Guys! Happy Thursday! This week flew by so quickly, I can't believe it's already almost over! I feel like the fact that we came back from SF on Monday night really messed up my schedule, but it was totally worth it!

Today I'm back with another outfit post, one that doesn't really feel like Fall... BUT what can I say? When it's 24°C (75°F) in LA, you don't exactly dress up in a ski suit, right?! I still tried to keep it more Fall-like by making it an all black and white outfit. You gotta give me points for trying here.

I love this black and white outfit because it's super simple and casual, but still looks put-together. The bottom looks like a skirt, but it's actually a skort. It's from Zara, from about 2 years ago and it's honestly the best thing ever. So much so that I also have it in pink. What I love about this skort is not only how super easy and comfy it is - which is definitely a plus! It's also how it looks like a skirt all around, even from the back.

Because let's be real here. I love a good skort moment. So easy. BUT I just can't when they make it look like a skirt in the front, and then it looks like saggy weird shorts in the back. Like, no thanks, I'm not DYING to look like I just shat my pants, ya know? But WHO does, really? I feel like it's also super stingy, like they ran out of fabric to cover my ass or something. I'm like if you're gonna do something, do it right. Give me enough fabric to cover my butt, TYVM.

Since it's a few years old, obviously Zara doesn't sell it anymore, but I found this version on Amazon that looks exactly the same. It's also super cheap, so it's worth a try, I would say. I also like that it's available in many other colours... I'm even thinking about getting it in black and red, because I literally wear the 2 I have ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME!


But moving on... To my pineapple purse. This is one of my fave fun, quirky pieces. Every time I wear it, I get TONS of compliments and people always ask where I got it from... You're not gonna like me, but it's also from Zara, from a few years ago. BUT, luckily, I also found a dupe on Amazon, and it's also super cheap! I had to dig a little to find a black and white version online, because most of them are yellow and green... But I feel like this one is as close as it gets to mine!

I obviously can't vouch for the quality, but from the pictures it seems good enough. Since it's from Prime, it's also a pretty safe purchase, since you can always return it if it sucks.

Last but not least, my t-shirt. It's also available on Amazon, but that's because that's where I got it. This is the exact one I'm wearing on these pictures, and I LOVE it. I'm actually also wearing it right now, as I'm typing this. It's available in 3 colours (and in a long sleeves version) and it's SO cheap, but looks like quality. I personally love the cutouts, that takes it from a boring black tee to an interesting top (IMO). It's also super comfortable, an I honestly have nothing bad to say about it.


So that's it guys, there you have this black and white outfit broken down by piece. You can get the whole thing for under $50... If you don't count the pumps. Mine are Jimmy Choo, but basically every brand under the sun has a similar black patent leather pump. That's an amazing steal, especially considering that that's the price I paid for the original skort alone.

Definitely let me know if you get the skort or pineapple purse dupes, I'm dying to know if they're good! Also, if you wear a black and white outfit, post it on Instagram and tag me @thehungarianbrunette, so I can repost it for my community to see your style! I haven't done this in a long time, and it's SO fun!!

Love, Jenny xx