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Well guys, it’s Friday again, and I’m happy to report that today not only feels like a Friday (which is amazing already) but it also feels like the start of a mini vacation, since we’re leaving to SF for the weekend. And speaking of vacation, I’m super excited to share this look that I shot last week with my friend Ali, in Beverly Hills. I got both pieces from Forever 21, and paired them with my new favourite bag from my friend’s shop, Très Vu, and some snakeskin slides from Zara.

I have to say, I’m kind of obsessed with this outfit, so even though I’m trying to do less of the very straight-forward outfit posts, I’ll make an exception for this one… Because I love it so much, because it makes me feel like I’m going on a tropical vacation, and because it’s Friday, and Fridays are perfect for some light-hearted stuff.

Starting off with this skirt: The second I saw it, I knew I had to have it. And if you think about it, it’s the perfect piece for Summer. It’s white, it has tassels, and it’s a wrap skirt. Which means you can tighten it/loosen it up depending on how many tacos and ice cream cones you’ve had. Amazing. Also, if you’re a tiny gal like me and have a hard time finding clothes that fit, you know a wrap skirt is your best friend. The one I’m wearing is sold out (it was so quick!!) but luckily, there are tons of similar options on the market right now… I feel like this is really gonna be the piece of the season.

Since I couldn’t link the exact same one, I found all these similar options that would also look fantastic. Some are wrap skirts, some have tassels, and there’s that one skirt that’s not even white (but how gorgeous!?! I WANT!!) . But I feel like they all have that magical vacation vibe. I personally really love #3 and #5 the most, but I feel like they’re all gorgeous.

Now while that white skirt goes with pretty much anything you’d want to wear in the summer, I like that this top makes more of a statement. If you ask me, this is kind of a sexy, feminine take on the Hawaiian shirt, LOL. But I feel like it works so well, and the leaf prints are screaming “margaritas”, ha! I also love that it has the puffy sleeves that are one of the major trends this season. I also feel like the neckline is super flattering.

Not surprisingly, I also found a lot of super similar options that have major tropical vacation vibes. I’m super into options #6, #7 and #9… Anyone else is super obsessed with that pink/green colour combination??

Lastly, I wanted to complete the look with some flats… Because as much as I enjoy wearing heels, when I’m on vacation, they’re just not practical. I feel like when it’s super hot and the day is al about leisure, all I want is a good drink and comfortable shoes. Plus, if you’re looking for inspo for an actual vacation, I always like to wear flats in case there’s something I end up wanting to walk to. Mine are from Zara from last year, so obviously they’re not available anymore, but I found this exact dupe (first ones linked) that’s strangely similar to mine, and they’re also super cheap!! I also wanted to link some more similar options, so there’s a pick for everyone, no matter what your style is. My faves are #4, #6 and #8.

I hope you guys enjoyed these picks, and I’m really curious to know which ones are your faves?? Leave them in the comments section below! Also, I didn’t link options for my bag because I just did a full dedicated post to it, which you can find RIGHT HERE.

Love you guys!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

Jenny, xx

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The Hungarian Brunette summer vacation outfit (9 of 9).jpg