My Holidays self-care checklist

Guys, hello from Mexico!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and spent some time with your families and loved ones. Today is December 27th (duh!) and if you’re lucky, you’re probably on vacation today for the Holiday break. Even if you’re working today, I feel like we all get a few extra days off during the Holidays, depending on our employer… Soooo, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my Holiday self-care checklist with you guys.

Self-care is super important, and it’s definitely “trendy” right now, not that there’s anything wrong with promoting self-care. I’ve talked about it a lot, like in this post about how I deal with stress and anxiety. But I wanted to do an entire post dedicated to it, because the Holidays are a whirl of a bunch of things like relaxing time, but also family gatherings, parties and sometimes stressful situations. And for those who aren’t spending time with their loved ones, it can also be a sad time of the year.

So in any case, wether you’re stressed out from the many family obligations, hungover from the Christmas parties or just spending some time solo, this is the perfect occasion to wind down and take care of YOURSELF. And by no means am I saying that self-care doesn’t matter the rest of the year, but I know how busy life can get, which is why I always try to go the extra mile with self-care during the Holidays.

And here’s the interesting thing. Self-care has a different meaning to everybody. For me, not gonna lie, when I hear self-care, I think of beauty treatments: face masks, hair masks, skincare, putting moisturizer all over my body, etc. Because that’s what makes me feel beautiful, and feeling beautiful makes me feel good in my own skin. It’s that simple, really. But there’s also the whole mental aspect, which is super important to self-care - obviously. So let’s stop rambling and look at this checklist, shall we?

The Hungarian Brunette Pink pink pink (2 of 3).jpg


  • Give yourself a face mask

  • Give yourself an at-home mani-pedi (or go to a salon to get one)

  • Take a hot relaxing bath, and put moisturizer all over your body

  • Get a facial (or give yourself one at home)

  • Get a massage (or ask your significant other to give you one)

  • Give yourself a hair mask (& finish with a nourishing hair oil)

  • Test out a new makeup look that makes you feel sexy AF


  • Meditate

  • Get it moving: Make snow angels (or sand angels)

  • Snuggle up with a good book and a fuzzy blanket

  • Take the time to really stretch your body from head to toe

  • Do the Life Wheel exercise and write down some goals for 2019

  • Go on a looong walk

  • Start a gratitude journal

Little extras

  • Learn a new recipe

  • Make out by the fireplace

  • Skip the quickie: Have a long, steamy, sex sesh

  • Take yourself out on a date, at a bar or a coffee shop

  • Take the time to really enjoy your family and loved ones, or call an old friend you miss

  • Make a dessert that you love but normally wouldn’t make because it’s too time-consuming

That’s it for me, guys! I’m sure there are some things on this list that you really want to do, and some things that really don’t appeal to you, and that’s fine… That’s what self-care is about: Finding what works for you. I’m definitely not gonna be doing all these things, especially since we’re travelling right now, but I’m trying to cross of as many as I can from my list.

Let me know right below what your favourite self-care routine is, and if you have a favourite from this list!!

Sending you all lots of hugs, and wishing you guys a very happy new year!

Love, Jenny xx

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