The Hungarian Brunette my 5 favourite bikinis flattering for skinny girls with small boobs - andi bagus shell crochet bikini

QUICK DISCLAIMER: All bodies are beautiful. I’m in no way saying that these bikinis wouldn’t look amazing on a girl with big boobs, love handles, or plenty of curves. They would look gorgeous on anyone who wears them with confidence. I included “flattering for skinny girls with small boobs” in the title, because that’s something I personally have been googling countless times. I am a skinny girl with small boobs, and I really struggle finding a bikini that doesn’t make me look like a toothpick or a prepubescent boy.

OK, so I know it’s January, and most of you guys’ houses are covered in snow, so it might feel a little odd to talk about bikinis, right? But we just came back from Mexico, so literally all I’ve been wearing for the Holidays were bikinis… So I thought I’d give you guys the lowdown on my faves. Also, I know lots of you will probably go on a Winter vacation before the end of the Winter, and I personally love to treat myself to a new swimsuit before a beach vacation. If you’re not going on a trip anytime soon, I feel like this is a great occasion to dream about Summer and make the warm weather come quicker, ha!

As I mentioned above in my little disclaimer, I’ve always had a hard time finding a swim suit that makes me feel good and is flattering to my super skinny shape. For reference, I’m 5.8” and weigh about 95lbs, although I don’t weigh myself regularly (we don’t have a scale at home) so that might change a little depending on the time of the year/month. I usually wear a size XXS/XS or 00/0. I also have small boobs and a small butt, so there are not really any major curves going on here. The only “curve” going on is that my waist is tiny compared to my hips.

For all these reasons, I tend to favour bottoms that are low-waisted, with minimal coverage, because a full butt coverage makes me look like I have literally nothing down there. So most of my bikini bottoms are a thong or cheeky coverage on the back. As for tops, I LOVE a triangle bralette top. I’m also super specific about the type of bralette. It needs to be fixed (those 2 triangles sliding on a cord are just SO unflattering on me) and the neckline needs to be LOW. I love the tops that look like sports bras, but they just look so unflattering on me, as they make my chest look flat, and make my boobs totally disappear.

For practical reasons like tan lines, I also tend to stay away from crazy straps or cutout situations, and try to keep the designs of my bathing suits pretty minimal.

Out of my 20+ bikinis, here are my 5 favourites:

The Hungarian Brunette My 5 favourite bikinis flattering for skinny girls with small boobs - Andi Bagus blue seashells crochet bikini

1 (above) & 2 (left): My Andi Bagus Crochet Bikinis

I bought these 2 bikinis at the same time last year, and they’ve been in my top 5 since then, no matter how many new bikinis I’ve gotten since then. I feel like these are just so special and not something you see often on the beach. At first, I thought the crochet would be a bit uncomfortable and definitely impractical, but I turned out to be wrong on both levels.

Comfort-wise, it’s definitely a bit of an adjustment, since crochet doesn’t have any stretch, but it’s not uncomfortable per se, just different than a regular swimsuit.

About the practicality, I didn’t find it annoying either. I don’t know if it has to do with the quality, but these don’t become super heavy or stretch when you wear them to swim.

When it comes to sizing, Andi Bagus offers 3 sizes: S/M, M/L and L/XL. At first I was a little skeptical, since I usually wear an XXS or XS, but I decided to give it a go. I ordered both in S/M (obviously) and they both fit really well. They’re all made by hand by local artisans in Bali, so I can’t tell if all the bikinis have very slight differences in the sizing, but there are definitely some variations in sizes between the 2 bikinis that I got.

The white one is definitely a bit bigger than the blue one, in the cup size and the the width of the bottom. Since the back and the neck of the top are self-tie, and there’s also a thread that goes all across the bottoms, allowing you to tighten it, I didn’t find it to be a problem, except that the blue bikini’s cups are just a tiiiiiny bit tight for me.

One last thing I should mention is that Andi Bagus doesn’t offer free returns on their website if the bikinis don’t fit, so I don’t recommend buying them if you’re not sure of your size or if you’re new at buying swimwear online. I personally usually stay away from sites with such return conditions, after a few bad experiences.

Since the sizes are a little weird, it can be a little daunting even for an experienced online shopper like me. That being said, they have a super responsive customer service team, and I’ve emailed them before with some questions, and got quick and satisfying answers, so if you really want to try their swimsuits and have questions, asking them is always an option. When you compare their prices to other popular swimsuit brands, I find them to be mid-range, and honestly quite affordable for hand-made goods. There’s really a lot of details in the swimsuit and they’re quite sturdy, so if you don’t mind paying for quality, they’re a great option.

They also offer a lot of colour options for almost all their garments, and both these swimsuits come in many colours. Here are the exact links to each piece:


Also, the white lace kimono I’m wearing with the white bikini is temporarily unavailable on Amazon, but there’s a super similar one from the same seller RIGHT HERE (and it’s only $15). I’ve gotten SO MANY compliments on mine and I highly recommend it.

The Hungarian Brunette My 5 favourite bikinis flattering for skinny girls with small boobs - Nasty Gal ruffle bikini

3: My Nasty Gal Ruffled Floral bikini

This one was a total fluke, and I didn’t think much of it when I ordered it. I had been looking for a feminine bikini for so long, in vain, and was kinda discouraged when I found this one on Nasty Gal.

I ordered it because it was super cheap, and I regret that I didn’t also buy it in pink, which was also available back then.

Not only is the fit perfect, which rarely happens to me, but I love how feminine it looks with the frills and the floral pattern.

The bottom of this one isn’t exactly a thong, it’s more like a Brazilian cut, but it’s definitely medium-low coverage, which looks great on my tiny bum, once again.

This one is now sold-out on Nasty Gal, but you should still check them out for swimsuits, because they’re SUPER affordable and they have all sorts of different styles. I’ve honestly worn this one so much at the beach, pool and jacuzzi (hello high chlorine levels!!) and it still looks almost as good as new, more than a year later. I was definitely surprised with the quality of such an affordable swimsuit. Check out Nasty Gal’s bikini collection.

If you like this particular style, you might also like the second bikini I linked at the bottom of this post, or this Show me your Mumu bikini. It’s a little pricier than this one, but I’ve heard so many great thing about their quality, so I’m sure it’s worth it.

If you’re into this super fun tasseled beach hat, check out these 3 similar options:

OPTION 1 ($27)

OPTION 2 ($80)

OPTION3 ($138)

The Hungarian Brunette My 5 favourite bikinis flattering for skinny girls with small boobs - H&M red bikini

4: MY H&M RED Bikini

I got this bikini right before going to Mexico this year and I had been searching for a good red bikini for YEARS.

Once again, this one is super affordable, and it fits really well. I’m actually a big fan of H&M bikinis, although they don’t have a lot of options with minimal bottom coverage.

This one is a bit more full-coverage than what I usually gravitate towards (you can see it from the back right here) but since I got it for a family vacation, I figured it was all in good timing.

This is my third bikini from H&M, and honestly the other 2 almost made it into this list (here is BIKINI #1 and here is BIKINI #2, if you’re curious).

All 3 of them are lasting incredibly well, and I’ve had the other 2 for 2 years and 1 year, respectively. Since I get A LOT of wear out of my bikinis, living by the beach and using the pool/jacuzzi a few times a week, I feel like if they last for a long time, they’re good quality.

Now, here’s the interesting thing about H&M bikini: the sizing is a little… Odd. At least foe me. As I mentioned, I usually wear a size 00/0 in clothes. H&M just came out with size 0, and before that, their smallest size was a 2, which is what I used to wear when I bought their clothes - I now wear their 0 and love how it fits.

BUT when it comes to their swimsuits, I always size up. If you look at the picture of bikini #2 right above, you might notice that the cups of the top are a bit tight (although it’s not that easy to see in that specific picture). And that top is a size 2.

Now, I always size up when I order H&M swimsuits. I usually order a 0 or 2 for the bottom, and a 4 or a 6 for the tops (for reference, I usually wear a 30D in bra size). Since H&M offers free returns in store, I sometimes order 2 sizes if I’m unsure of what would fit me best, and return the one that doesn’t fit well.

I also much prefer ordering H&M swimwear online, since I find it much easier to find matching tops and bottoms, in the right sizes than in-store, where they sometimes have a very small selection, in limited sizes. The one time I tried buying a bikini in-store, I kept finding the right top or bottom, but then the matching piece would only be available in sizes 8 and 12. I’m not sure exactly how that’s possible, but I figured out it’s much less of a hassle to buy online.

Here are the links to this exact top and bottom, as well as a super similar version in a darker, vampy colour, also from H&M (top and bottom).

The Hungarian Brunette My 5 favourite bikinis flattering for skinny girls with small boobs - Andi Bagus cherry bikini

5: My Andi Bagus Cherry bikini

This bikini is also from Andi Bagus, although this specific cherry-adorned model is sold-out, sadly. If you love it, you should check out this super similar bikini (I think it’s actually the exact same cut) adorned with gold star patches, also from Andi Bagus… And it’s available in black and in white.

Contrarily to the crochet bikinis, this one didn’t exactly fit me well when I received it. I had to make the bra band smaller, as well as the bottoms. It was all about making a few simple sews, and my mom did it for me, although I’m sure any alteration shop could do it for a small fee.

After these small alterations though, this became one of my favourite bikini (and possibly my most worn bikini as well). I love that it’s black and perfect for almost any occasion, but the cherries give it such a playful touch, which is right up my alley.

The shape of the cups is also super flattering, and the thin padding that comes with it really holds the girls in place.

The bottom is also a semi high-waisted thong, and it’s also super, super flattering. Especially once the size is perfect. Off the top of my head, I would say that the S/M size of this one would be perfect without alterations if you’re a size 4 or 6.

The top is also a self-tie in the back, so it’s adjustable.

If you’re a regular on The Hungarian Brunette, you might also remember when I wore this bikini top as a bralette under a mesh tee, for a street style look. If you haven’t seen it, you can check out that post right here.

That’s it for my favourite bikinis guys! I hope you enjoyed this TOP 5 and it inspired you for your next bikini purchase. I also linked these 8 bikinis right below, all in style that I think would be flattering to my body type.

Now tell me, what’s your favourite cut of bikini? And what’s your fave from my top 5? Hit me up in the comments section below!!

Love you guys!

Jenny xx