Hey guys, happy Friday!

Today, I thought I’d keep it real and talk about something I usually don’t show on THB: My off-duty style... AKA what I wear when I'm not shooting for THB.

To be clear, I don’t really go out of my way to stage outfits that I wouldn’t wear in real life, just to feature them on the blog. All the clothes I show on here or on Instagram are things that I own and wear. That being said, when I’m shooting content, I try to look polished and I pay attention to what my outfit looks like.

If I’m working with a photographer on a special concept photoshoot, or if I’m doing a modeling contract for a brand, even more so. Sometimes I don’t even get to choose the clothes, they’re just assigned to me by a brand… And that’s part of the job description.

But I thought that for once, I would let you in on what I wear when the camera’s off. Like when I’m going to the grocery store or to grab a casual bite. I’m not gonna lie, most of the time I look like I just crawled out of a Venice trash can. I’m a huge fan of the “I don’t care, I just fell out of bed” look.

Before I actually get to it, I feel like I need to say that I’ll leave out the yoga pants I’m usually wearing from Monday to Friday. When my only activities are working from home and walking the dog, I usually don't bother wearing real clothes. So for now, I’ll focus on the clothes that I actually wear to go OUT of the house.

Here are my favourite pieces from my closet, that are CONSTANTLY on rotation when I’m not shooting. It’s all pieces that are super comfortable, and they all go well together... So I guess you could call this my hobo capsule wardrobe. Except the great thing about these pieces is that they can also be dressed up, if you pair them with great heels and a dark smokey eye...

Let’s get started, shall we?

Piece #1: The Destroyed Denim


90% of the time, wether I’m trying to look good or not, you’ll see me in ripped denim. On that note, if you pay attention, you'll see that almost all the upcoming pictures have a pair of destroyed denim in them. In the winter, it’ll be jeans, with the cuff rolled 2-3 times. I like to convince myself that I have sexy ankles, but mostly I like to show my anklets.

In the summer, it’ll be destroyed denim cutoff shorts, as short as possible. Longer denim shorts just look like a baggy diaper full of shit on my skinny frame. If there’s one look I’m NOT going for, it’s definitely that one.

Finding pants that are the right size is kind of a ride for me, because I’m super skinny, but I’m 5.8”. Which means that pants are usually either too big or too short. Since I’m kind of rough with my jeans and I like them to look destroyed anyway, I usually try not to spend a fortune on them. Some of the stores that have jeans that fit me great, at a good price, are Zara and American Eagle Outfitters. Here are a few destroyed denim pants and shorts that I'm loving right now:

Piece #2: The Leather Jacket


I think it's clear by now that I love wearing pieces that I can either dress up or down. Like, really down. Versatile could almost be my middle name. And if there's one piece that can be really dressed up or down, it's a great leather jacket.

I only have one leather jacket at the moment, because I recently had to retire the one I bought in Paris a few years ago. It was my favourite ever, the fit was perfect and it went well with everything. But it looked awfully banged up and it was starting to peel, so I said goodbye to it, and replaced it with this amazing studded one.

This season, I've actually been eyeing a lot of denim jackets, because it feels a little more appropriate for LA's summer weather. But since I'm often wearing blue jeans and I'm not a huge fan of the Canadian tuxedo, I feel like a leather jacket is a little more versatile. Here are a few leather jackets I love (the first one being the exact same one I'm wearing in the picture above):

Piece #3: The Simple Tank Top


80% of the time, if I'm dressed casually, you'll see me in a tank top. (The other 20%, I'm in a crop top - see below.) I love that a tank top is SO versatile, even more so than a t-shirt, in my book. To me, a t-shirt is just so basic, and there's something a little sexier about a tank top... Call me crazy, I just love the sleeveless look.

Since the desert is also my happy place, a tank top is MORE than welcome when it's 2000 degrees outside and any piece of clothing is sticking to your skin like a portable dutch oven.

The tank top I'm wearing on this picture is from American Eagle Outfitters, and it's my favourite tank top EVER. I have this one, a cropped one in white, and a ribbed one in grey. Last Christmas in Mexico, these 3 tanks are litteraly the only thing I wore for two weeks... It was almost embarrassing. But the cut is just so perfect, they're super flattering and so, so soft. And they also show just the right amount of cleavage so it's a little sexy, without making you look like a mid-class hooker.

That picture was taken from below, so it doesn't really show that, but take my word for it, it's the best tank top ever. Here are a few variations of this tank:

Piece #4: Flouncy Skorts


This skort was so fabulous that I had to get it in 2 colours. It's from Zara, which means it was affordable (50$). The fact that it's a skort is fabulous, because it looks like a skirt, but has all the advantages of a short. AKA, I can jump around and do cartwheels while still preserving an aura of mystery around my crotch. Not that I know how to do cartwheels anyway, but I do a lot of jumping around on the daily.

It's also SUPER versatile, I can wear it in a super casual setting, or dress it up with a nice top and heels. If you have the spirit of a spy, you probably noticed that picture #2 (the pink skort) is paired with the same white tank top mentioned above. That shot was taken during a day of wine-tasting in Napa.

Important mention, that skort looks like a skirt from the back as much as from the front. Nothing scares me more than a skort that looks like a gorgeous skirt in the front, and like flappy, loose shorts in the back. Ew, no thanks. Here are a few skorts I'm loving at the moment:

Piece #5: The Bandage Crop-Top


Even though I have a lot of crop tops on rotation, this one is probably my favourite. Quality definitely has a lot to do with it here. I got this top a year ago at BCBG, and it definitely was more expensive than something you'd buys at Forever 21 or H&M, but it was SO worth it. I've worn it (and washed it) over 20 times, and it still looks new. Plus, if you're a tiny girl like me, BCBG clothes are made in XXS, which means they fit really well too.

BCBG's signature bandage design also means that it's a snug fit, and it's SUPER flattering. It's also a piece that can be super casual with denim shorts, or dressed up for an evening out. Here are some similar style that would achieve the same effect:

Piece #6: The Cozy Oversized Cardigan


This is by far the coziest, most homeless looking piece I have in my closet. It's the Holy Grail of off-duty style. It's litteraly a hangover's best friend, bonus points for chilly weather. Seriously, it's the kind of thing you never wanna take off once you put it on.

I've taken mine downtown, to the desert, to the beach, to the zoo... You get it. It's been everywhere with me... Well, everywhere I can look like a hobo, that is. It's definitely a super casual piece, and it would be quite hard to dress it up (trust me, I've tried). But it's the best for any casual outing. Since I live in Venice, it's basically acceptable to wear it anywhere, ha!

It's also the number one item I always make sure to take with me when we're going on a road trip, because car AC is my worst nightmare. It also has giant pockets that can fit my phone, keys, lip balm and wallet. Here are some similar options that I will definitely consider when I feel the need to give mine a little break:

Piece #7: The Effortless Casual Dress


This dress is my favourite of the season. I wore it in Vegas on my birthday weekend, and it was SO great to be in a dress in which I could breathe, especially because it was HOT AF. I got this dress at Forever 21 for 30$ (you can get it here) and I LOVE it!

It's flirty and cute, and it definitely doesn't look too casual or plain homeless. But it's so effortless to wear, it litteraly requires less effort than putting on jeans and a t-shirt. It's also super comfortable, so it definitely doesn't feel like you made an effort. It's jus the best way to look dressed-up for the lazy girl.

This year, I'm also having a big crush on anything eyelet (as you can see here and here), and I feel like it's sweet but sexy at the same time... What's not to love, I ask ya! Here are some great casual and effortless dresses with the same vibe. The first one is the exact same I'm wearing in the picture:

Piece #8: The V-Neck Sweater


Two things: First, I love a good sweater. I'm always cold, so it's definitely a must have for me to always have a sweater handy. Second, I'm super picky about sweaters. I have this thing where I can only wear a v-neck sweater, because a higher neckline makes me feel like I'm being choked. I guess I have sweater claustrophobia...

Since I'm also super tiny, I have a hard time finding a sweater that doesn't look like I stole my mom's. Since I also NEED a v-neck, it gets a little harder for me to find a sweater I live by. I found this one at Gap last year, and I had never even been inside a Gap store before.

I figured I would check it out when I was bored in Santa Monica, and that's when I got this sweater and the giant grey cardigan above. This sweater is a relaxed fit, but it looks really great if you're looking for a casual vibe. And if I knot the bottom, it looks more put together than casual, and I can even wear it with a skirt. Here are a few similar options I love:

Piece #9: The Wrap Top


At this point, I feel like you can see I love pink. I feel like it's a colour that's so easy to pull off... Especially because most of my closet is black, white or grey. Light pink goes with all of these so well, and it's very on-brand for THB.

This top is super comfy and soft, and I feel like the wrap detail makes it a little more put-together than a regular tank top... Especially when paired with destroyed denim shorts. But it's still so comfortable, that even though it looks put-together, it doesn't feel like it. It's legit like wearing pyjamas outside, I swear.

It's one of my favourite tops if I'm having a bite or drink by the beach. Here are a few similar style that would look just as great:

Phew, that was a long one. Hope you guys enjoyed this post about off-duty style as much as I enjoy dressing like I just crawled out of a trash can. Obviously I'm exaggerating a little here, because I think it's funny. Some of these pieces are actually super easy to dress up. Especially if you pair them with a nice heel.

I'd love to know which pieces are your favourites, which one you love and wear... All the deets. You can leave me a comment below, or share on Instagram, on my latest post about off-duty style!

Also, I'd love to see what YOUR off-duty style looks like. So if you post any shots of it on Instagram, tag me in them @thehungarianbrunette, and use the hashtag #thbrecreated so I can feature you and your style. I love sharing the spotlight with you guys!

I'm wishing all of you (in the US) a really amazing long weekend, and I'll see you next week!

Love, Jenny xx