The Hungarian Brunette stop making excuses and waiting for the right moment

Guys, it’s official. I just filmed my first-ever YouTube video. And although I’m super proud of myself for biting the bullet and finally doing it, it really got me thinking about how I should have done this months ago.

And I’m not gonna go down the coulda woulda shoulda path here, but rather, I wanna talk about doing things. Like the title of this post says, I want to elaborate on why it’s so important to stop making excuses for yourself, or to keep waiting for the “right” moment. To put it bluntly, the “perfect” moment, or the “right” moment… Simply doesn’t exist.

Now for the purpose of this post, I’ll use my own YouTube channel as an example, but everything I’m about to say applies to any and every situation in life. Wether you want to start a business, launch a podcast, propose to your girlfriend or buy a new car, it’s all the same thing in the end. Not practically, obviously, but in theory. I had a teacher in fashion school who said “Between selling a couture dress and selling a chair, there’s no difference. You just have to believe in what you’re selling, no matter what it is.” Not only is that so true, but it also applies here: No matter what it is in life you’re wanting to do, you just have to do it.

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Let me start by killing the idea of the perfect moment. I know it sounds comforting as hell to think that at a certain point in time, the planets will align, the birds will start singing, and everything will be perfectly lined up for you to make your move. But if you think about it, waiting for everything to fall into place before making your move is not that comforting. It’s actually quite scary.

Because it means you have no control over your own life. It means you’re stuck waiting for something to tell you when you can do the things you want. To me, that’s the polar opposite of being empowered and in control. And what if it never happens?

What if you’re waiting for a promotion to start your business on the side, and that promotion never comes? What if you get fired in 6 months? Don’t you think you’re gonna be wishing you started your side hustle 6 months ago, so you’d at least have a plan B to fall back on?

What if you have a great idea for a super original podcast, but you’re waiting to get the perfect equipment before you start? What happens when a few days before you actually saved enough money to get the mic you dreamed of, someone launches a podcast with the same idea you worked so hard on? Now you can’t launch, because everyone will think you’re just copying your own idea. Aren’t you gonna wish you just started with the basic mic you had and then upgraded as your show became more popular?

And what if you know your girlfriend is the one, and you want to marry her someday, but before proposing, you want to make sure you have a higher income and a house, you want to make sure she graduates… And then she gets tired of waiting and breaks-up with you to go and find someone who doesn’t have commitment issues.

These cases might sound extreme, but they’re not. They’re things I’ve seen happen multiple times. And truth is, you never know what life has in store for you. The only thing we can be absolutely sure about our lives is that they end at some point.

With that in mind, I feel like waiting for the “perfect” moment is only reducing the amount of time you’ll get to enjoy a better life, day after day. It reduces the number of days you get to be a successful business owner, a thriving podcast host, or a happy husband.

Not only that, but waiting for the “right” moment also means you only have one shot. And that, to me, is even scarier than knowing that time flies. Because when you get that perfect mic and you release your first episode and no one downloads it, it’s gonna be hella discouraging. And when you wait 6 years to propose and she finally says no, trust me, you’re gonna wish you knew earlier.

Personally, I’m all about the “launch fast, fail fast” approach. I don’t want to go into extensive details about this (if you haven’t heard of it, you should definitely Google it though, because it’s fascinating) but what it basically means it that you should always launch a minimal viable product and then fine-tune it based on the feedback you receive from the consumer.

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So if we’re using my YouTube channel as an example, or even this blog. Should I wait until I have professional lighting and enough money to rent a studio before making videos? I mean sure, the videos themselves would look a lot better. But what if my audience really doesn’t respond to YouTube videos and they want a podcast instead? What if I go out and buy $1000 of brand new makeup and then realize my viewers actually are way more interested in my “story time” videos?

When I launched this blog, I didn’t wait until I could buy a really good camera. I didn’t wait until I had my current editing style all figured out. I used my old, just OK camera (and I know many fashion bloggers who started with their phones!!) and I figured out my editing style as I went. I started with a free hosting solution and Wordpress and upgraded slowly as I went along. And I’m still not where I dream of being with The Hungarian Brunette. I still have a looong way to go. But if I had waited until everything was perfect before I launched, I’d still probably be planning it almost a year later. And I wouldn’t have accomplished anything.

And I get it, biting the bullet is scary. I get it, because I’m right there with you, right now, as I’m writing this. Putting myself in front of the camera, as much as I want to do it, is scary. With video, all your flaws are visible, much more so than on pictures. And even though I don’t heavily edit my pictures (I’m actually really against that), I for sure pick the best ones and adjust them so they’re as flattering as possible, without doing major changes like blurring my skin or making my nose look smaller.

And the internet is a cruel place to put yourself out there. I know I might get criticized on the way I speak or look. I know some trolls and haters might even get really mean and try to hurt me deliberately.

And even worse, what if no one watches? What if I miserably fail? I’m aware that’s a possibility, but I don’t care. Because I might fail, no matter where I film my videos or with what cameras and lights I record them.

Truth is, everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s actually quite endearing to watch people fine-tune their craft and get better at it every day. I don’t follow a lot of huge bloggers, but my favourite blogger ever (Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere) started about 10 years ago, and let me tell you her pictures, outfits and writing style had nothing in common with what she does today. And that’s OK. I actually enjoyed watching her grow and get better equipment, and a better website. I enjoyed watching her get engaged, and then married. And get her first house. If she had waited to have all that figured out before launching her blog, I can assure you she wouldn’t have that 7-figure business today. She might have missed the boat, she might have convinced herself otherwise and stayed at her job… No one knows what her life would be like today if she didn’t start when she did, but I for sure know that she’s in a really desirable position right now.

So no matter what your dream is, start NOW. Don’t wait to have the perfect equipment to start making and selling your jewelry. It might not be perfect in the beginning, but if people like your style, they’ll stick around until you fix the little quirks. Don’t wait until you graduate to take that dream internship you’ve been offered. It might not be available in 8 months. You’ll figure it out as you go.

No matter what you’re waiting for, stop waiting. Because even though it’s a scary thing to think about, time keeps going, and every second you wait is a second waisted. Truth is, the time it took you to read this post is time you could have spent creating that first spark to light a fire under your dream’s ass.

I’m for sure not waiting anymore. I just recorded my first-ever YouTube video, with no tripod, no lighting but natural light, barely any video editing skills and no dedicated cute space in my studio apartment to use as a backdrop. I put my camera on a few shoe boxes, on a stool, sat on my bed during the brightest time of the day (and it was raining, mind you) and I’ll learn to get better with editing as I go.

But hopefully you guys will like it, and that will give me the energy and the courage I need to keep fine-tuning it. If you want to subscribe to see that video when it comes out, you can SUBSCRIBE HERE.

What about you guys? What are you gonna be launching next? I want to hear all of your projects and dreams so I can support you!!!

Love, Jenny xx

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