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One of the first posts I ever published on The Hungarian Brunette is about hair. It’s actually my hair care routine from last year. But since then, quite a bit has changed. I started exploring hair care a lot more, from dry conditioner to leave-in treatments, and of course, hair masks. While I still use the one I featured in last year’s post, I discovered Don’t Despair, Repair by Briogeo, which I love and use regularly.

But personally, I find that just putting on a hair mask in the shower, leaving it on 10 minutes (which is already such a drag) and rinsing it doesn’t do much.

Before I tried hair masks, I thought they were almost magical. I thought I would see a day and night difference right away. And quite frankly, at the price most hair masks go for, that should be the case. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t. I mean it’s good, and it’s for sure better than nothing, but it could be much better.

So I knew I needed to find something (anything!) to make it better. Because since I moved to LA, my hair, especially the bottom half, is SO DAMN DRY.

So you’ve guessed it by now, if only from these pictures. I found myself a shower cap (I actually brought mine back from the Venetian last time I stayed there - NO SHAME) and put it to the test. And guys, it is WONDERFUL.

To put it simply, 10 minutes is a great time, but it’s really not enough to be mind-blowing. And that’s not only true for hair masks, wink-wink.

So what I do is this: I wash my hair like I usually do, in the shower. I get out, towel dry it quickly, and coat it in my hair mask from ear-level to my ends. Then, I gather it in the shower cap, make sure it’s on properly, and go on with my life for an hour or two (even more if I have time). Then, right before going to bed, I go back in the shower, and this is when I take my real shower. With the shower cap on, I wash my face, shave, basically do anything I need to do in there… Lastly, I take the shower cap off (finally!) and rinse my hair quickly. I like to finish it up with a quick burst of cold water, because that’s so invigorating.

Then, I towel-dry my hair and let it air-dry while I sleep. I NEVER blow-dry. I don’t even own a blow-dryer, lol. If you do have a blow-dryer though, you can also heat up your hair while the mask is on.

So that’s it guys. It’s really that simple. I usually do that little ritual once a week, or when my hair feels particularly dry. It really does make a huge difference, and my hair feels and looks SO supple, hydrated and soft afterwards.

Do you guys have any other “magic” hair tips you swear by? I’m dying to know! Please share your favourite hair tips below, so I can try them out!

Also, one last thing: I know my Venetian shower cap needs an urgent update. While I was doing some research for this post, I actually found out that Forever 21 has the CUTEST shower caps (see below) for less than $4!! I’m obsessed and want all of them. Like, how cute is that avocado-covered shower cap? Which one is your fave??

Love, Jenny xx