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A few weeks ago, I met with my friend Kris to shoot some content in Venice, and right as I was about to jump out of her car, she informed me that she had a bag of clothing she wanted to donate in the trunk, and I could have it if I wanted it. As one can expect, it didn’t take me 3 seconds to scream “Hell yeah!!” and gladly accept the bag she kindly handed me.

As soon as I came back home, I attempted to lay everything out on my bed and check out my gifted “haul”. Not only were there some super cool pieces in there (because Kris has amazing taste) but I also got a really great feeling of doing something right for the planet. Well, actually, scratch that. I didn’t do anything, my friend did… I was just the lucky girl to receive it.

But you catch my drift. Instead of going out and buying a bunch of new clothes, spending money and adding even more to the global amount of waste produced every year, I was just as happy, didn’t spend anything, and gave a second life to a bunch of new clothes. An added bonus? The clothes she gave me might not have been super expensive designer pieces, but to me, they’re even more special than any Christian Dior dress (and coming from me, that means a hell of a lot, ha!). Because every time I wear them or even just see them when I open my closet in the morning, I think of someone I love, and that makes me happy. And if you ask me, that’s what clothes are there for: Making you happy.

I wore one of the dresses Kris gave me 2 weeks ago on a day trip to Palm Springs, and I LOVED it! If you’ve been around for a while, you know a mini dress is my jam, and shoulder ties are too… Hell, I even asked my mom to make me a shoulder tie crop top last time I was home!

But as much as I love minis and shoulder ties, gingham definitely is a new print for me. I honestly didn’t think it would be my jam, but I love it so much! I feel like it’s not an overwhelming print, but it gives off a slight vintage picnic bitch vibe that I’m kind of into, if I’m being totally honest. It feels feminine, without being too girly, and it reminds me of (duh!) summery picnics… My version of a picnic obviously being laying out a blanket somewhere and cracking up a few bottles of champagne, ha!

When I was doing some research on gingham minis to give you guys a few similar options to shop from, I realized that this dress is still available at Forever 21, or they remade it this year, which sometimes happens if it was a super popular style last year. It’s available in black (the exact same version I’m wearing in these shots) or in light blue, which is soooo pretty.

Which dress from below is your favourite? I feel like mine (aside from the one I have) are the second and fifth ones, because I love the light blue version, but I’m also obsessed with the off-the-shoulder variation, although it is a lot less practical.

Love you guys,

Jenny xx

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