Well guys, it's officially Fall. It took a long time this year, but I feel like it actually makes sense to see pumpkins everywhere... Now that it's no longer super hot outside. And I say that with a certain restraint, because they're still announcing beach weather for another 2 weeks. But something has shifted (if only inside my head) and I'm finally ready for sweater weather.

So today, we're talking about my current favourite Fall look: A cropped sweater and a leather skirt. It's no secret to anyone that I'm a HUGE fan of the crop top. (Proof here, here and there). I wore some variation of a crop top all Summer long, and I'm not about to stop just because it's Fall you know?

That's where this sweater comes in. You see, I LOVE the look of a sweater with a skirt. I feel like it's the best way of looking feminine for Fall, and it's flattering for every body shape and size. The only problem with a regular sweater is that it falls way too low on a skirt and makes anyone look like a saggy potato bag. Not ideal. But a cropped sweater with a high-waisted skirt? That looks hella cute! I got the one I'm wearing on these pictures from Forever 21 like, 2 weeks ago, and it seems to be sold out now. So I linked 4 similar options below (scroll-scroll) if you guys wanna recreate a version of this outfit. The destroyed version is my fave, and I feel like I might actually buy it for myself... Because one can never have enough cropped sweater goodness.

Another thing I'm a huge lover of is a leather... Leather anything, actually. I love a good leather jacket, skirt, PANT. Even dress. I think I have like, 3 leather dresses in my closet, although I don't wear them that much anymore... I need to go out more, LMAO.

My favourite pants used to be some motto pleather pants from Zara, with zippers on them... But I had to get rid of them because they don't fit me anymore, they're just say too saggy and big (sad face). I recently ordered a pair from H&M and I can't wait to receive them and see if they fit.


But in the meantime, I'm more than happy with this (faux) leather skirt, also from H&M. I own maybe 4 or 5 variations of leather skirts, in different lengths and styles, but this is my fave this season. And it's weird, because I usually don't like anything A-line. But sometimes, the heart likes things that the brain doesn't understand. Eh. This is one of these cases, and I'm not mad about it. I also linked this exact skirt below, as well as 3 other options I also love.

At first, I thought the skirt and the sweater would look a little weird together. Since the sweater is kind of a boxy fit, and the skirt is A-line, I thought I would look twice as wide as I am IRL. You know, how you should pair a slouchy top with a tighter bottom and vice-versa? But I feel like since the skirt is quite cinched at the waist, it actually worked quite well!

What do you guys think? Do you love this cropped sweater and skirt together? What's your go-to piece for Fall this year? I want to know!! Hit me up in the comments below, or come chat with on Instagram!

Love, Jenny xx