If you're a THB regular, you remember me saying that I only (very) rarely use drugstore beauty products anymore. If not, you have to read THIS REVIEW of the best eyeliner ever (and guys, it's under 5$). So I went on using my ONE drugstore product, and then this came out. I'm of course talking about the NYX I love you so mochi eyeshadow palette. Two variations are available, but I got the "sleek and chic" one, because the other one is all funky, bright colours... And dark neutrals are much more my vibe.

As you can see on the pictures, the palette looks a bit used, and that's because it's really been used... A lot! I got it a few weeks ago and I've seriously been using it almost everyday since. I'm really an eyeshadow palette girl, and this one makes me HAPPY! I stopped using cheaper eyeshadow a few years ago, for a few reasons. First, I found it wasn't very pigmented. It also faded pretty quickly and pigments we always falling under my eyes during application, giving me a beat-up racoon look.

Since then, I've been using eyeshadow palettes mostly by Smashbox. And while those a definitely great, I feel like it's even greater to have more colours, for less. Especially if they're actually working just as well. NYX's I love you so mochi eyeshadow palette definitely gives more expensive eyeshadows a run for their money. Getting right into it, here's a few things I absolutely adore about this palette:

Sci-Fi Texture

The whole marketing campaign for this product, including the name, has been around this. And it's for a good reason... The shadows feel not like powders, but like cloud-like pillows. If you press a finger in it, it won't crumble like normal powder eyeshadow, but bounce like a marshmallow... Or a mochi, I guess. Actually, the texture is pretty similar to last week's Beauty Wednesday product, Stila's Heaven's Hue highlighter.

This is really a game-changer, especially when considering the annoying pigments falling on you cheekbones while you create a smokey eye. With this, no need to tape your under-eyes, it's not gonna happen. Because the texture is so pillowy, there are no loose pigments falling apart here. And since it's not a cream either, you won't get that annoying creasing. It looks just like a powder... A really smooth powder.



To take it a little further on the creasing thing, let's just say it doesn't happen. Even after hours. I wore this (a lot of it) on my lids for the Beyond Wonderland music festival in March, and after dancing non-stop from 5pm to 2am in a crazy crowd, it still looked really good back at the hotel. There's nothing else to say about it really... Except that I challenge you to wear it out in only one day.

Oh actually, one last thing. I swatched it on my insta-stories and I had a hard time washing it off without makeup remover. Even after rubbing for a good minute with a wet towel, it wouldn't come off.

Buildable, Pigmented Colours

Another surprising thing about the I love you so mochi eyeshadow palette is how close the colours look on the skin to what they look like in the case. Not only that, but because of the special texture, you can also REALLY build it up. You can go for a subtle look (if you use a tiny bit) or really make a statement. I usually like a really dark smokey eye, so it's super annoying to get a black eyeshadow that just looks grey, no matter how much you pile on. Definitely not the case here.

On a side note, I used almost all the colours in this palette, except the pink and the cream. The only place I don't like pink (I know, shocking!) is on my eyelids... And I use a highlighter (not an eyeshadow) for my eye corners, so that's the only reason I don't use the cream one here. So major kudos to whoever chose the hues in this palette, because 8 out of 10 is a pretty damn high score! I usually use maybe half the shades in a palette... So one more point for that! Oh, also, all the colours go with each other so well, it's basically foolproof!

Affordable Price Point

I like to mention this point last, because I don't like to lead with price. Like, if the first thing you have to say about a product is that it's cheap, maybe it's not that good. In this case though, the low price point is just the cherry on the sundae. I would buy this palette even if the price was higher, just because it's amazing AF. But for 20$ at Target, it's kind of a no brainer!


Alright guys, that's all for now. To sum it up, this palette is really one of my fave beauty products right now. It makes me curious to look a little more into NYX... I have 3 of their lip lingerie matte liquid lipsticks, from when the Kylie lip kits were all the rage, but I usually don't wear a lot of lipstick and I guess the extreme matte wasn't really for me? I'll have to check out more of their products and see if they're all as great as this I love you so mochi eyeshadow palette!

As always, I want to hear you guys now! Let me know if you've tried this, or if you have any MUST-HAVES from NYX that I NEED to try!

Also, I'm starting something fun... I'm launching a new THB hashtag: #thbREcreated. Basically, anytime you guys create a look with a beauty product I posted about, or make a recipe from the blog, or wear a piece of clothing I mentioned, tag it with this hashtag and I'll repost it! I feel like that's a great way to let everyone see what YOU'RE up to as well, and it's a great way to empower the THB community and get MAJOR inspo from all of you babes!

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with...

Love, Jenny xx