The Hungarian Brunette OOTD schoolgirl skirt + tips to my high-school self

Happy Friday guys! This week, we’re ending the week beautifully with a schoolgirl-inspired outfit! Is that creepy? I’d like to think it’s not, but ya know… You do you. I personally think a “schoolgirl” skirt is super cute and playful. And yes, I’m aware it’s also considered “sexy”, if only for all the tacky schoolgirl Halloween costumes out there. But that’s not gonna keep me away from my pleated plaid skirt, ha!

This one is actually for kids (duh!) and it’s now sold-out, but I linked a similar one below (and it’s adult-sized, ha!). Since I didn’t want the outfit to look full-on costumey and tacky, I didn’t want to pair it with a white shirt and some knee-high socks, lol.

Instead, I went for a black cutout t-shirt (also worn here + the link to get it), a grey oversized cardigan and black leather shoes and bag. I linked all of it below, including the dainty jewelry, which I guess you could say is my signature at this point, ha!

AND, since we’re on the high-school theme, I thought it would be fun to write down some of the advice I would give my high-school self if I could. On a side-note, don’t we ALL wish we could give our high-school selves some advice? I could have definitely used some additional advice about life in high-school… So here we go:

The Hungarian Brunette schoolgirl skirt and advice to my high-school self

1- What you think really matters, actually doesn’t

This HAS to be the most important piece of advice I could give ANY high-schooler. I feel like in high-school, everything feels sooo dramatic… And then as soon as you get out of high-school, you realize none of it actually mattered in the grand scheme of things. You weren’t invited to one party? Big deal. You’re not even gonna remember in 2 years. You embarrassed yourself in front of your crush? Who cares, you’re probably gonna find him hideous in 6 months. Truth is, this piece of advice is probably accurate for any moment of our lives, but I feel like it’s particularly accurate in high-school.

2- Everyone who peaks in high-school… Peaks in high-school

This was actually brought to my attention by someone else, but once I started paying attention, I couldn’t un-see it. While I wasn’t bullied in high-school and had a bunch of friends, I can definitely say I wasn’t one of the “popular” girls. You know these girls who “every guy wants to date and every girl wants to be”? The ones with belly-button piercings and lash extensions, who wear heels to math class? I can’t say it’s the case for everyone, but in most cases, these girls end up looking 40 by the time they hit 20. I blame the tanning beds. Theres’s nothing wrong with being a “late-bloomer”, and I wish girls didn’t care so much about being popular in high-school.

3- You have all the time in the world to date

One of the main distractions in high-school is probably guys. For me and my friends, it was actually partying in our parents’ basements when they were gone, but I have to admit boys came close second. And the thing is, boys in high-school seem like such a big deal (see point #1) but they have no clue what they’re doing, and most of them are really bad kissers, lol. No shame in the game tough, everyone learns at some point.

4- Spend more time with your parents

Ok, if I actually gave myself that advice, I would have rolled my eyes at myself. Does that sentence make sense? Hopefully you get it. When I was in high-school, the last thing I wanted to do was to spend time with my family. I wanted to party with my friends, live on my own (which I did as soon as I was 18) and not be seen in public with them, ha! Now that I live so far away from my parents, all I wanna do is spend more time with them. Truth is, life goes by SO fast, and your parents will always be there for you, until they’re not. I truly wish I would have spent more time with my parents when I could.

5- Start taking care of your skin right now

This is the advice I WISH someone gave me back then, because it’s probably the only advice on this list I would have actually listened to, LOL. And because it truly makes a difference in the long run. How many times in high-school did I go to bed with a full-face of makeup? Way too f*cking embarrassingly often. I truly wish someone would have schooled me on the benefits of moisturizer, too.

So that’s pretty much all the advice I wish I had gotten in high-school, to be totally honest. I feel like no matter how much advice you give to high-school kids, they don’t really listen to most of it anyways. And that’s fine, because high-school is the perfect time to make mistakes and learn from them. I mean, unless you kill someone, you can pretty much get away with anything while you’re still in high-school.

What about you guys? Any advice you wish you would have gotten when you were younger? And how do you feel about the school-girl skirt? Would you wear one?

Love, Jenny xx

The Hungarian Brunette schoolgirl skirt and advice to my high-school self
The Hungarian Brunette schoolgirl skirt and advice to my high-school self
The Hungarian Brunette schoolgirl skirt and advice to my high-school self
The Hungarian Brunette schoolgirl skirt and advice to my high-school self
The Hungarian Brunette schoolgirl skirt and advice to my high-school self