Boobs. They're really having a moment, aren't they? I mean, if you're a man, boobs probably have been having a moment your entire life, lmao. But collectively, I feel like boobs are more than ever a topic of conversation. Hence, the boobs t-shirt.

I've been wanting a boobs t-shirt for so long now, it's not even funny. And as you can see, I finally got one... And I couldn't be happier with it. This is the exact one I'm wearing and it's also available in black. I linked it below, as well as some similar options... Including the super on-brand for Halloween one with skull hands I'm dyingggg to get!!

Quite honestly, I've never been one to lead with my breasts. I like to dress sexy, (I mean, I do love myself a plunging neckline) but I don't like putting so much emphasis on my boobs, like here, here, look at them! At first, I was a little worried that it would make it look like that, but not at all.

I feel like this t-shirt, even though it's clearly about the boobs, is SO fun. I love that it's cheeky without being overly sexual. Like it does show boobs (although it's only a drawing), but the high neckline and baggy fit will take the sex appeal out of it - for most people. And honestly, if a doodle of boobs is offending you, we're not gonna be friends anyways.

On a side note, I'm usually not one to wear baggy tees, so I'm not gonna lie, it was a bit of a learning curve. But I feel like tucked in a more tight-fitting bottom, with heels, it looks chic. I also paired it with a giant chunky scarf, because I didn't want to cover my boobs t-shirt completely, but it was a little chilly outside.

Speaking about that scarf, it's probably my favourite one out of all the scarves I own. It almost looks like a blanket, and it's huuuuge. But it's so soft and chunky, I bring it everywhere. It has been to the desert with me, I wore it all the time in the Montreal snow... And Bentley is also obsessed with it. Like if I have it on me in the car, he will jump off Sasha's lap at the speed of light to snuggle up in it. I also love that it's super neutral and literally goes with everything, but the different colours and textures still make it an interesting piece to look at. This specific one is from H&M a few years back, so it's obviously sold out, but apparently it's been knocked off by an Amazon brand... So obviously I linked it for you guys below!

What are you guys thinking about the boobs t-shirt? Love it, hate it? Would you wear it? Let me know, I love getting to know your style as well! I'm personally in love with it... I love fun, cheeky things, so this is right up my alley!

I can't believe it's already Monday, and I hope you guys have an amazing week!

Love, Jenny xx