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Guys, happy Friday! We’re leaving to Mexico today, so this is definitely a big day! I’ll be taking some time off during the Holidays, so I won’t be as active on here and on Instagram until the first week of January… BUT I believe that it’s for the best, and I’ll come back more energized and ready to take on 2019! Plus, we’ll see if I’m able to refrain from posting all the beautiful Mexican sights on my Insta stories… To Be Continued…

On the blog, there’s gonna be fewer posts, but I still have some content planned, including my Sephora Favourites Glow For It highlighter set review next Wednesday (couldn’t skip a Beauty Wednesday, could I??). But for today, I wanted to end the week with this super festive holographic Holiday manicure.

And guys, let me just preface this by saying: The pictures do NOT do it justice. In real life, it’s teeny tiny BLINDING holographic sparkles that make my heart swing every time I look at it. It’s what I have on my nails since Monday, and it’s still looking damn good. Which surprised me, because it was a really cheap nail polish, and they usually chip away so quickly! I feel like this is what I’m gonna keep on my nails for Mexico, and I’ll just bring the bottle for emergency touch ups - and hope for the best!

But let’s talk about the actual nail polish, shall we? It’s THIS ONE from Urban Outfitters, that I picked up by a total fluke. You see, I usually only wear Essie nail polish. Their gel couture collection, to be specific. I HATE applying nail polish and then having chipped nails the next day, and I find that this brand is the only one that hasn’t disappointed me.

But last week, as I was braving the crowds and the line-ups to return a hat I got during the black Friday sale and was horrible, I was waiting in the line-up at Urban Outfitters. And it was a long one, so I had plenty of time to soak it all in and look at the various trinkets they put on each side of the line - smart!

This nail polish caught my eye, and I picked it up instantly. I wasn’t gonna buy it, but then I saw it was $5, and figured eh, what’s the harm? I didn’t expect I would love it, I just thought of it as a novelty item to test out.


It’s my first holographic nail polish ever, so I can’t really compare it to anything else, but I will say this: First, it’s much cheaper than any other holographic nail polish I’ve seen on the internet.

Also, 2 coats were enough to create a pretty opaque effect, and it dried pretty quickly, too. I was expecting it to be a pain in the ass. Now, ideally I would have applied 3 coats, but I didn’t want it to be too thick, because then it has a tendency to peel-off. Since I’m gonna try to extend its wear until January 1st (and that’s VERY ambitious) I’m leaving myself a bit of leeway for an extra coat in about a week. Yes, I want this vacation to be low-maintenance.

This is so timely for the Holidays, because it would make the perfect manicure for ANY Holiday party. I also linked a bunch of other similar options from Urban Outfitters below, because now I want to try them all to see if they’re all as good as this one. (The one I’m wearing is the first image, the one pictured is just a different colour. The one I’m wearing is called DISCO BALL, and man does it wear its name well!!).

Wishing all of you guys a very merry Christmas in advance, and hope you all have a fantastic Holiday break.

Love, Jenny xx

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