Hey guys, Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend filled with great summer adventures! My baby sister got here yesterday, so we're out on a desert expedition right now, but I definitely plan on taking her on a lot of LA-worthy beach days!

And speaking of beach days, the theme of this month's Monthly Wants is BEACH VIBES! Because June in LA definitely brings a LOT of beach vibes!!

1- The Perfect Beach Blanket: When I go to the beach I like to get cozy. You'll never see me on a tiny beach towel covered with sand. Instead, I like a big blanket where everyone can lie down or sit comfortably. Then, all I need is a cooler with cold drinks, little snacks, and I'm set for the day. This blanket SCREAMS "perfect beach day" to me and I love the boho vibes. I could definitely see myself lounging on it all day like a lizard.

2- The Perfect Beach Waves: IGK has some seriously Instagram worthy products. Not only are the packagings beautiful, but it gives you real Instagram-worthy hair! Talk about two birds with one stone! I discovered the brand when I was looking for something to colour my hair for a festival, and I fell in love with the brand.

In the summer, wether I'm at the beach or not, I love having messy, beach vibes hair. This spray not only gives you exactly that, but also great volume and texture. I'm really a fan of the just f*cked hair look, and this spray is the perfect candidate for that!

3- Delicate anklet: Last year, I was looking for an anklet for weeks and didn't have any luck. I wanted something I could wear at the beach, in the water, that wouldn't tarnish. I was ready to pay good money for it, thinking gold would be my only option. But I never found a gold anklet, so I started looking at some indie jewelry brand. I called a few places, and they all said they didn't recommend wearing it in the ocean or water.

I was pretty bummed, because if I was gonna pay 100$ for an anklet, I was gonna wear it anywhere I wanted. Someone suggested I look at Forever 21 because they had some really cheap ones. So I decided that I was just gonna get one of those, and wear it for as long as I could... Well, that lasted for a full year. My anklet broke last week, after a year of wearing it non-stop at the beach, in the shower, etc.

I'm really surprised it lasted that long, especially because it cost less than 5$. I'm finally ready to replace it with this one right here!

4- Briogeo Hair Mask: This hair mask is one of the best reviewed at Sephora, so naturally, I need it! I started rally paying more attention to my hair game lately, and I feel like my hair needs a little more TLC. In the summer, with the beach and the harsh sun, my hair usually gets a little drier, so I'm finally ready to swipe my current hair mask for an upgraded version, and I feel like this one is too good to pass up!

5- Dainty Necklace: This necklace is by one of my favourite jewelry designers of all times! Seriously, I feel like there's not one piece coming out of her shop that I don't love. This necklace is no exception, and it would look amazing with a bikini... Or anything, basically! To me, it totally screams desert vibes (or beach vibes) and I feel like it's something that I would wear. All. The. Time.

6- Sexy Strappy Bikini: I only recently discovered that Guess had a swimwear line... And I just fell in love with this sexy design. While this bikini says "rooftop pool" a little more than "deserted beach", I would still wear it everywhere... Including our pool, jacuzzi and the beach, obviously.

I feel like it looks luxurious and dressed up, which is rare in a bikini. I could see myself pairing it with a giant black straw hat and a sheer black cover-up, for some extra bougie vibes!

7- The Chillest Cactus & Flamingo Glasses: Here are a few things I love: Cacti. Flamingoes. Bad puns. Alcoholic beverages. The list could go on, but I feel like these glasses bring together way too many of my passions in life to not have them. Since they're glass, I probably wouldn't bring them to the actual beach. But I would definitely use them to bring the beach vibes to our patio. No flocks given!

8- Elevated Slides: In the summer, like every other human being, I love wearing sandals. Especially at the beach or the pool. But I just CAN'T with horrible flip-flops. The pain they cause between my toes just makes me very aggressive. Since beach vibes and murderous thoughts don't really go and in hand, I figured it was worth investing in a nice pair of slides.

I love the bead work on these ones, I feel like it makes them look a lot more polished. Like I could actually wear them out with denim shorts, not just at the beach. They're actually quite affordable and they come in 11 different colours and finishes, so there's one for every style!

9- White Sneakers: I'm usually not a sneaker girl. When I'm not in heels, 90% of the time I wear ballet flats. That being said, every summer, at the beginning of the season, I crave ONE pair of sneakers for my most casual outings.

Last year, it was a pair of pink suede sneakers (see them here) and this year, it's these white Vans. I feel like I'm gonna be cleaning them every other second, but YOLO.

I hope you guys enjoyed these monthly finds! Which one is your favourite? Anything you just love and need as much as I do?! Anything in there you already have and love? If you do, let me know if it's worth actually getting it!! You can leave me a comment below, or come say hi on Instagram!

Love, Jenny xx