The Hungarian Brunette OOTD Business casual with a plaid blazer

If there’s one item that every fashion blogger on Instagram seems to agree on, it’s without a doubt the plaid blazer. And while I love the look on other women, it took me SO LONG to finally take the plunge on a plaid blazer… And here’s why: When I worked corporate, I used to wear TONS of blazers. Since they were something I most likely wore from Monday to Friday, I not only got sick of wearing them, but I also associated them in my mind to something very official and boring.

Not only that, but here in LA, it’s pretty rare that you’ll see someone wearing a blazer. Floral dresses, yes. Rash guards, yes. Denim shorts, yes. But blazers are not so common, unless you work in a super corporate office. And even then, I find that the West Coast’s definition of what constitutes a corporate attire to be quite different (and much more flexible) than what I’m used to on the East Coast.

Now this is not to say I haven’t worn a blazer here and there (proof here) it hasn’t really been a staple in my wardrobe. Lately, though, I’ve been finding it a little hard to dress for Spring in LA. The weather is, to be kind, bi-polar. It can be super cold in the morning, then get outrageously hot in the afternoon, only to get chilly and windy in the evening. So for the past few weeks, I’ve been wishing I had something to wear on top of my tops, other than my giant furry coat or a heavy leather jacket.

It shouldn’t be hard to figure out what happened when I was shopping on H&M’s website for the first time in ever a few weeks ago and saw this jacket. I figured “Oh, what the hell, it’s only $34” (now on sale for $19 - and it’s linked below!). I added it to my cart, telling myself I could always return it if I looked like a lawyer who doesn’t know how to dress for a beach vacation.

When it came, I obviously wanted to shoot it (that’s what I do!) so I started pulling out some pieces to try on with… Before I realized that IT MATCHES EVERYTHING IN MY CLOSET. It looks cool and casual with white, polished with black, super cool with red (I swear!) and it just gives everything a tiny bit of edge. No matter what you wear under it, it kinda looks like you tried… Without trying too hard, if that makes sense.

I feel like I should mention that this blazer has all of the characteristics that makes a blazer look casual chic as opposed to stuffy and corporate. Here’s a non exhaustive list:

  • IT’S LONG AND BOXY. Shorter blazers with a defined waist or peplum are usually meant to be worn as part of a suit, so they look corporate even with jeans.

  • IT HAS 3/4 SLEEVES. Which scream casual.

  • IT DOESN’T HAVE BUTTONS. Usually, formal blazers are meant to be worn buttoned-up. This one is so casual it doesn’t even have buttons.

So if you want a blazer that makes you look polished instead of stuffy, look for those 3 characteristics, and you should be golden. Obviously these are just pointers, and no matter what piece you choose, it’s all about how you style it. I also have to say that a double-breasted plaid blazer looks SO CHIC and I want one even though I already have this one now… Maybe I’ll get one in a brownish shade? To be continued.

Do you guys love a good blazer? Let me know in the comment section below, and tag me on Instagram @thehungarianbrunette if you post a picture of you wearing a blazer. I’ll repost it on my stories and tag you!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette Casual chic with a plaid blazer
The Hungarian Brunette business casual with a plaid blazer
The Hungarian Brunette Business casual with a plaid blazer
The Hungarian Brunette Business casual with a plaid blazer