This week's Beauty Wednesday is a little special because I'm not talking about a beauty product. I'm talking a beauty tool: The Luce facial cleansing device.

I've used one cleansing device before this one, and to be totally honest, I wasn't a HUGE fan. I mean, it was OK, but not necessarily worth the price (more on that below).

So I wouldn't necessarily have gone out of my way to get a new one. But when I'm not blogging or modelling, I sometimes get photography contracts for brands in the fashion, beauty and wellness industry. Luce is one of the brands that wanted to send me their product so I can take pictures of it and review it if I liked it... You know, two birds one stone?

Turns out, I actually loved it. There are a few reasons why I wasn't such a fan of the device I had before (see below) and the Luce facial cleansing device solves all of those little issues.

I've talked about it briefly on Instagram, and I got lots of questions, so I figured it was worth it to do a full blog post on it.

First, let's compare it to the other device I used. I'm not gonna name names, but all you need to know is that it was the kind with the bristles that kind of look like a toothbrush. Clarisonic has one, Clinique has one... And there are countless knockoffs on Amazon too. Let's call it the cleansing brush. For this comparison, I'll focus on the ones by Clinique and Clarisonic, because they're in the same range, as opposed to drugstore equivalents.


Price: From 90$ to 200$+ for the device + around 27$ for replacement heads.

Head replacement frequency: Suggested every 3 months.

Head material: Similar to a soft toothbrush.

Pros: Exfoliates and cleans, makes the cleanser foam really well.

Cons: If used for makeup removal, brush tends to get dirty quickly. A little too harsh to use for double-cleansing.


Price: 110$

Head replacement frequency: Never.

Head material: Soft medical-grade silicone.

Pros: Really gentle on the skin. 2 different kinds of heads for different intensity level. Gentle enough for double cleansing.

Cons: Doesn't make facial cleanser foam as much as the brush heads.


Now let's break it down a little more in details. First, let's talk price a little, shall we? Facial cleansing devices can be expensive, I get it. One thing I love about the Luce facial cleansing device is that you buy it once, and you're done. Since it's made from medical-grade silicone (which means it's antibacterial) you can just clean it with hot water and soap and you're good to go.

I remember when I used the brush type cleansing device, how the bristles would get a weird, kinda gross beige colour after a few uses if I used it to remove makeup. And honestly, I have enough going on that I don't have time to remove my makeup before washing my face. I don't really see the point. I need my device to do everything for me. So sue me!

Another thing I love about the soft silicone brush is that it feels much more gentle. I mean, both types of brushes really clean the skin well and exfoliate. No doubt about that. When I was my face with it and then touch it with my fingers, my skin feels SO soft and smooth, it's unreal. But with the brush type devices, it's not recommended to use it for more than 30 to 60 seconds. With the Luce facial cleansing device, obviously don't use it for 10 minutes straight, but you can go on a little longer.

My main skin concern is acne and pores. Which means I NEED double-cleansing in my life if I wan't my skin to look legit. The main thing I love about the Luce facial cleansing device is that I can use it once at a heavier setting to really take off makeup and do a deep cleanse, and then a second time at a lower setting to double-cleanse and massage my face.

Oh, and talking about the different settings, there's 14 SPEEDS! Yep, you read that right! That's truly fucking impressive, especially when you consider that most devices have one or two speed settings. Luce recommends using speeds 1-7 for facial massage and speeds 7-14 for deep cleansing. So far, that technique has worked really well for me. Except I do it the other way around. I deep cleanse first, then I massage.

Facial massage plays a BIG role in anti-ageing too, (there's a full post coming on that) so the Luce facial cleansing device is a safe bet if one of your skin concerns is ageing. Personally, I'm always told I look young, but my most shallow goal in life is to look 20 for as long as I possibly can, so I'm happy about that, ha!


As I mentioned earlier, the only downside for the Luce facial cleansing device is that it doesn't make your facial cleanser foam as much as the brush type. I mean it makes sense... It's like comparing how toothpaste foams on a toothbrush versus a silicone brush. It foams less because it's more gentle. Since foam is synonymous with clean in my head, I usually just apply my facial cleanser, rub it quickly to make it foam and then attack with my Luce device.

To be totally honest, I haven't seen a huge difference in the size of my pores, but they definitely look cleaner. Which in turn makes them seem less apparent. I guess a regular, thorough manual exfoliation will do that to your skin.

All in all, I'm really happy about my Luce facial cleansing device, and I highly recommend it if you have the budget for it. Especially when compared to the brush type facial cleansing devices.

I know I still have mine somewhere in a drawer and I kinda regret buying one, now that I got to try Luce. I would sell in on Craigslist, but I feel like that's kinda gross? Even if it's just the handle? Maybe that's just me...

Now I want to know, who uses a facial cleansing device? Do you use a silicone type like this one, or a brush type? Do you just use your hands? Hit me up and let's talk skincare. You can either leave me a comment below, or hit me up on my latest Instagram post about the Luce facial cleansing device (the picture with the flowers).

Love you guys,

Jenny, xx

*As mentioned in the article above, I received this product for free in exchange for pictures. The decision to review this product on The Hungarian Brunette is totally my own. This review is 100% truthful and accurately represents my opinions. I would never recommend a product I don't truly believe in. I'm not affiliated to Luce USA in any way and I don't get any profits from sales.