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I always stayed away from streetwear because I just felt like it looked so sloppy. Loose sweatpants, oversized hoodies and weird sneakers just didn’t seem like they were up my alley. You see, while I’m all for chilling at home in yoga pants, when I go out, I like to look put together and (at least a little) stylish.

But I’m not gonna lie, the comfort aspect of it seemed very appealing. The only problem is, I’m super small. Not in height, (I’m 5.8”) but I’m very narrow, and, on top of it, skinny. So it’s hard enough to find regular clothes that are flattering, let alone a giant sweater that looks like I borrowed my dad’s ratty old sweater from 1989.

Enters, the kids’ clothes. If you follow on Instagram, you’ve heard me talk about wearing kids’ clothes a lot. It started last year when I was looking for a festival outfit and ended up buying a tutu made for a 3yr old (lol). Then, when I was cold and needed to buy an emergency sweater in one of the Venice Beach boardwalk shops, I instinctively went to the boys’ section, because that’s where the clothes looked like they fit me. At GAP, I was even recommended by one the saleswomen to go check the kids’ department downstairs for sweaters. I got out of the store with 2 tops, a jacket and a pair of ballet flats.

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And then I started getting really curious about kids’ clothes. I’m gonna sound like the short guy Samantha dated in Sex & the City, but the clothes are cheaper, plus, they fit me better! Granted, not everything works. Dresses are almost impossible and pants are tricky, because of those long stems of mine. But loose-fitting tops, sweaters, jackets, skirts, sneakers and other flat shoes, as I discovered, are quite easy to find in the kids’ department.

So as you’ve probably guessed it by now, this sweater is from the kids’ section - at Forever 21. It’s a size 11-12, and as you can see, it’s the perfect loose-fit. I also love that the sleeves aren’t full-length. You see, I’m the girl who cannot for the love of God wear long sleeves without rolling them up. As I’m writing this, I’m wearing another sweater (adult sized) and the sleeves are rolled up to right below my elbows. Not only is this more comfortable to me, but it also makes it easier to show my arm bling - I do like wearing bracelets.

One more thing worth noting is that the length is also way more flattering. I personally hate sweaters that hit in the middle of my butt. I find them so weird and unflattering. They make your butt look flat, your legs look short, they’re just the worst. This one hits right above the hips and it’s perfection.

Now I know not everyone can wear kids’ clothes. If you take this sweater, for example, it stops at size 13-14, which is probably equivalent to a small, maybe a small-made medium. Sizing is so out of whack between each manufacturer, it’s kind of hard to tell, but my usual rule of thumb is “if it fits me great, it’s not gonna fit that many people”.

So while I did include this specific sweater in the lineup below, I made sure that all the other options are actually for adults. But I did also find options that are made a little shorter, with a tighter fit, to recreate the vibe here.

That being said, if you do want to explore the option, I highly suggest GAP, Zara and Forever 21 kids’ sections. They’re a great place to start.

And I’m not gonna lie, even though this sweater was cozy AF, wearing it with black pants and my Jimmy Choo pumps kinda made me feel a little bad ass. I guess that’s the thing about streetwear.

What about you guys? Are you into mixing streetwear into your “regular” clothes? Or do you even do a full-on streetwear vibe? What about kids’ clothes? Who wears them here? I’d love to know if I’m the only weirdo who does it, although I’m sure I’m not, ha!

Please share your stories in the comments below, or come hit me up on Instagram! I love chatting with you guys over there too!

Love, Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette OOTD streetwear
The Hungarian Brunette OOTD (34 of 34).jpg