I'm usually not a huge fan of anything too romantic or traditional, but for some reason, I'm obsessed with eyelet. I have eyelet dresses, eyelet shorts, eyelet tops, whatever. You name it, I have it - Or at least have it on my wish list! I feel like it's such an easy material to wear, especially in the summer. It just goes with everything, and it's effortlessly chic. But without being too much, you know?

I absolutely wanted to make a post about this specific eyelet dress, because I'm OBSESSED! Since I got it, I've worn it for almost any occasion you could think of. I've worn it for lunch in Vegas, I've worn it for a daytime walk in Venice... And I've worn it to a night of bar-crawling in Montreal. I swear, it's one of the most versatile pieces I have in my closet. It's short enough to be sexy, but still conservative enough that you can wear it in front of your grandma. I think we can thank the innocent factor eyelet brings for that.

AND, on top of everything, it's now on sale at Forever 21!! It was already a good deal when I got it full-price (for just over $30)... But now it's $10 cheaper, which makes it a total steal! The best part about it is that is totally does NOT look or feel like a $20 dress. It's actually great quality for Forever 21, and even after wearing it (and washing it) at least 10 times, it still looks like new... I wish I could say as much about some dresses I paid more than 3 times the price!

On a side note, I think Forever 21's head designer is as obsessed as I am with eyelet... Because the 5 amazingly gorgeous dresses linked below are from there! I don't think I've ever seen so many gorgeous eyelet styles at one store, at the same time. Must be a sign that I need to get out there and buy myself another one... Not gonna lie, I'm obsessed with #2 and #4. And at these prices, I think I'll cave!

How do you guys feel about an eyelet dress? Love it, hate it? I wanna know. If you're a lover like me, post a pic of you wearing your fave eyelet dress on Instagram. Then, tag me on it @thehungarianbrunette, and use the THB hashtag #thbrecreated! I'll share your style shot with my followers, so everyone can see how YOU style your eyelet dress. Fun, eh?

Hope you guys are having an amazing week so far!

Love, Jenny xx