Happy Wednesday guys!! This week, for Beauty Wednesday, we're doing something a little special! I interviewed Chante from Roses N Rosé, a beauty brand from San Diego, California. I met Chanté a little over a year ago, on Facebook and watched her grow her brand almost from the beginning. Recently, she left her full-time job to work full time on her brand and I knew I had to interview her.

As you guys know, I love sharing my space (THB) with other women who go after their dreams and make sh*t happen for themselves. Chante is a perfect example of that, so I had to have her on The Hungarian Brunette. We talked beauty (of course), business and marketing, amongst other things. I won't hold it any longer, please enjoy!

Chante In A Nutshell

  • Age:I turned 26 on October 21st

  • City: Currently in San Diego

  • Job: CEO

  • Favourite food: I love all kinds of food but right now my favourite is ramen

  • Biggest fear: Lizards! I am terrified

  • One thing you’re really good at: I feel like I am good at throwing parties or events

  • You in 3 words: Determined, Courageous & Adventurous

You’re the founder and CEO of Roses N Rosé, and you recently quit your 9-to-5 job to manage your company full-time. Congratulations! Can you take us back to the very beginning? When did you start your brand? How did you find the name? Did you think it was going to become your full-time job?

Omg YES! So exciting! So the very beginning was sort of a mess because I was kind of like…hey, I am going to do this, and boom, launched two weeks later. I started it in March of 2017, so we are not even two years old yet! As for the name, I originally wanted to start by using my real name, but I didn’t feel like it was catchy enough. So I did my best to try to rhyme with it and come up with something catchy and the brand was born. I always knew that I would work for myself, I just didn’t know that this would be it, but I'm glad that it is!

What was DAY 1 like? Did you make any sales? What were the first steps you took when you launched?

Looking back…I wish I did build up the momentum a little more. There were sales. I think on my first day I made $200 which for some brands is crap but for me, I was super excited! When I first launched I kind of just threw everything out there. I had no organization or system. I just said here is the website, if you want this, there ya gooo!!! Totally winged it.

Did you launch with a full collection of products or did you just have one?

No, not at all! I started with just one. Rosie Cheeks, the coffee body scrub. That was my first product, and after I think a month or two, I came out with another. I did every product one at a time and about a month or two apart!


There are so many brands in the beauty world, how does a new brand make a name in such a busy industry?

I think you should stand out, host events, welcome the community into your brand and build a relationship within that community!

These are GREAT tips! What was the approach that worked best for you? What way do you find allows you to reach your customers the best?

I love hosting events! Last year I had a big one year party, I have done beauty events, wine and paint nights. I love inviting the followers out to come hang and get to know them!

Amazing! I’m sure it’s been a wild ride from zero to where you are now, did you have a major fail moment, something you look back on and think “Oh, WHY?”?

Ummm no, not really. I know that sounds cocky but I don’t look at failures, I don’t think about them. Everything has been a lesson wellllll learned.

Were there times when you thought you wouldn’t make it, when you wanted to give up on Roses N Rosé?

OMG Yes. For sure more than once I have thought I don’t even want to do this anymore... But at the same time, I created this. My brand is a reflection of me and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else in my place.

Quitting your full-time job to work on your brand is a really big step, how did you go about making that decision?

WELL, it wasn’t actually that hard. My job was closing their San Diego office, so I had two options… Look for a part time job, or make Roses N Rosé the last job I’ll ever have. And well... We see where that went.


Where do you see your brand a few years from now? Do you have some exciting things coming up for Roses N Rosé?

No plans at the moment, I am kind of just enjoying where things are right now. I would however really like to open up a storefront!

Oh, that is SO exciting! A Roses N Rosé store would for sure be super cool! Since you’re in the beauty industry, I also want to ask you a few beauty questions. What does your skincare routine look like?

Lot of steps, haha! I double cleanse, NEVER dry my face, I mist of course with the Rosewater, apply my serums, moisturizers and sunscreen during the day. At night (sometimes morning) I steam my face and I do a face mask 2-3 times a week. I also usually will get a facial a couple of times a month!

What’s one beauty hack that makes a huge difference?

Not drying your face! I always tell people, your face is like a sponge. You know when you go to ice something up, the sponge is more likely to absorb things when it’s damp right?? Your face is the same way, so I always make sure my face is damp before applying my products!

Oh, that's such an interesting tip!! I had never heard this one before! What’s the one thing you notice first when you look at another woman?

I think how she carries herself. I always notice that!

Finally, what’s your favourite product from Roses N Rosé, the one you just couldn’t live without?

Ahh I have two. I love Rosie Cheeks, the coffee body scrub. And right now my current favourite is the shimmering body oil!

Alright guys, so that's it for Chante. I hope you enjoyed this interview, I thought there were a lot of good tips in there! I'm personally super excited to try her tip about not drying your face! I'll for sure remove the step where I dry my face during my skincare routine and see if it makes a difference!

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Happy Wednesday guys! Talk to you soon!

Love, Jenny xx