreme description, but I figured it couldn't be too helpful. The instructions say to leave it on for 3-5 minutes, but I like to do 10-15 while I shower, because I’m a psycho and I wanna make SURE it works.

Then, I decided I was actually gonna bite the bullet, stop washing my hair so much and see what happens. To be clear, I used to wash my hair every single day. I grew up doing it, and never thought it was a problem. Then in my early twenties, people kept telling me that was crazy, but I never listened. The few times i did skip a wash (by accident, probably passing out after a night out) I woke up the next morning with the hair of someone who lives in a McDonald’s kitchen, under the fryer no less.

But I strangely remembered an interview with Robert Pattinson when he did Twilight (which is weird, because I was never a fan, so I have NO CLUE why I remembered it so vividly) and he said he didn’t wash his hair for something like 6 months, for it to grow super fast for the role. Which I thought (and still think) was fucking disgusting. If you’re not washing your hair for 6 months and no one stages an intervention, you have no real friends.

But still, there’s something to it, and it’s been well documented that not washing your hair so much can be really good, as it doesn’t strip it from the natural oils that help it grow by making it not break, and therefore stay healthy. Which is exactly what I needed. So I made the plunge, and while I’m still light years away from pulling a Pattinson, I now try as much as I can to wash it every other day, or at least skip a day here and there.

Which brings me to the next thing I tweaked, that LEGIT changed my hair game: Dry shampoo. I’m sure there’s no one on Earth who doesn’t know what dry shampoo is or doesn't use it, but just in case, I feel like this needs to be out there more. Without dry shampoo, I would have NEVER stopped washing my hair everyday. I even love it more than freshly washed hair sometimes, to just put dry shampoo on unwashed hair and tie it in a bun for a few hours. Then when I go out at night, I just undo the bun, and have magical, texturized beach waves on super voluminous hair, which is my ride-or-die hair look.


For now, my favourite is Herbal Essences Volume dry shampoo (even though I’ve been dreaming to try the Drybar one for a few months and it’s been sitting in my Sephora cart for the longest time). It does an amazing job, the effect lasts for a super long time, it doesn’t look chalky and it smells AMAZING. Like grapefruit and mint, to be exact, but not in an overwhelming way. Also, for $6, it’s really a no-brainer. I tried a few out there on the market, and this one is definitely in the inexpensive category and it's the one that works the best for my hair. 

The last change I made was actually while testing a product that was sent to me by L’Oreal for me to review it, their Elvive Oil. If I’m completely honest, it’s a product Sasha had been using for as long as I’ve known him, so it’s something I’d seen in my bathroom forever, but I never thought about using it myself. Gotta love it when your man tips you off on a beauty product - LOL.

So since I had to try it anyways, I gave it a go and MAN, do I wish I did that much earlier. This stuff is actually life-changing. I did a full review of it on Instagram, but basically it makes your hair so soft and much healthier-looking. I use it every time I wet my hair, before brushing it, and it makes a huge difference in the amount of hair I loose, which used to be scary AF. I just put 5-6 pumps on the lower half of my hair and then brush it. The instructions on the bottle say 2 pumps, but I have long hair... Just do what works for you.


So that’s all, guys!! Try oil every day, a mask once or twice a week and not washing your hair too much. That should help you get the thick, healthy, long hair you've been dreaming of, at least it definitely works for me! Also, don't overdo hot tools like blow-driers and straightening/curling irons. Actually, avoid those as much as possible. Also, the last tip would be to get a haircut when your hair feels tired. Split ends won't make your hair grow, getting rid of them will. 

Keep it simple, natural and be patient. Now is the time, because in 2018, the trend is that every different style is beautiful. It used to be all about stick-straight hair, and then beachy waves. Now all styles, wether straight, wavy, curly and afros are all considered cool and unique, so I say ROCK IT!

Hope this helps, and if you have any wonderful masks or dry shampoo recs, definitely send them my way. Also, if you know any styling product that gives volume and that can be used WITHOUT a blow dryer, absolutely let me know, either in the comments below or on Instagram @thehungarianbrunette.

Love, Jenny xx