One of the things I’m passionate about but don’t post about often is home decor. Ever since I had my first apartment, I loved personalizing my space and making it THE place where I want to spend the most time. I’m a firm believer that our environment is extremely important, because it has a direct impact on our mood, and highly influences the way we feel.

I also spend A LOT of time home, since I work for myself, so it’s important to me that my apartment looks cozy and inviting. Every time I talk about home decor and my personal style, I describe it as “hippie acid lounge boho vibes”. Which makes it sound a little messed up and chaotic, but is actually just my colourful way of describing natural materials with gold accents, muted colour palettes, and anything featuring subtle geometric patterns, with lots of fringes, furs, tassels… And throw pillow and blankets. Add to that a few modern, sleek elements, and I’m a happy girl.

But I’m not gonna lie, my main problem with home decor is how expensive it tends to get. Because let’s be real here: I do love making my apartment look good. But I love making myself look good more. LOL. Meaning, if I have $500 to spend, I’d rather get myself shoes (or anything related to fashion) or go on a massive haul at Sephora than buy a coffee table.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with a lot of super expensive furniture and home accents… But my first loves are fashion and beauty. So when I shop for home decor, I tend to try and find some reasonably-priced options, or even cheaper dupes of the expensive items I love, as opposed to just buying the first thing I fall in love with, like I would for fashion.

As I figured out lately, shopping for home decor on Amazon is not only easy, it’s also SUPER practical. Especially if you have Prime. Think being able to shop for almost anything, most of the time at prices much cheaper than in-store, with FREE SHIPPING. Without having to get out of your house. Oh, and did I mention 2-day shipping? That’s damn quick! And if you don’t like something? Returns with Amazon Prime are just SO easy, it’s ridiculous. No wonder Amazon is revolutionizing the art of shopping… And no, this is absolutely not sponsored (I wish, ha!).

So further ado, I wanted to share with you guys my favourite boho vibes home accents, all from Amazon Prime. Let’s get started:

1- Macramé hanging chair: This has to be one of my childhood dreams coming to life. I never had a tree-house as a kid, but I feel like that chair would full-on make me feel like a Disney princess of the woods. All I’d need to complete the vibe would be a good book, a warm cup of tea, and a few of my squirrel friends.

2- Macramé garland: I love dressing up my walls, but I feel like hanging pictures isn’t really my vibe. Maybe I just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet - in fact, the only time I’ve had pictures on my walls were when I was 14 and my 4 bedroom walls were covered in Harry Potter pictures. I just feel like I never have pictures I love so much that I would want to see them at all times. What I do love to hang on my walls is tapestries, wall-hangings, and basically anything with an interesting texture or finish. I feel like this garland is so festive, and I would either hang it directly on a wall, or suspend it in the air, over my bed, for example.

3- Pink faux sheepskin: I have 2 similar ones in white, that I use as carpets coming out of each side of my bed, but I feel like I would love having on pink one, to cover my desk chair. Talk about cozy working vibes. I love anything soft and fuzzy, so this is right up my alley.

4- Set of 3 throw pillow covers: I’m obsessed with throw pillows (Sasha is a bit overwhelmed with the amount we have in our bed, lol) but a little less obsessed with their prices. For some reason, it seems perfectly normal to sell 2 squares of fabric filled with some synthetic stuffing (that they literally sell for dirt cheap at the craft store) for $60, and I just don’t get that. My favourite pillow hack is to buy some feather pillows from Ikea (they sell them for nothing) and slap a nice pillow cover on top. These are $27 for three and I love their understated, simple, geometric design.

5- Macramé plant hangers: In the last few years, I really learned to love having plants inside. I used to hate it, probably as an averse reaction to my mom’s house overflowing jungle I grew up in, but now that I have my own place, I love a bit of greenery, especially some low-hanging plants that cascade out of a nice hanger. Since we live in a tiny studio, I feel like hanging plants are also super practical, because we don’t have a ton of flat surfaces to put plants on.

6- Macramé wall-hanging: OK, so I think at this point, we’ve pretty much established that I’m obsessed with macramé… And wall-hangings. This is the best of both worlds. And although I already have a macramé wall-hanging in my home, I feel like this one has such a distinctive shape that I could have both and it wouldn’t be too repetitive.

7- Macramé mirror: I know, I know, I’m going overboard with the macramé. But this little mirror is so damn cute, I couldn’t not include it. It’s something I would totally put in my hallway, amidst my hat wall, for a last look before heading out.

8- Agate bookends: I actually have a version these, and I’m obsessed with them. They add such a luxe touch to any bookshelf, and if you’re obsessed with crystals like I am, they are the perfect way to make you want to pick up a book at any given time. These ones are available in a bunch of different colours, but I personally have a soft spot for the blue ones - they’re also the ones I have.

9 & 10 - Tassel pillowcases & Tassel duvet cover: When it comes to bedding, I’m obsessed with simplicity. As I said above, I’m THE throw pillow (and blanket) gal, so if my bedspread was super busy with colours and patterns, it would be a little much. I really love this set because it’s super simple and versatile, but the tassel details are super interesting and still make it stand out. As for the white, I know it can be tricky. Our dog sleeps in bed with us, so trust me I know. Which is why I would get this as my second set, to alternate with our darker, taupe set. Since I’m also always freezing but hate sleeping with the heat on, who knows… I might be crazy enough to use both at the same time.

11- Hanging shelves: I really love these shelves because a) they’re so original and cute, and b) they’re a little nod to my macramé obsession, ha! I would personally use them in the hallway or the bathroom, to put either everyday items, or bathroom essentials. I feel like they could go with pretty much any decor and I’m casually thinking of getting them for our place.

12- Brown (faux) leather wooden chair: If you’re a fan of SATC, this chair probably reminds you right away of the leather chair Carrie bought from Aidan. I’ve been obsessed with this type of chair for years, and always dreamt of having two in my future house’s living room, perpendicular to a velvet couch, each one covered in a white sheepskin. I guess you could say I have it all figured out, LMAO. These chairs are usually super pricey (as anything leather and wood usually is) but this one being faux leather (no animals we harmed!) makes it much more budget friendly. Nothing wrong with that if you ask me!

That’s it for my current boho home decor faves, guys! Now I want to know two things: 1) do you every buy things for your home on Amazon? and 2) which is your favourite item from this list? Mine is probably the bed covers, the 2 chairs and anything macramé.

Love, Jenny xx