MY BEAUTY ESSENTIALS FOR ANY MUSIC FESTIVAL (+ a few non-beauty related things you can’t do without!!)

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If you follow me on Instagram, then you’re probably aware that this week is Festival Week on The Hungarian Brunette… And it wouldn’t be Festival Week on the blog without a post about festival beauty essentials, would it? When it comes to festivals, I feel like a lot of us get all excited about planning our outfits, hair and makeup looks, but we sometimes forget to think about some of the other beauty-related things we might need. Some festivals (like Coachella) are organized in a way where people can stay in hotels around, and therefore have full access to showers and all the commodities we use at home without even thinking about it. But some other festivals, like the one we’ll be going to this year, include camping in the desert, and you guessed it… No showers. For 3 days.

This can seem pretty daunting, and trust me, it does to me… I’m kind of addicted to hygiene, lol. But I’ve been to a few musical events in the desert/forest over the last few years, and I feel like I’ve learned 2 or 3 things along the way that you might not be familiar with if you’re going to your first festival this year.

So without further ado, here are a few of the beauty essentials you’ll need to pack for a flawless festival, especially if you’re camping and don’t have access to showers.

1- Dry Shampoo - This is an obvious one, because I don’t know that many girls who can go for a few days dancing in the desert without washing their hair… I’m certainly not one of them! I’m obsessed with washing my hair every other day, and only because I know it’s damaging to wash it every day. I’ve talked about my favourite dry shampoo many times before on here, and this is for sure the one I’ll be bringing to this year’s festival. It give your hair a fresh load of volume, while making it look super clean, and it smells amazing. It also doesn’t leave one of those annoying residues, and it’s the best I’ve ever tried.

2- Baby Wipes - If the festival you’re going to doesn’t have showers, baby wipes are going to be your best friends. I personally like to keep a travel-size pack in my fanny pack at all times, because I use them to wipe when I use the bathroom. This might seem a little excessive, but if you’re not showering for a few days, this preventative measure is a life-saver! Also, I shard a shower hack right below (under item #10) but if that’s too complicated for you, then it’s better to freshen up as much as you can with baby wipes than doing nothing.

3- Makeup Removing Wipes - I usually don’t use makeup removing wipes at home, I like to save them for when I travel. Music festivals are the perfect occasion to whip them out, because they’re much more convenient and easy to use than a liquid or cream makeup remover. I was recently sent these super gentle makeup removing wipes (I talked about them on my stories, which you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram) and I’m gonna be bringing them with me this year. They’re all natural and chemical free, and they really do a great job at removing makeup. They’re also cruelty-free, which is amazing!

4- Face & Body Moisturizer - The desert is an incredibly drying place, so I always make sure to bring body moisturizer out there, music festival or not. My current favourite is the L’Occitane Lait Riche, with shea butter. For my face, I also like to bring a really rich moisturizer, since I don’t go all out on my skincare routine like I do at home when I’m out camping in the desert. It’s just not practical to bring tons of serums, toners, creams, etc. So I keep it simple with the cleansing wipes and a good moisturizer. This is the one I’ll be bringing this year, because it’s a matte moisturizer, which means I can apply it in the morning too, when I wake up, without looking greasy and sweaty during the day.

5- Hair Oil - I’ve talked about how magical this hair oil is in one of my first ever posts on the blog, more than a year ago, and I still swear by it. Since the desert is SO drying and dusty, I plan on having to wet my hair at least once in the 3 days we’ll be out there (probably on day 2, using my shower hack below) and even though I probably won’t be able to use shampoo (because it would be too hard to rinse out) I know just rinsing the dust with water will feel amazing. Right after towel drying, I’ll be applying TONS of this hair oil to replenish my hair and make sure it’s shiny and soft, as opposed to coarse and dry-looking.

6- Rosewater Face Mist - Once again, this is amazing for fighting the desert’s dry heat. I use THIS ONE that contains witch hazel and aloe vera (and it’s also super clean), which you can spray on top of your makeup, or on a bare face, to hydrate your skin and just feel super refreshed. For festivals, I like to pour a bit of mine into a travel-sized mister and just carry it around in my fanny pack all day. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also makes me feel refreshed, even if it’s not cold. On top of it, it acts kind of like a setting spray, making sure my makeup looks fresh and dewy, as opposed to dusted and crusted.

7- Sunscreen - I feel like this is an obvious one for a trip to the desert, but you’d be surprised to know how many times I forgot mine. It took me a long time to find a sunscreen that I can wear on my face that doesn’t break me out, but THIS ONE is amazing, and it’s SPF 50, so it keeps me safe from the UV rays. Even though it’s formulated for the face, I like to also apply it on my neck and shoulders (especially) because these are the spots I tend to burn in, and it’s much easier than carrying 2 bottles of sunscreen.

8- Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer - This is another one that took me a long time to master, but I’m SO glad I finally did. I always have one of these tiny ones that smell amazing on me, and I use them before I eat, after using the bathroom, or just when my hands feel crusty from the dust. They really are a game-changer for a few days in the desert.

9- After Sun Care - What’s worse than getting sunburnt? Getting sunburnt and not having anything to ease the pain. Even if you bring sunscreen and religiously apply it, the desert sun might have other plans for you. Days are long at a music festival, and if you burn easily, having a nice cooling aloe vera gel back in the tent can really feel amazing after a long day roasting on the dance floor.

10- Lip Balm + Lip Serum - I’m pretty much addicted to my lip balm at all times, but when I venture in the desert, it gets ridiculous. The desert air is so drying for lips, so you’ll really want to make sure to bring a few lip balms. Some of my current favourites include THIS ONE and THIS ONE. Also, at night, you’ll want to replenish with a good lip serum. I recently reviewed THIS ONE, that I’m gonna be bringing with me and applying right before I go to bed, to moisturize my lips while I sleep.

11- Face Glitters + Sunglasses - Looking cute on the first day of a festival is a piece of cake. Looking cute on the third day of a music festival, after days of not showering and less than ideal sleeping conditions, is a little harder. On Day 3, I usually don’t even bother doing a full face of makeup, and will just wear big-ass sunglasses and apply crystals to my face and chest (like THESE ONES), to distract from my actual face, ha.

And now, here’s my SHOWER HACK: You may have noticed that I left out some everyday essentials like toothbrush + toothpaste, deodorant and perfume, because I feel like these should’t have to be mentioned? Ha!! All jokes aside though, if you’re going to a festival that doesn’t have showers, one hack I like doing is bringing big jugs of water, leaving them in the sun the whole day (usually on top of the car), so they can warm up naturally, and then taking a “shower” at night with a washcloth and very little soap. You don’t want to use too much soap, because it might be hard to rinse off properly, and try to use a natural soap that’s non damaging for the environment whenever possible. I like THIS ONE, that’s super natural (and certified clean by Sephora) because it’s non damaging for the environment, and it smells AMAZING. And trust me, if you’re spending a few days without access to a shower, you’ll need all the help you can get, ha!

Also, I know this is a beauty-related posts, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to mention a few non-beauty essentials that will make your experience a more pleasant one: A hand fan (like this one), so you can cool down a little when it gets too hot in the sun, eye drops, because they’re a life-saver if you get sand in your eyes or if they just get dry, Advils, so you have a little help in case of a hangover-related headache (it happens!!), band-aids, for obvious reasons, toilet paper, because you may not always have some in the porta-potties (ew, I know!!), a portable phone charger (I have THIS ONE, and it gives me at least 4 full charges), and a refillable bottle for water, because you should always try to limit the amount of waste you produce to the maximum when you’re camping out in the desert. And lastly, remember to bring comfortable shoes and WARM clothes, because the desert is hella hot during the day, but it gets freezing at night. And when I say freezing, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been stuck in the desert without a warm jacket, and it was a horrible experience.

And the number one thing, obviously, is to stay safe and HYDRATED. The sun can be really tricky, especially if you’re drinking and partying. Big events always have a paramedic tent, and they’re there to help, so don’t be afraid of asking for help if you don’t feel good.

Did I forget anything that you guys consider a non-negotiable essential? Please let me know in the comment section below!!

Wishing you guys have an amazing festival season!


Jenny xx