Well, it's been a minute since I've done a Beauty Wednesday, right? To be totally upfront, there's a good reason for that: I kinda stopped wearing makeup. I know, that's a shocking statement! I won't go into too many details, because there's (obviously) a full post coming up on that. But for now, suffice to say that makeup hasn't been a part of my daily routine, unless I'm shooting.

And spoiler alert: I'm actually enjoying it. Which is even more shocking to me, the girl with a permanent smokey eye. Or at least, that's what I used to be...

One of the reasons I was able to stop wearing makeup without going into a full nervous breakdown is Curology. BTW, this isn't sponsored, I didn't receive anything for free... I paid for all of it myself, and I'm fully confident sharing it. In full honesty, it's been a hell of a while since I've been wanting to do this post... But I wanted to make sure I really liked it before I talked about it. I wanted to make sure it wasn't just a fluke, or something that was gonna work for a few weeks, until my skin realized that it was being tricked and went back to a full-on shit show.

In case you don't know what Curology is, it's a cream to treat acne. As simple as that. What makes it different than any other acne treatment? It actually works, for one. But there's way more to it that the fact that it'll really get rid of those nasty pimples... First, Curology is officially a prescription cream. Except you don't have to get out of your house to get it. No expensive derm appointment, no missing work to get there, do trouble, no drama. All you have to do to get a prescription is fill out a quick online questionnaire about your acne: How many pimples you have, what kind of pimples they are, what are your main skin concerns, etc.

Then, the Curology team will pick out the perfect formulation for your skin and send you your first tube. Oh, and did I mention that the first one is free? YES, FREE. All you have to do is pay $5 for shipping, and you get a 30-day supply to try it out. When you consider that most acne products are at least 4 times as expensive, it's really a no-brainer. If you don't like it, all you lost is $5. No biggie.


I for one, REALLY liked it! Not only did it get rid of every single one of my pimples, but there are no side effects and it's super simple to use. Contrary to some other acne creams that really dry the skin, Curology doesn't. And even better, you only need to apply it once, at night, after washing your face. And then, you can use all your other skincare products like you normally would. To me, that's a huge plus, because I looove skincare. With Curology, I get acne-free skin, but I also get to use the other products I love like my favourite moisturizers and serums... It's even recommended to do so! The whole process is super simple, streamlined and non-invasive.

The only thing you shouldn't use with Curology is any skincare product that contains salicylic acid. But since salicylic acid is used to fight acne, you won't need it anyways. It's also recommended not to go in the sun while you use Curology, but sun exposure is really bad for the skin anyway... Since I started using it, I just put sunscreen on my face every day, and that's a GOOD thing to do, no matter what products you're using.

I'll do a full post on my skincare routine soon, because I feel like it's about time! And also because I have the best skin of my life and I feel like I should share my tips with you guys...

In a nutshell, Curology is the only that really got rid of my acne, and it's also one of the simplest products to use... And one of the least expensive ones, too. Especially for a prescription cream. I pay $40 for a two-month supply every other month, AKA $20/month. That's really affordable for clear skin. Also, even the 2-month supply is less than 100ml, so you can travel with it with no hassle.

Do any of you guys use Curology? If you have annoying pimples, you definitely should give it a go! It's definitely my number one skincare products, and I couldn't live without it now! If you're using it, I'd love to hear about your experience! You can always leave me a comment below, or come chat on Instagram!

Hope you guys are having an amazing week!

Love, Jenny xx