The Hungarian Brunette EDC Meets Coachella festival outfit with Iheartraves, leather harness, bejewelled booty shorts, leg wraps

In case you didn’t know, it’s Festival Week on The Hungarian Brunette this week, and today is all about this outfit I styled with iHeartRaves. You guys might know we are going to one festival only this year, so I wanted to make it special. I’ve always been a huge fan of iHeartRaves, because they have an amazing selection and a super wide size range. I feel like a lot of times, when clothing brands say they have a “wide size range” they mean they cater to the plus size segment of the population (which is super cool too) but for a tiny gal like me, it’s also super hard to find clothes that don’t look like I borrowed my dad’s BDSM clothes (LOL) because I’m swimming in them… Especially when it comes to festival clothing, which is usually more form fitting.

So I decided to get in touch with iHeartRaves to see if they would be open to collaborate with me, and they let me pick a few pieces to create an outfit for you guys, which I couldn’t wait to share!!!

I obviously knew I was going to love the pieces, since I chose them, but I didn’t expect to be as in love with them as I am! I’m going to wear this exact outfit on Day 2 of our festival later in April, and I cannot wait.

To be totally upfront, when I first received my package, I was a little intimidated with the harness. When I saw it online, I knew it was going to be on the revealing side (obviously), but on the picture, it looked like the leather straps covered more than they actually did on me.

Now if you’ve read my post on self-esteem, you might remember that having small boobs was my main complex during my teenage years, and going out braless is still something I’m not super comfortable doing to this day… So for a brief moment there, I kind of had a full-blown panic attack.

But then I felt like I’m so vocal about the importance of body-positivity and self-love, that it would be kind of hypocritical from my part to not feature something because it makes me uncomfortable with my body… So here we are!

At first I picked the harness because I felt like it went well with the booty shorts, which were a big dream of mine since the last festival we went to. For almost a year now, I’ve been wanting some bejewelled booty shorts, but I could never find a pair that would fit me well. These ones not only fit me perfectly, they’re also super comfortable and they’re scrunched up in the back, which makes them super flattering on the back, even for girls with a small butt like me. They’re also high-waisted and high-cut on the sides, so they’re super flattering from any angle, actually. I also really loved that the rhinestones were sewed on, and not glued, because I feel like for a lot of affordable festival-wear, some brands tend to really cut the corner. In this case, I felt good knowing that no matter how much I dance or sit in the grass, I won’t have any issues with my outfit falling apart.

And, lastly, I feel like I can’t write about this outfit without mentioning the pasties, because they’re kind of what ties this outfit all together… And they also provide some major sparkle, which is a must for a festival! Honestly, these pictures don’t do them justice, because they’re simply BREATHTAKING in real life. They retail from $25, which I thought was a little pricey for pasties, but let me tell you, their price is FULLY justified.


The “stones” are big, thick and super sparkly, and they’re stuck on a thick, sturdy base, that hold them in place really well. I was a little worried about crystal pasties, because I’m used to the cheap face crystals I usually buy on Amazon for my face (the same kind I’m wearing on these pictures), but these sometimes tend to fall down after a while, especially if it’s hot and you get a little sweaty. For obvious reasons, it would be really unfortunate if these pasties were to do the same (lol) but they stayed in place FIRMLY until I was ready to take them off. These are by The Gipsy Shrine, which is a festival brand I’ve been obsessed with for such a long time (I’ve been fangirling all over their collab with Easy Tiger recently) and they have a really great selection of their face and body jewels on iHeartRaves’ website.

On a side note, I always thought these crystal body jewels were one time use only, but I’ve read somewhere that you can apply a bit of lash glue on the back, and reuse them, as long as you stick them on clean, dry skin. I feel like that’s a great tip, and I’m definitely going to attempt re-wearing these in April.

Since I wanted to add a little more complexity to this outfit, I paired my 3 pieces from iHeartRaves with some faux leather leg wraps and a mesh maxi skirt that my mom made for me to wear as a beach cover-up for some friends’ wedding last year, but that I thought would look amazing with this outfit. There are a few similar options on the iHeartRaves website, but THIS ONE is the one that’s the closest match. The boots are Sam Edelman and you can get them RIGHT HERE (now on sale!).

And now what you’ve all been waiting for, the links to the 3 amazing pieces from iHeartRaves:




Which part of this outfit is your favourite? Would you wear the harness? I have to say that to my surprise, I kind of really loved it in the end, and it made me feel kind of free in a weird way to love my boobs the way they looked, without any hiding or push-up, just plain “what you see is what you get”… With a little (lot) of glitter, obviously. Because that’s the best way to do things, am I right?

I’m leaving you on tons of pictures from this shoot, because I was so obsessed with how it turned out that I couldn’t make an editing choice, lol. Hope you guys are into it as much as I am!

Oh also, if you love this makeup look, come back tomorrow, because I’ll be telling you all about how to recreate it and which products I used!

Love you guys,

Jenny xx

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