Today I wanna talk to you guys about my favourite of the Summer - that I'm now translating into Fall. Well, one of my favourites... I literally wore it non-stop, all Summer long with everything I could pair it with. And I'm gonna keep wearing it during Fall AND Winter. You might have guessed it, I'm talking about my mesh tee. I paired it with a cherry bralette here, but more on that later.

About the mesh tee: I got this one at Victoria's Secret in the Spring, and then I kind of forgot about it. You see, when I opened the package, excited like a flea, I was super disappointed because I feel like it would have fit Sasha pretty comfortably. So I kind of put it in the back of my closet and forgot about it. Until one day, when we were going to Manhattan beach, and I needed something to throw over my swimsuit as a cover-up. I grabbed this tee, and since I didn't wanna look like I stole my BDSM-loving grandma's tee, I got my kitchen scissors, cut about 5 inches from the bottom and tied it in a knot.


Just as a side note, I want to make it really clear that my grandma isn't into BDSM (that I know of, at least) and this was a fictional character. Because the tee is mesh, and I don't think any grandma would wear that... Unless she had an inclination for pleather and handcuffs. But enough about grandmas and sex...This is getting real awkward. 

After a day of wearing this tee with my fave bikini, I was kinda hooked. You see, the thing about the mesh tee is that it's super comfy, breathable... And not gonna lie, it's also kind of sexy, in cheeky, fashionable kind of way.

So I decided to give it a go, and wear it as streetwear. I paired it here with this cherry bralette, which is actually a bikini top from Andi Bagus. It's now sold out, but I linked some similar options for you below, should you want to recreate this look!

I fell in love with this cherry bikini, because I found it so cute, cheeky and playful. It reminded me of hitting the jackpot at a casino and that's how I want to feel every day about my life. To balance off the revealing aspect of the top, I wanted to pair it with a looser fit on the bottom, which is why I wore these American Eagle Jeans. They're a few years old and a bit too big for me, so they kinda look like girlfriend jeans. From what I understand, girlfriend jeans are a more feminine version of the boyfriend jeans... Which I like because those just look f*cking ridiculous on me.

I finished the look with the one pair of wedges I own. To be honest, I usually don't like wedges. But I feel like these work because they're all classic black leather. They're from BCBG and so comfy!! And they're also more laid-back than a full-on heel, which works for this look. I wanted the whole vibe to be super casual and fun!

What do you guys think about this look? Would you wear a sheer mesh tee like this? Or is it a bit much? I already have two more outfits to post with this tee, I'm obviously OBSESSED! Would love to know what you guys think! You can always leave me a comment below, or hit me up on Instagram!

Love you guys, hope you had a great week so far!

Love, Jenny xx