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If you open Instagram, it seems like everyone and their grandmothers is subscribed to (and enjoying) FabFitFun. But if you know even the tiniest bit about influencer marketing, it’s pretty easy to notice that most of the girls raving about FabFitFun on social media are actually sponsored by the brand, which means they either get the box for free, or even get paid to promote it.

As a blogger myself, I understand that being paid by a brand to promote them doesn’t mean you’re lying about loving it. In fact, if you’re doing things right, you should only be promoting brands that you really actually love and would pay for yourself - Otherwise you have no credibility, and people aren’t stupid!

But I was still curious to see if FabFitFun is as good as the influencer marketing campaigns make it sound… And since you guys seemed to love my Sephora Play reviews, I kinda wanted to start this unofficial series in which I test out products and subscription boxes that are heavily promoted by other influencers, without being sponsored, and give you my honest, 100% unfiltered thoughts.

So I went ahead and ordered myself a FabFitFun box. Since I ordered it between 2 seasons, I was sent what they call “the Editor’s box” which isn’t one of their regular boxes that seasonal subscribers get, but more like a curated box to get you started. I thought it would be relevant to start with a breakdown and a brief review of everything that came in the box, before I give you all the information on FabFitFun and my thoughts on the subscription. So if that’s the only thing you’re interested in, keep scrolling until you see the “IS IT WORTH IT?” title.


ISH Cosmetics #IMSMOKINGHOT eyeshadow palette, $32 - At first, I wasn’t really sold on this eyeshadow palette, because I thought the colours looked pretty basic and a little boring. But then I used it to create a look, and I quickly realized how versatile and fun this palette is. It’s meant to give you everything you need to create a smokey eye, and it really has some interesting shades. I particularly liked their “Hustler” shade, which is a beautiful shimmery peach colour, “Empowering” which is a super trendy lavender shade, and “Boss Lady” that gives you the most amazing, deep sparkly smokey eye. The shades are super creamy and easy to blend, and it’s altogether a great palette. Would I have purchased it myself? Probably not. Could I do without it? Absolutely, but I’m still happy to have it in my collection. It isn’t the most crazy, exciting palette, but it’s a great staple to have for basic looks.

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Summer & Rose Celine trinket dish, $18 - This item was a complete miss for me, personally. And it’s a shame, because I checked out the brand, and they have super cute candles, laundry baskets, terrariums and jewelry holders on their website… But to me, this trinket dish looks like something that I could have gotten in the clearance section at TJ Maxx, or DIYed with a dollar store dish, some tape and cheap paint. This just goes to show that it’s hard to send this type of decor item in a subscription box, because not everyone will have the same tastes and need the same thing.

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Diff Eyewear Cruz aviator sunglasses, $85 - I was super excited about these sunglasses. Firstly, because of the price (right away higher than what I paid for the whole box) but also because I had heard a lot about Diff Eyewear and all the good things that they do. And these glasses are great. They look good, feel like they’re good quality… They just look horrible on my face, lol. I can tell that they would look great on a lot of faces, I just don’t like the look on me, which is a total bummer. Since they’re on the more expensive end (definitely not in the Forever 21 / H&M realm) I’ll be giving them away on Instagram, so if you’re not following me yet, make sure to do so if you don’t want to miss this giveaway. I’ll also be hosting a few other Summer giveaways this season, so you probably don’t want to miss that!

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, $23 - I’ve tried this mascara before (it was included in the Pineapple of my eye set I reviewed a few months ago) and I liked it, so I’m glad I got the full version of it in my FabFitFun box. Once again, this is something I could have done without, since I have a few mascaras in my collection and this one isn’t my all-time fave mascara (although it is a good one, don’t get me wrong) - But I will definitely use it.

Way Of Will Strengthening Nail & Cuticle Serum, $24 - If you’ve seen any of my nail art posts, you know I always do my own nails at home. If you do too, cuticle oil is really great, because it really goes the extra mile for prepping your nail bed and making sure everything is smooth and clean looking. This oil really helped with my dry cuticles, and it got rid of the little patches of dry skin around my nails as well. I’m glad I got it, because it’s probably something I would have never purchased on my own otherwise, but it’s really useful!

Ahava Dermud Intensive foot cream, $29 - Personally, I find feet to be incredibly gross and any activity that involves feet really fits into my idea of a bad time. So when I saw a foot cream in my FabFitFun, needless to say I wasn’t thrilled. I tried it once, just for the sake of trying it out to be able to give you guys a review… And it really didn’t do anything for me. My feet didn’t get any softer, and to me, this was a total waste of a product in this box. I really would have preferred literally anything else.

DP Hue Apple Cider Vinegar hair masque, $42 - This is by far my favourite product in the box and I am OBSESSED with it! I hadn’t tried anything by DP Hue before, but now I want to buy their whole line, lol. This mask smells amazing - it literally made my shower smell like a very expensive hair salon, and I’m not mad at it. It also makes my hair silky smooth without weighing it down every time I use it. This mask honestly feels like it was made for me, because it targets the damaged areas of your hair. Since I recently got a haircut, I’m working really hard on growing my hair back, and this is going to be my new best friend. Definitely my favourite hair mask at the moment, and one I will repurchase as soon as I finish it.

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Lavido Mandarin Aromatic body lotion, $19 - If you’re like me, you probably have 36 half empty containers of body lotion in your bathroom, that are collecting dust and you almost never use… At least that’s definitely my case. So when I saw this in my FabFitFun box, I wasn’t too excited about it. But since I wanted to try it on at least once, I applied it all over my legs and kind of forgot about it. Then at night, while I was getting in bed after shaving my legs in the shower, I touched my legs and was seriously shocked by how soft they were. I remembered this moisturizer and thought “holy shit, that stuff works!!”. The smell is great and it’s not too overpowering. This one oddly smells like an old man, but in the best possible way (lol) - but it also comes in a lot of other fragrances like patchouli, cypress, lavender and coconut. It’s also made with high-quality, raw, plant-based ingredients, so you know what you’re putting on your body is good stuff.

Now that we’ve gone through everything that was included in the box, let’s look at the total value of it. If you add all the products in the box, you get a total value of $272. Since the FabFitFun boxes retail for $50 each, it’s clear that the monetary value of everything in the box greatly exceeds the amount you pay.

Since FabFitFun is not a monthly box but a seasonal box, that means you get 4 boxes per year: One for Summer, Fall, Spring and Winter. In total, if you stay subscribed for a whole year, the box will cost you $200, and you should get approximately $1000 worth of products. Which sounds amazing (and I mean, technically, it is) but there’s one thing that bugs me with that math… Out of the products I got in this box, if I had to repurchase them with my own money, the only thing I would 100% repurchase is the dpHue hair mask, which is $42. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the eyeshadow palette, the body moisturizer, the cuticle oil and the mascara, but they’re not products that I would go out of my way to purchase… Especially if I hadn’t tried them before.

Basically, what I’m getting at is this: While the products in the box are worth much more than what you actually pay, chances are you won’t like or use all of them. And I’m not saying that will be the case for everyone, but I feel like it’s something to consider. Especially in 2019, when the conversation about reducing our carbon footprint and the amount of waste we produce, I feel like this concept (and the concept of subscription boxes in general) is a little wasteful. Personally, I would have preferred to spend $42 on the hair mask, and treat myself to some ice cream with the remaining $8, but maybe that’s just me.

I also feel like since FabFitFun is a lifestyle box, it’s a little harder to send items that will make everyone happy. I feel like if it was only fitness, or only makeup, or only jewelry, it would be easier to please the subscriber, because only people who are really into that nice would subscribe. Since FabFitFun has a bit of everything, I feel like some products are bound to be hit or miss. But then again, I’m sure some people love the variety, so this is really a personal choice.

One thing I really loved about FabFitFun is how customizable it is. As I explained in my Sephora Play final review, some subscription boxes (read: most subscription boxes) make you fill out a quiz when you subscribe, with questions like your hair type, skin tone, preferences, etc… And then send you the same exact box everyone else gets… Which is a little frustrating. With FabFitFun, everyone gets to customize from 3 to 5 products in each box, which right away makes it a lot more likely to be things you will love. To me, this is the greatest thing about FabFitFun and it’s really something that makes it special and sets it apart from other subscription boxes.

Lastly, I want to say one thing about subscription boxes in general, and this isn’t only about FabFitFun: Don’t let the “low price” fool you, especially if you don’t have tons of disposable income. It really frustrates me when I see influencers promoting FabFitFun by saying it’s “like getting an exciting gift 4 times a year”, because if you’re a partner with FabFitFun, it’s not LIKE getting a gift, IT IS A GIFT. If you’re not paying for your box, you are in fact getting a gift from the brand… Which isn’t the case if you’re just a regular paying customer. I personally don’t know many people who feel like they have a lot of disposable income… In fact, pretty much anyone I speak to says they wish they had more money, which is why I think the concept of subscription boxes can be a little dangerous. We tend to loose track of how much money we’re actually spending on them, because that’s the nature of a monthly payment. So while a subscription box can be marketed as “only X amount per month”, it adds up quickly with your rent, car, gym membership, and everything else that’s a recurring payment. It’s not for nothing that cars and cell phones are marketed to us with low monthly payment: It feels much less expensive for the customer to pay $33/month over 2 years than $800 upfront for for a new iPhone… And it’s the same thing for subscription boxes.

That being said, I do believe FabFitFun is a great box overall, and I feel like if you have the money to spend, it can be fun to try it out for yourself, and see if it fits your needs!

Are any of you guys subscribed to FabFitFun? Do you love it? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow on Instagram if you want to enter the giveaway for a chance to win these $85 Diss Eyewear sunglasses!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx