Happy Tuesday guys!!

Today, I'm back with another instalment of Monthly Wants. You've (hopefully) probably noticed by now, this month, it's all about things for the home.

There's a possibility that we might be moving to a new apartment soon... So obviously, the first thing I did was look for how to decorate this new place, without even knowing what it'll look like. Hence, why I called this Apartment Therapy.

No joke though, can we take a second to agree that a nice apartment is SO therapeutic? Personally, I find that the environment I live in has a lot of bearing on my mood and productivity. Especially since I work from home, it really makes a huge difference.

Here's what I found during my first session of apartment therapy:

1- Wooden bowls & wooden service plates: I got some new wooden plates recently, and I LOVE them!! You can see them in my fresh summer pizza recipe post. I love the more natural vibe of wooden plates, and they make food look SO good. I feel like these bowls and service plates would complete the set pretty well. Also, when we came from Montreal, we really brought with us the strict minimum, so we do have a few plates, but they're really basic and we only have a few. I feel like it might be time to update that situation a little.

2- The perfect basket: One thing you guys have to know: I'm a sucker for a good basket. This one is amazing because it has a really natural vibe. I love my home to have really boho, beachy, acid-lounge vibes, and this fits right in my weird aesthetic. I could see myself filling this with a nice blanket and a few magazines.

3- Gold measuring cups & measuring spoons: Another thing we didn't bring to California was measuring cups and spoons. It's a miracle that I've been able to live for so long without them, because I cook and bake A LOT. I have to say I've done a pretty good job at half-assing measurements so gar, but I'm kind of sick of the guesswork, to be honest. So I figured, new home, new measuring cups. I don't think that's asking for too much, is it?

4- Moon cycle metal banner: Looking at this picture, it has to be CLEAR AF that I love gold. For jewelry, I'm a full-on rose gold chick, but for home decor, there's something about yellow gold that really floats my boat. Since a lot of our walls are bare at the moment, I really want to find creative alternatives to painting and pictures, and this is the PERFECT unexpected pop of gold. Plus, the fact that it represents the moon cycle gives a little witchcraft vibe that I really don't hate!

5- Gold string lights: In a previous instalment of Monthly Wants (this one) I included a white fishnet bed canopy and these little fairy lights would be amazing on it. I feel like it would create a really cosy, magical atmosphere. It would also be a really subtle source of light for sexy nights, ha! These ones are also SUPER affordable, so you can create a really lovely vibe without breaking the bank.

6- Rhino bookends: One more gold accent, one more animal-shaped thing. As I've mentioned in another post (I can't remember which one) I love everything animal themed. Sneakers with monkeys on them? Sign me up. Bird-shaped earrings? Yes, please. Rhino bookends? I'll take a case! Jokes aside, I feel like these are such a great accent, but they're also super practical. Since LA is a temporary situation for us, we don't wanna start getting a whole bunch of clunky furniture, so we live in a small studio. With these bookends, no need to get an actual bookcase, because you can just put books on any surface and call it a day! They're also under 40$, so good job finding a bookcase for that price, ha!

7- Clear pink makeup storage: I don't think I need to elaborate on how amazing this is, but I'll do anyway. First, it's pretty and pink. Second, you don't have to keep your makeup in a dusty drawer anymore. Third, it's see-though, so contrarily to a lot of other storage units, you can actually see what's where, so you don't have to come up with a new memory game every time you contour. I have another makeup storage unit at the moment, the circular one that spins, but I don't love it because things keep falling out. I love that this one has drawers that will keep everything in place!

8- Dog teepee: I've been wanting one of these for years - for myself, let's be honest! But since space is kind of tight in a studio, I guess I'll have to settle for this miniature dog version. Jokes aside, I'm a huge fan of our dog (this little bastard right here) having his own private, safe space. Even though he mostly sleeps in bed with us, it's great to know that he has his own little house for when he wants to chill out or when we're away and he's on his own. He has another house right now, but it's a leopard print cube (and NOT the cute kind) and I'm not a huge fan of the style. I feel like this dog teepee is not only much cuter, but also really goes with my boho vibe.

9- Jewelry stand: This goes hand in hand with the makeup storage unit. Just because I keep my makeup and jewelry in the bathroom... And our current bathroom is a f*cking mess. The options I have right now are NOT practical, which means that the counter ends up permanently covered in jewelry and makeup. Not great, especially when you live with a man. Since I'm quite lazy (not gonna lie) when it comes to putting my jewelry away, this seems like the perfect option for me, because you can just litteraly dump it there. No opening a jewelry box, etc... Also, I love that this design keeps necklaces untangled. That's a huge plus!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little apartment therapy sesh! I certainly feel a lot better, ha! Seriously though, I feel like moving is stressful enough of a process, so it feels great to be able to find little things here and there to make this new space your own quickly. A lot of these items are also under 40$, so it really makes it easy to give your new home a little tszuj, even after paying for the moving expenses, which can get pretty f*cking steep.

How about you guys? What make you feel like you're getting a REAL apartment therapy sesh? In other words, what's your favourite part of home decor? Is it a nice area rug, some fancy throw pillow, some wall art... Hit me up with the favourite thing you like to shop for your home! As always, you can leave me a comment below, or hit me up on Instagram, where I love to chat with you guys!!

Hope you have an amazing week!

Love, Jenny xx