MY TOP 5 FAVE LIP GLOSSES THIS SUMMER (Non-Sticky, Comfortable Formulas For Juicy, Delicious Lips)

The Hungarian Brunette my top 5 favourite lip glosses this summer

If you’ve spent more than 3 seconds on this blog, it should be obvious by now that I’m quite obsessed with lip products. In fact, pretty much all my latest beauty posts (except for two) have been about lips. From the Laneige Lip Glowy Balm review to how I prep my lips for makeup using 2 Colourpop products, my focus has really been on my lips lately.

And when it comes to lip products, my favourites have to be glosses. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a HUGE lip balm addict (I even came up with my own recipe) but I don’t really consider lip balm a makeup product. To me, they’re more like a skincare product, because they take care of the skin on your lips. All that to say, I’m an avid lip gloss wearer, because I love my lips to look plump, juicy and glossy. Since they’re also a tiny bit uneven, I find that a gloss is really flattering, as opposed to a matte or bright lipstick, for example.

On top of that, when Summer comes, I like my whole face and body to be glowy and dewy, so it only makes sense that every year around March, I start looking for new glosses to add to my Summer arsenal.

This year, I actually made a few super cool discoveries - and there were also so many new launches, that I decided it would be fun to share my 5 favourites with you guys, in no particular order:

The Hungarian Brunette my top 5 favourite lip glosses for summer - Patrick Ta Lip Shine, She's an influencer

Patrick Ta Lip Shine in She’s An Influencer

I was super excited about this whole launch, because it was alllll about the glow. When I saw the 3 glosses from the collection, I knew that’s what I was going to try first.

I went for the shade “She’s An Influencer”, and not because of the name, ha! I chose it because out of the 3 options, one was a very light champagne, one was a brighter, peachy pink and this one was a light pink, which is usually right up my alley (if you hadn’t noticed yet from the main picture, ha!).

In person, this is SO stunning. It’s a very light peachy pink, but the colour doesn’t really show up on the lips - It’s almost like a clear gloss. But the magic happens when it comes to the sparkle. It’s filled with tons of the tiiiiiiiniest gold, pink/purple (couldn’t tell, maybe both) and blue sparkles. Once it’s on the lips though, you can’t really tell there’s different coloured sparkles, it all looks like a super shiny, reflective surface that looks like glass.

It’s also really non-sticky and comfortable to wear, and it has a nice light minty smell, but nothing overpowering.

This gloss quickly became an essential that I carry everywhere with me, because it’s super versatile and goes with everything.

The Hungarian Brunette - my favourite summer glosses - Fenty Beauty gloss bomb in fu$$y

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y

I’ve had this gloss for a few months now, and I’m still not bored with it. The texture is perfection - It feels super smooth and hydrating. It has shea butter as an ingredient, and I have to say I was skeptical at first but it really seems to be working. When I put it on, I really notice that my lips feel more hydrated once it wears off, as opposed to some glosses that feel a little drying.

It also has zero stickiness to it, which is a huge plus for me, because I just can’t stomach sticky gloss. The smell is also the most delicious gloss I’ve ever smelled before. I was trying to describe what it smells like and couldn’t figure it out for the love of me, so I looked on Sephora’s website, and apparently it’s peach-vanilla… Which surprised me, because I would have said caramel-something. But in hindsight it kind of makes sense, except neither the peach or vanilla smells seem to be fake or overly sweet. It’s seriously the perfect smell. If you’re ever at Sephora, I highly recommend you step in there just to smell this gloss, lol.

The Gloss Bomb does have some sparkles or shimmer (I’m not sure because it’s so fine and subtle) but on the lips, it looks more like a subtle pink gloss with a super buttery finish and just the right amount of shimmer to it. You won’t get any chunks of glitter with this gloss.

Another thing I love is the applicator. Now it may not seem like a big deal, but I’m a maniac about re-applying, and the big fat applicator really makes it a breeze, and it just feels right. It’s also not bendy, so you don’t feel like you’re about the break off the applicator, even if you’re really going hard on it.

It’s also marketed as a universally flattering gloss (it does come in 3 shades) and I really feel like this shade of pink is so unique, and it actually would look good on everyone.

When I look at this gloss, I just really feel like every single tiny detail was really paid a lot of attention to, and that makes me love it even more. It’s also crazy that everything about it is so perfect, yet it’s still one of the most affordable glosses in my collection!

The Hungarian Brunette my top 5 favourite glosses for summer _ Colourpop Cosmetics Here's 2 u gloss review

Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Glossy Lip in Here’s 2 U

Speaking of affordable products, Colourpop glosses are seriously SO surprising! Actually, their whole brand is, but that’s another story for another day (and one that’s coming to the blog soon, so stay tuned if you’re curious about their products!). It’s only $7, and I’ve already gone through probably a third of my tube in less than 2 months. Safe say, I’m obsessed with it!

They have A TON of shades to choose from, so there’s really something for everyone, and I also already have 4 more shades in my cart, so be warned: Once you try this gloss, you’ll be going back for more, ha! I picked this shade because it seemed really glittery and reflective, and I wanted something different.

It’s a little hard from the swatches online to have a clear idea of what the colour will look like in person, but to describe it simple, it’s a really sheer bright pink with TONS of really tiny glitters. The more I look at it, the more I feel like some glitters are gold, some are purple, some are blue and some are more on the green side (?) but it’s really hard to tell because they’re all so small and subtle.

The one thing that isn’t subtle though, it the amount of sparkle when you put it on. Seriously, if you want to look extra AF and obtain sexy disco ball level, this is IT, girl.

The colour looks somewhat darker in the tube, but as I mentioned, it’s super sheer, so it’s nothing too overpowering.

When it comes to the formula, this gloss is a tiny bit thicker than what I’m used to. It doesn’t feel sticky, per se, but it definitely doesn’t feel like an oil-infused gloss. If you find that to be annoying, I find that applying it on top of a super thin layer of balm really helps make it a lot more comfortable to wear. On the plus side, since it’s a little thicker, it tends to last much longer on the lips, so you don’t need to reapply as much.

The one thing I’m not such a huge fan of about this gloss is the applicator. It’s one of these applicators made of little hairs that sometimes get caught on the side of the tube when you’re trying to put it back it… And it’s super soft, so it’s hard to get a really precise application. It does feel a little cheap (actually the whole packaging situation isn’t as bougie as the other glosses in my top 5) but this gloss is $7, so you really can’t be too mad at the packaging… Especially since the gloss itself is so damn BOMB.

As I said, I have 4 more shades in my cart at the moment, so that alone should tell you how much I love this gloss.

The Hungarian Brunette - my top 5 favourite lip glosses for summer Dior Addict lip maximizer

DIOR Addict Lip Maximizer in 006

I need to preface this by stating the obvious: This lip gloss is really old, lol. And the shade 006 is now a very dark berry shade, obviously not the one pictured here, which is closer to the new 001 shade. So if you’re into a really light pink, you need to look for shade 001. When I bought this gloss 2-3 years ago (I know, I know…) I think there were 3 shades available, and they now have 6 of the regular glossy shades, and 2 “holographic” ones that are actually the same formula with some added duo-chrome glitter. Don’t get me wrong, they look ah-may-zing. They’re just not holographic.

And I’m obsessed with this delicious Dior juice, the only reason I still have my tube is because it’s a little more pricey than my other glosses, so I used to use it very sporadically to save it up, ha! I should be done with mine soon, and I plan on repurchasing one of the 2 holographic shades and maybe shade 012, which is a bit darker and a really nice peachy colour called “rosewood”.

This is obviously marketed as a lip maximizer, although to be honest, I don’t know how technically accurate that it. I personally always feel like lip plumpers are a scam. So don’t be fooled into thinking that this is going to give you bigger lips. The one thing it will do though, is give you the most beautiful, stunning vinyl like finish, in the most comfortable, long-lasting wear ever. No big deal, you know.

I actually kind of love that this gloss has no glitter in it, because you can literally wear just a tiny bit with no makeup and all without looking crazy. And if you want a more intense finish to compliment a full face, you can build it up to a super luxurious, extra shiny wet look, too… And that looks stunning.

It also lasts on the lips, and it smells like mint, and something that reminds me of… I don’t know, chocolate, maybe? No matter what it is, it’s a beautiful, well-balanced smell that isn’t overpowering at all.

This gloss also looks fantastic on top of any lipstick, so you can really leave it in your purse permanently and use it with everything. As I mentioned, the price point is a little higher than most glosses on the market, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion.

The Hungarian Brunette my 5 favourite lip glosses for summer nars orgasm oil infused lip tint

NARS Oil-Infused lip tint in Orgasm

This came out at the same time as the latest limited edition Orgasm collection, but I’m not sure if it’s here to stay, because it’s the only thing that’s still available with similar packaging on the Sephora website.

I did a full review of this gloss a few weeks ago, so I won’t go into too many details about this one, if you would like to read the full review, it’s right here.

What I will say though is that this is by far the most Summery gloss out of these 5 (that colour looks INSANE with a tan!!), and it’s also the one that feels the most like a lip oil. It’s SO comfortable to wear, you’ll forget that it’s even there!

If you’re into glosses, this one is a must for the hot months!

That’s all I have for today, guys! I hope this was useful information to some of you, and I would love to know what YOUR favourite gloss is! You can leave it in the comment section below, or you can come share on Instagram!

Love you guys!

Jenny xx