The Hungarian Brunette Brunch outfit - Onesie, leather jacket and black leather studded boots

A few weeks ago, I ordered some boots online (the ones pictured above, obviously), and when they got to my door, my first reaction was to be a little disappointed. Somehow, they looked a little different than what I had imagined just looking at the pictures, as it ever so often happens when shopping online.

The heel was a different shape than I thought, and they really didn’t look comfortable. So I gave them a quick spin around my apartment, and did what any sensible fashion blogger would do in a similar situation: I asked you guys what I should do on Instagram. Keep them, or return them? Almost all of you said keep them, so I figured you guys were seeing something I wasn’t. Also my dog peed on the box, so that might have played a small part in my decision making process. Just a tiny bit.

So I kept the boots, wore them to brunch with some girlfriends, posted a picture on Instagram… And then my DMs went out of control. I got so many messages asking me about the boots, I figured I’d do a full blog post on them.

So here are all the deets on the boots: They’re Sam Edelman, made out of patent leather (and they’re suuuuper shiny), with a 2.3in heel. There are 2 buckles on each side, a bunch of studs all over, and cutouts on the side, which means you can either wear them with black socks like I did here, or barefoot to show a bit of skin.

I’ve worn them a few times so far, and at this point, I’m obsessed. Even though they make kind of a statement with all that hardware, they’re super versatile and they go with everything. You can pair them with a leather jacket like I did here for a rocker-chick vibe, or you can wear them with a feminine dress to give it a little edge. You can even wear them with a more polished outfit, to dress things down a little.

Prepare yourself to see a lot more of these boots on here guys, because I’m now obsessed with them! I obviously linked a few similar options below, including these exact ones (the first ones). If you like them, make sure to snag them quickly, because they’re now on massive sale, so I’m sure they won’t be available for too long!

What’s your take on studded ankle boots? And what would you wear them with? Let me know in the comments section below, I love to get your styling tips!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette Brunch outfit
The Hungarian Brunette Brunch outfit