A lot of people (myself included) hear “Korean Beauty” and think of skincare. But it obviously doesn’t stop there and this Beauty Wednesday’s product is living proof.

This week, we’re talking about Touch in Sol’s No Poreblem primer.

I really love a (bad) pun, so when I saw it at Sephora, I was immediately intrigued. But even more so than the fun name, what got my attention were the reviews.

Seriously, this primer has better reviews than a lot of similar ones that retail for twice (or more) the price! So naturally, I had to try it, especially since I’ve been on the market for a good primer.

After a few weeks of using it, I can definitely tell it’s worth every penny. Here’s why:

It’s the perfect matte

While it does minimize the appearance of pores, I would say the biggest plus of No Poreblem is how it makes your skin looks smooth and gives it a soft matte finish. It’s matte, but not chalky. It kind of reminds me of Dr. Brandt’s pore refiner primer, except that one made me break out like hell. No issues on that side either from No Poreblem.

It really makes your makeup last longer

The second thing I look for the most in a primer is a long-lasting one. This one doesn’t start flaking after a few hours, it’s actually quite efficient the whole day. Especially when I pair it with my Glamglow setting spray.

The texture and smell are on point

I think this point is pretty self-explanatory. It smells really good (and a bit flowery). None of that chemical weird smell primers sometimes have. Also, it doesn’t feel heavy, greasy or dry on the skin. It actually feels like a mattifying moisturizer.

It’s well-made, in a NO BS way

I’m starting to pay more attention to the ingredients included in the products I use. I figure, if I’m so careful with what I eat, I should pay as much attention to what I put on my skin. This primer is bomb because it’s cruelty free (YESSS!), and it’s also made with NO parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Oh, and it’s hypoallergenic and vegan. What more can you wish for?

On top of all of these amazing positive points, I love that the packaging is really cute, and it looks good on my bathroom counter.

I’ll be sticking with that primer for a while, because it’s really amazing regardless of the price… But it’s definitely great that it’s so affordable. Oh, also, if you’re into affordable beauty buys, you NEED to check out last week’s Beauty Wednesday, because it’s less than 5$ and it’s the BEST!

Anyone else has this primer? Would love to know what you think about it!! Hit me up in the comments below or on Instagram!

Love, Jenny xx