The Hungarian Brunette - How to get the most out of your face masks

Guys, today we’re talking all about face masks - yes, again! If you either follow me on Instagram, or if you’re a regular on here, you KNOW I’m obsessed with face masks.

I’ve done a few posts on face masks before, including one called Face Masks: why I’m obsessed, which is a pretty straight-forward breakdown of the benefits of face masks and the many types you can try out to figure out what works best for you.

I’ve also done several mask reviews, the last one being the Peter Thomas Roth Mask Frenzy set, that I’m still obsessed with and use all the time.

Truth is, I do at least 3 or 4 face masks a week, and I’m always trying out new ones.

When we moved to LA, my skin started really acting out, and although I was already dealing with stress acne before the big move, something really changed as soon as we set foot in SoCal.

I have a full-post coming up on how I got rid of my stress acne, so I won’t go too deep into it now (stay tuned), but that’s when I discovered face masks after doing some research.

To be fair, I already knew what face masks were (I wasn’t living under a rock) but to me, they were more like a “feel-good” spa treatment that didn’t really change anything about the skin in the short (or long) term.

And then I tried the Glamglow GravityMud and saw some instant result, and some pretty amazing ones at that. I was hooked. With time, I’ve tried a lot of other brands and types of masks, and I’ve kind of picked up a lot of little tips and tricks along the way, that really make a difference in the efficacy of the face masks I’m using, but also make the whole process a lot easier.

I thought I would share these tips today, because I get a lot of messages saying some of you guys want to try face masks, but feel like it’s such a time-consuming, complicated process that you get discouraged and don’t give it a go.

But let me tell you, face masks are an amazing way to transform your skin at home, without spending a fortune, and I feel like every girl should have at least 2 or 3 trusted masks with different benefits, so she can be prepared no matter what.

Once you have these face masks, you also need to know how to use them in the best way possible to get the maximum benefits out of them. So without further ado, here are my tips and tricks to make sure I really get the most out of my face masks:

1- Cleanse your skin (& Hands) before

My least favourite thing about a face mask is actually washing it off, so I usually like to do them before the shower and just washing them off in the shower. But one of the most important things about a face mask is applying it to a clean face… So I always wash my face in the sink before doing a face mask, usually using my First Aid Beauty red clay cleanser (linked below). Since you don’t want to be applying more dirt and bacteria to your face (ew!) I also wash my hands using regular soap.

2- Open your pores with a Warm towel

I love this step, because not only does it make any face mask way more efficient, it also makes the whole experience feel like a spa. When I was my face, I usually don’t use hot water, because it’s aggressive and can actually dry out your skin. But before a face mask, you really want your pores to be as open as possible, to make sure that the product can penetrate deeply and clean out your skin really well. So I take a dedicated hand towel, soak it in hot water, squeeze out the excess water and just lay it flat on my face for 30 seconds. Then I move on to the next step right away, to make sure I’m applying my mask on wide open pores.


Some (very rare) masks actually come with a brush for application, but most don’t. Applying a face mask with your fingers works, but I find it to be messy and not ideal. I like using an old foundation brush (a pre Beauty Blender relic) that I thoroughly cleaned first (obviously!) and apply my face mask with that instead of my fingers. It seriously makes the whole process super easy, quick, and mess-free. I also find that it applies it a much more even layer all over my skin. I linked a foundation brush similar to the one I’m using below.


I used to keep face masks on for way longer than the recommended amount of time, but after doing some research, I learned that this can actually be detrimental, so now I try to only keep them for the recommended amount of time. To make sure I don’t forget, I usually set an alarm on Google Home, so “she” can alert me when I need to rinse it off - all hands free. I then head to the shower, where I rinse off my mask, using the same wash cloth I used to open up my pores. I feel like that way, it’s super easy to take off, even if it’s a dried-up clay mask, and it adds a little bit of super gentle exfoliation. Just be careful not to rub too hard, not to damage your skin.

I then throw that wash cloth in the wash, and I use a new one every time, to make sure I’m not putting new dirt on my super clean, fresh skin. I bought some super cute ones with flamingoes that are reserved exclusively for my masks, and I linked some super similar ones below for you guys.

5- After the mask

Since I washed my face before applying my face mask, I just pick up where I left off with my normal skincare routine. For me, that includes toner, Curology, serum and moisturizer. You can do whatever feels comfortable for you, but try to use at least a toner and a moisturizer, to preserve all that good hydration and the benefits from the face mask. I have a full post on my skincare routine, that you can read right here if you’re interested.


Just like everything in skincare, face masks are all about consistency. You can use the best moisturizer and have the best skincare routine, but if you only remember to do it once a month, it’s not gonna chance much in the long run… And same goes for a good face mask. I usually do a face mask every other day, and I feel like that’s what works for me, but everyone is different. I would say try to do it at least twice a week and see if you like the results, then take it from there.

I know face masks seem a little time-consuming at first, but when you think about it, they’re not, really. Chances are, you’d have to wash your face and shower anyways, so putting it on isn’t really that much of an extra step. Also, nothing says you have to just sit around while it’s working on your face. You can literally do anything you want, and then rinse it off in the shower. Easy, peasy.

That’s it guys, these were all my tips to get all the best results out of your face masks! Did I forget anything? If you have any additional tips and tricks, please share them with me in the comments section below! Also, let me know which mask is your favourite, so I can give it a try!

Love you guys!

Jenny, xx