Alright guys, it's Friday again, YAY! I honestly don't know why we all get so excited for Friday, since it happens every. Single. Week. Personally, I'm happy about it because I barely get to see my man during the week, and Friday night means we start our weekend of uninterrupted time together. How cute, right? Seriously, 2 years ago, hearing someone say that would have made me barf. But I digress.

This weekend, we're actually going to visit my sister-in-law, so we're off for a little road trip and a fun family weekend.

But before, I wanted to share this look that I shot in Venice with my friend Jackie. I love shooting in Venice, because first, it's my my favourite neighbourhood in LA. So it only makes sense. But it's also full of trendy, Instagram-worthy locations. Most of these shots were obviously taken in front of the Venice sign, which is a super touristy location. It was my first time shooting there and it certainly was a little intimidating, because the only way to get a decent shot is to wait until the traffic lights go red and jump in the middle of the intersection, with a shit-ton of people staring at you like you're exposing yourself.


On that note, this outfit kind of made me feel like a modern day pretty woman. Like if Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman lived in 2018, actually. Does that mean it made me feel like a hooker? Maybe a little, if we're being real honest here.

I usually like wearing a crop top with more high-waisted bottoms. Like something that hits above the belly button. I just feels like it makes it a little more day-time appropriate, and not like you charge 250$ an hour, if you catch my drift. On a side note, I honestly don't like saying that someone's clothes makes them look like they're working a street corner. That seems a little judgmental and not very 2018... I'm also far from being a prude. If you've ever spent real-life time with me, you know I can say things (and make jokes) that are downright inappropriate and sometimes quite shocking. BUT, that being said, I feel like we all have certain guidelines as to how much is too much. I feel like too much of an exposed midriff is kind of tacky, unless you're at the beach. But you know, you do you.


The only reason that skirt hit so low on my hips was because it's slightly too big for me, which you can see in the pictures. Free People clothes usually fit a little large, so even though I ordered the smallest size, it was still a little too big. I kept it because I love it so much, it's everything I like about a denim skirt. First, it's not boring. It has an uneven hem, which I'm a huge fan of. It also has embroidered roses (obviously) and some nice vintage-looking studs along the pockets. I feel like a denim skirt is such a basic staple, that I love having a version of it that feels a little special. It's still available at Revolve (and it's on sale, woohoo!) so if you order it, you might wanna consider sizing down.

That top is also on sale, at Forever 21, and it's like 6$ now... Which is really hard to beat. It's sadly sold out in white, but it's available in black, as you can see below.

What do you guys think about the modern day Pretty Woman look? Love it? Hate it? Would you wear it? Let me know in the comments below, or come hit me up on Instagram!

Wishing you guys an amazing weekend, hope you have a lot of fun!

Love, Jenny xx