Hey guys, happy Monday! I’m coming back after a week-long break today with a fresh new manicure inspo post. I know I did another mani post pretty recently, but as you know if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been taking some time off lately to allow myself to go through some personal stuff… And doing my nails was pretty much the only thing I felt able to do... So here we are. I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with some more fun fashion and beauty posts, but for now, enjoy this super festive, super easy to do mani.

A few years ago, when I had my first blog, I did a post on a pretty similar manicure that was super popular and went (kinda?) viral. It was a blue ombre manicure, with the thumb being a super dark navy blue, and then each finger becoming lighter and lighter. Last week, when I was brainstorming on what to do with my nails (yes, I take it that seriously, ha!) I wanted to do something similar, but with a bit of a different vibe.

The Hungarian Brunette Pink multi shade nails (1 of 7).jpg

I opted for various shades of pink (duh!!). Three shades, if we’re being specific - and decided not to place them in any specific order, because I wanted a messy, unintentional vibe to it.

I ended up using 3 shades from Essie’s Gel Couture collection, which is usually my go-to when I want long-lasting nail polish in a regular glossy finish. The brand doesn’t have a lot of cool, edgy finishes like duo-chromes and glitters (which I’m obsessed with!!!!), but when you want just a plain high-shine finish, they don’t come to f*ck around. They’re available in so many shades it would be hard not to find the perfect one, they’re easy to apply, don’t take forever to dry, and they last forever. For reference, I’ve been rocking these nails since last Wednesday, and they all still look pretty perfect, aside from the fact that my nails grow super quickly and you can now see my nail bed.

The 3 shades I chose are called “Model Citizen” (the cool-toned, more purple-y shade on my thumb and middle finger), “Signature Smile” (the bright, darker pink on my index and pinkie) and “Hold The Position” (the lighter, peachy shade on my ring finger).

All the shades are in the permanent collection, which means they’re still available. So obviously I linked them below for you guys, along with the top coat I ALWAYS use, no matter what nail polish is under… And a base coat, that’s also from Essie. That base coat is not exactly the one I use, because the one I currently have (Essie Millionails) now seems to be sold-out and I can’t find it anywhere. The one I linked below is the one I’ll buy as soon as I finish my bottle of Millionails.

I used only 3 shades, but obviously you could use as many as 5 shades for a similar effect, as long as they’re in the same colour family and all look good together.

You could also use a sparkly shade on the ring finger, which I usually love doing… The only reason I didn’t in this case is because I wanted the focus to be really on the different shades of pink + I wanted to keep it pretty simple and understated… Well, as understated as nails in multiple shades of bright pink can be.

Do you guys love this type of manicure? Would you wear it? And what are your favourite brands of long-lasting and shiny nail polish goodness? Please share them in the comment section below, I always love discovering new things you guys recommend.

Love you guys,

Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette Pink multi shade nails (2 of 7).jpg
The Hungarian Brunette Pink multi shade nails (4 of 7).jpg